var GUI=Array(); var GUIERR=Array(); var CFG=Array(); CFG['CANONICALHOST']=''; GUI['emailMGTeam']='With Best Regards,
Your Mag Glance Team
'; GUI['LandingPageLink1']='/online-magazine-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink2']='/online-journal-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink3']='/online-newspaper-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink4']='/online-brochure-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink5']='/online-photo-album-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink6']='/free-flipbook-maker-online'; GUI['LandingPageLink7']='/online-ebook-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink8']='/online-real-estate-brochure-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink9']='/online-comp-card-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink10']='/online-birthday-magazine-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink11']='/online-wedding-magazine-maker-software'; GUI['LandingPageLink12']='/online-club-magazine-maker-software'; GUI['SEO_title']='Mag Glance - create magazine online all by yourself and free of charge'; GUI['SEO_Keywords']='magazine, magazines, create magazine, create online magazine, create your own magazine, create a magazine by yourself, create an online magazine free of charge, create the booklet, print the magazine'; GUI['SEO_Desc']='Design your own online magazine. Distribute it via a link or ask for a low-cost hardcopy. Printing from 1 copy or more!'; GUI['MagSlider2']='click here to create your own online magazine - for free!'; GUI['login']='Login'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNS']='Follow us: '; GUI['globalGenerateMag']='Create Magazine'; GUI['tbarWizard']='New'; GUI['magCreateTextLastPage']='Create your own online magazine now for free - www.Mag'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart3']='Apply layouter'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart4']='Import PDF'; GUI['websiteurl']=''; GUI['cliparts']='Cliparts'; GUI['clipCat10']='Animals'; GUI['clipCat20']='Arrows'; GUI['clipCat30']='Charts'; GUI['clipCat40']='Christmas'; GUI['clipCat50']='Clothing'; GUI['clipCat60']='Clouds'; GUI['clipCat70']='Editing'; GUI['clipCat80']='Emotions'; GUI['clipCat90']='Events'; GUI['clipCat100']='Food and Drink'; GUI['clipCat110']='Games'; GUI['clipCat120']='Geometric Shapes'; GUI['clipCat130']='Heart'; GUI['clipCat140']='Household'; GUI['clipCat150']='Map markers'; GUI['clipCat160']='Media Player'; GUI['clipCat170']='Medieval'; GUI['clipCat180']='Nature'; GUI['clipCat190']='People'; GUI['clipCat200']='Personal Belongings'; GUI['clipCat210']='Places'; GUI['clipCat220']='Science'; GUI['clipCat230']='Shopping'; GUI['clipCat240']='Music'; GUI['clipCat250']='Wellness'; GUI['clipCat260']='Documents'; GUI['clipCat270']='User interface'; GUI['clipCat280']='User management'; GUI['clipCat290']='Vehicles'; GUI['HinweisDruckVerkauf']='Note that only A4 and A5 formats can be printed.'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart6']='Import PDF'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsartMagazin']='Magazine'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsartKalender']='Calender'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsartFlyer']='Flyer'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsartKarten']='Cards'; GUI['StatTitel1']='Detailed overview of recent sales'; GUI['StatTitel2']='Sales by order status cumulated'; GUI['StatTitel3']='Top Sellers (status: completed)'; GUI['KaufTitel1']='Detailed overview of recent purchases'; GUI['statMagName']='Magazine Name'; GUI['statVerkaeufe']='Sales'; GUI['statUmsatz']='Turnover'; GUI['statEinnahmen']='Revenue'; GUI['statProzent']='Percent'; GUI['statStatus']='Status'; GUI['statBestelldatum']='Order date'; GUI['statPlatz']='Position'; GUI['statStorniert']='canceled'; GUI['statInArbeit']='work in progress'; GUI['statErledigt']='done'; GUI['statProdukt']='Product'; GUI['statAuftragsNr']='Order number'; GUI['statZahlstatus']='Payment status'; GUI['statLieferstatus']='Delivery Status'; GUI['statRechnung']='invoice'; GUI['cashEmpfaenger']='Recipient:'; GUI['cashIBAN']='IBAN:'; GUI['cashBIC']='BIC:'; GUI['cashErr1']='A payment is only possible from an amount of at least 10 Euro'; GUI['cashErr2']='Please fill out all fields correctly.'; GUI['cashSucc1']='The amount will be transferred to your account shortly .'; GUI['defTextEinkauf']='No purchases were made as yet.'; GUI['defTextVerkauf']='No magazine has been sold as yet.'; GUI['defTextTopSeller']='There is no order in state complete.'; GUI['Cashout']='Payout'; GUI['Kontostand']='Bank balance'; GUI['HTextFoto']='Upload your images and drag them on to your magazine.'; GUI['HTextFotoJava']='Please enable JavaScript to use file uploader.'; GUI['HTextFotoUpload']='Choose from one or more images and upload them on to your image browser.'; GUI['HTextFotoChoice']='Choose between your images, or use provided cliparts.'; GUI['HDragObj']='Use the mouse or your finger to drag the object into your magazine.'; GUI['HVideo']='Add YouTube video in your magazine.'; GUI['HVideoText']='Copy your YouTube link in here and then drag the video into your magazine.'; GUI['HText']='Paste text on to your magazine.'; GUI['HPageTemp']='Use typical magazine page templates to quickly and easily create appealing Magazine.'; GUI['HPageTempChoose']='Choose from page templates for inside pages and front and back sides.'; GUI['HBackground']='Change the background color or the background image of your magazine.'; GUI['HAdvert']='If you do not have a premium account and want to create a magazine with more than 8 pages, you need to insert a banner ad in your magazine.'; GUI['HBGCOLOR']='Click on this box to choose a background color and then drag the field into your magazine.'; GUI['HSave']='Click the button to save your magazine.'; GUI['HNewPage']='Click to add yourselves on further to a new double page.'; GUI['HNewPageTitle']='Add double page'; GUI['HDelPage']='Click here to delete a double page.'; GUI['HDelPageTitle']='Delete double page'; GUI['HMovePage']='Click to navigate to a page or move the pages by moving the page up or down.'; GUI['HBackToMag']='Back to magazine overview. Make sure that you have saved your magazine.'; GUI['HPremium']='Purchases a premium user and enables an ad-free magazines and larger storage capacity.'; GUI['HSeiten']='Add new pages or delete, move pages or browse faster.'; GUI['HQRCode']='QR-Code with your link to the magazine. Scan the QR code with your mobile to open your magazine.'; GUI['HAddObj']='New objects such as Add or edit page properties texts and images.'; GUI['HReplObj']='Replace or edit the object.'; GUI['HObjStyle']='Change the context, background and transparency properties.'; GUI['HObjVor']='Position the object in the foreground.'; GUI['HObjBack']='Position the object in the background.'; GUI['HObjCopy']='Copy Object.'; GUI['HObjDel']='Remove the object from the magazine.'; GUI['HMrMag']='Discard your current magazine and Mr. Mag. create a new one.'; GUI['HPDFAdv']='If you have a premium account, you can remove the advertising from your magazine.'; GUI['HBeschnitt']='Edge is cut off when printing. Pay attention to area-filling backgrounds and sufficient side clearance.'; GUI['HGitter']='Activate the grid line to place your objects precisely.'; GUI['HPos']='Location information and length information of your active objects in pixels.'; GUI['HZoom']='Zoom in your magazine or objects and move the view.'; GUI['HHelpText']='Enable / disable help messages.'; GUI['HTextverhalten']='Enable / disable the generation of text images.'; GUI['TEXTPICERR']='When generating text images an error has occurred.
Please try again to save the magazine.

If the error persists, please disable the box under the magazine \„text image\“ and resave the magazine. With this selection, the magazine is saved, however the text parts are not correctly presented for all browsers, and it is not possible to print the magazine.

At a later time you can use a different browser or computer and try again to store the magazine including the text images.'; GUI['HHelp']='Help texts'; GUI['HTexttitel']='Define the format of your text that you want to add in the magazine.'; GUI['globalMagazin']='Create magazine'; GUI['globalBoschuere']='Create brochure'; GUI['globalFotobuch']='Create image album'; GUI['globalZeitschrift']='Create journal'; GUI['globalEbook']='Create ebook'; GUI['globalflipbook']='Create flipbook'; GUI['globalExpose']='Create real estate exposé'; GUI['globalSedcard']='Create comp card'; GUI['globalZeitung']='Create newspaper'; GUI['globalGeburtstag']='Create birthday magazine'; GUI['globalHochzeit']='Create wedding magazine'; GUI['globalVerein']='Create club magazine'; GUI['globalEpaper']='Create ePaper'; GUI['globalLinks']='Links:'; GUI['globalSeitenvorschau']='Page Preview'; GUI['globalOben']='Above:'; GUI['globalBreite']='Width:'; GUI['globalHoehe']='Height:'; GUI['global_erweiterteSuche']='Search:'; GUI['globalMagGlance']='Mag Glance'; GUI['globalCopyright']='© 2018'; GUI['globalKontakt']='Contact'; GUI['globalImpressum']='Legal info'; GUI['globalNutzungsbed']='Terms and Conditions'; GUI['globalLogout']='Log off'; GUI['globalPremiumBenutzer']='Premium'; GUI['globalBugtracker']='Found a mistake?'; GUI['globalAbout']='About the portal'; GUI['globalBlog']='Blog'; GUI['globalSaveChanges']='save changes'; GUI['globalDruckpreise']='Print prices'; GUI['globalPremium']='Premium'; GUI['globalFAQ']='FAQ'; GUI['globalHinweis']='Notification'; GUI['globalLoeschen']='Delete'; GUI['globalKommentieren']='Comment on'; GUI['globalHinzufuegen']='Add'; GUI['globalBearbeiten']='Edit'; GUI['globalVerkaufen']='Settings'; GUI['globalNaechster']='next'; GUI['globalVorherige']='previous'; GUI['globalVor']='next'; GUI['globalZurueck']='back'; GUI['globalEinkaufen']='continue shopping'; GUI['globalWeiter']='next'; GUI['globalNextStep']='Next Step'; GUI['globalJa']='Yes'; GUI['globalMagBearbeiten']='Let\'s start'; GUI['globalNein']='No'; GUI['globalNeinKl']='no'; GUI['globalOk']='OK'; GUI['globalSchliessen']='Close'; GUI['globalAktualisieren']='Update'; GUI['globalUpload']='Upload'; GUI['globalWerbung']='Advertising'; GUI['globalDel']='Remove'; GUI['globalDelWerbung']='Remove Ads'; GUI['globalOeffentlich']='Public'; GUI['globalPrivat']='Private'; GUI['globalOeffentlichPrev']='Public'; GUI['globalAddBild']='Click on an image to add it.'; GUI['globalAddBildEmpty']='You have not yet uploaded any images. Click on the button \'Upload\' to add images. It is also possible to select multiple images at once.'; GUI['globalAddHintergrundbild']='Click on a background to add it.'; GUI['help']='Help'; GUI['helpBig']='HELP'; GUI['style']='Change style'; GUI['globalAktiviereJS']='Please activate Javascript in your browser'; GUI['globalMags']='MAGS'; GUI['globalMyMags']='Magazine'; GUI['globalBugOverview']='Error overview'; GUI['globalBugCreate']='Enter a bug'; GUI['globalMyBG']='Backgrounds'; GUI['globalMyProfil']='My Profile'; GUI['globalProfil']='PROFILE'; GUI['globalSettings']='Settings'; GUI['globalMyNews']='News'; GUI['globalNews']='News'; GUI['globalBestellungen']='Order Summary'; GUI['globalUebersicht']='Overview'; GUI['globalBestellUebersicht']='ORDER SUMMARY'; GUI['globalWerbeanzeige']='Create advertisement'; GUI['globalAdminportal']='Admin Portal'; GUI['globalAusloggen']='Log out'; GUI['globalFeedbackGeben']='Give Feedback'; GUI['globalErweitert']='Advanced'; GUI['globalPwdVergessen']='Forgot your password?'; GUI['globalMyMag']='Magazine'; GUI['globalAddWarenkorb']='Add to cart'; GUI['globalDelMag']='Delete Magazine'; GUI['globalUpdMag']='Update magazine'; GUI['globalOpenMag']='Open Magazine'; GUI['globalDiashowStarten']='Start Slideshow'; GUI['globalDiashowStoppen']='Stop Slideshow'; GUI['globalNaechseSeite']='next page'; GUI['globalVorherigeSeite']='previous page'; GUI['globalErsteSeite']='First page'; GUI['globalLetzteSeite']='Last page'; GUI['globalSoundOnOff']='activate/ deactive sound'; GUI['globalZoomIn']='zoom in'; GUI['globalZoomOut']='zoom out'; GUI['globalInhaltMelden']='Report Magazine'; GUI['meldegrund']='Notification reason'; GUI['meldegrund1']='Offensive Content'; GUI['meldegrund2']='Copyright infringement'; GUI['meldegrund3']='Pornographic Content'; GUI['meldegrund4']='Racial Hate Content'; GUI['meldegrund5']='Other violation'; GUI['globalSenden']='Send'; GUI['globalKlein']='small'; GUI['globalMittel']='medium'; GUI['globalDrucken']='Print'; GUI['globalGross']='large'; GUI['globalGroesse']='Large:'; GUI['globalFotoUpload']='Upload a image'; GUI['globalPDFUpload']='Upload PDF'; GUI['globalUploadMuli']='Drag in the files to upload here'; GUI['globalUploadAbrechen']='abort'; GUI['globalUploadERR']='Error'; GUI['globalHinweisLinks']='Only available for public magazines.'; GUI['startVersanddauer']='Delivery time'; GUI['globalPaypal']='Payment is made through PayPal. After you have confirmed the order, you will be forwarded to PayPal. Afterwards please follow their instructions. A confirmation of the order will be sent to you via email to your email address.'; GUI['globalRechnung']='Payment is made via invoice. You will first get the delivery. Then transfer the amount stated in thevinvoice to our account within 14 days after the delivery.'; GUI['globalVersandPaypal']='Delivery will be within 3-5 working days sent by post.'; GUI['globalVorkasse']='Payment is to be made in advance. Once you have clicked the order button, you will be sent an invoice by email which you have to pay by bank transfer to our account within 14 days.'; GUI['globalVersandVorkasse']='Delivery will be by mail after receipt of payment within 3-5 business days.'; GUI['globalVersandRechnung']='Delivery will be within 3-5 working days and sent by post.'; GUI['globalBeschreibung']='Description:'; GUI['startTitleInitMag']='Initialization of the Magazine'; GUI['globalMagSuccTitle']='Magazine Stored '; GUI['globalMagSuccText']='Your magazine has been saved successfully. Would you like to return to magazine overview?'; GUI['globalDeaktivieren']='Deactivate'; GUI['globalKontoInfo']='Sales statistics and account information'; GUI['globalAboutText']='Mag Glance is a free online service for creative text and image authors and their readers and for the friends of the extraordinary.

This is where stories, reports and articles from all realms of life are created: Sport & Hobby, Music & Entertainment, Fashion & Trends, Travel & Adventures, School & profession for young and old.

The products are offered as appealing Magazines – as a high-quality print or as an online format for leafing with pleasure.

Welcome are both readers and those who want to express their ideas in text or image or both - talented writers and illustrators of all ages.

The portal provides creative support with an easy-to-use layout editor. Authors can create their own layout or they can start off with one of the many templates provided for an easy and time-saving generation of appealing magazines.

The portal offers various stages of publication via access control options: the author can grant dedicated read access to a work for selected individuals or for a limited group of members, or alternatively any visitor of the platform can get an online insight on to the work or can order a printed version of the work. The publication is under the sole control of the author. So, for example, a work remains in the very private working area as provided by the MagGlance platform to the author. If the author declares the work as being public then it is offered to the whole world. In the latter case, the extension of the author’s audience will be supported by search engine friendly features of the platform. The MagGlance platform can be used for the distribution and publication of the works. In addition or alternatively, the author may use a link provided by the platform for easy embedding on to her or his own web page, and thus enhance visibility and attention of the work.

Amongst the users of the portal there are:

- private authors
- journalists or reporters partnerships
- producers of school magazines
- press offices of clubs
- editorial staff for company magazines.

The rights of the users and visitors of the platform are highly respected in the sense of data privacy and data protection.'; GUI['emailBill']='Account Mag Glance'; GUI['emailHello']='Hello'; GUI['emailGutschrift']='Credit Mag Glance'; GUI['emailTextGutschrift']=',
Summary of your credit.Mag Glance Team'; GUI['emailMGPwdRequest']='Mag Glance - Password request'; GUI['emailMGRegRequest']='Mag Glance - Registration Link'; GUI['emailPwdRequest']='Password request'; GUI['emailRegRequest']='Registration'; GUI['emailPwdRequestText1']='Hello

You requested an email reset. If you was not the person who made this request, then ignore this email please.

To reset your password, please open the link below: '; GUI['emailPwdRequestText2']='Password link'; GUI['emailRegRequestText1']='Hello

Thanks for registering with Mag Glance. Click to activate the following link to your account: '; GUI['emailRegRequestText2']='Activation link'; GUI['emailRegRequestText3']='If the above link is not accessible, copy the following link and open this in your browser:'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNSFBTITLE']='Follow us on Facebook'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNSTWTITLE']='Follow us on Twitter'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNSGPTITLE']='Follow us on Google Plus'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNSXINGTITLE']='Follow us on Xing'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNSPINTERESTTITLE']='Follow us on Pinterest'; GUI['BODYFOLGEUNSYOUTUBETITLE']='Follow us on YouTube'; GUI['BODYLINKBROSCHURE']='magazin-create-broschuere-create-print magazine-print brochure'; GUI['BODYLINKDRUCKPREISE']='magazin-broschuere-newspapre-print-prices'; GUI['BODYLINKPREMIUM']='premium'; GUI['featureWunsch']='Feature request'; GUI['Unschoenheit']='Unattractiveness'; GUI['kleinerFehler']='small error'; GUI['mittlererFehler']='mean error'; GUI['schwererFehler']='serious mistake'; GUI['feedback']='Feedback'; GUI['feedback1']='Feedback - Create Mag Glance with us on.'; GUI['feedback2']='How did you hear about Mag Glance? (Friends, Facebook, Google ...)'; GUI['feedback3']='What is your overall impression of the website?'; GUI['feedback4']='What do you like/ waht don´t you like?'; GUI['feedback5']='How do you like our ideaMag Glance?'; GUI['feedback6']='Do you miss something?'; GUI['feedback7']='How do you like the Home of Mag Glance?'; GUI['feedback8']='What can we improve?'; GUI['feedback9']='Would you recommend Mag Glance'; GUI['feedbackSuper']='Super'; GUI['feedbackGut']='good'; GUI['feedbackOk']='ok'; GUI['feedbackSoLala']='so-so'; GUI['feedbackSchlecht']='bad'; GUI['tbarSpeichern']='Save'; GUI['tbarMagSpeichern']='Save Magazine'; GUI['tbarHinzufuegen']='Add'; GUI['tbarObjHinzufuegen']='Add object'; GUI['tbarErsetzen']='Replace'; GUI['tbarObjErsetzen']='Replace / edit object'; GUI['tbarObjStyle']='Change style'; GUI['tbarStyle']='Style'; GUI['tbarObjVgrund']='object to the front'; GUI['tbarVgrund']='Foreground'; GUI['tbarObjBground']='object to the background'; GUI['tbarCopy']='copy'; GUI['tbarObjCopy']='copy element'; GUI['tbarBground']='Background'; GUI['tbarObjLoeschen']='Delete object'; GUI['tbarLoeschen']='Delete'; GUI['tbarDruckAnsicht']='Print view'; GUI['tbarOnlineAnsicht']='View online'; GUI['tbarNeueSeite']='New page'; GUI['tbarVorlagen']='Page Templates'; GUI['tbarText']='Text'; GUI['tbarTextdef']='Define text format:'; GUI['tbarTextart']='Fontfamily:'; GUI['tbarTextgroesse']='Fontsize:'; GUI['tbarZeilenhoehe']='Lineheight:'; GUI['tbarTextVorschau']='Text Preview:'; GUI['tbarTextVorschauTXT1']='Print text size:'; GUI['tbarTextVorschauTXT2']='Click here to get a feeling for how big the font is when printing'; GUI['tbarFotos']='Images'; GUI['tbarWidget']='Widget'; GUI['tbarVideos']='Video'; GUI['tbarMusik']='music'; GUI['tbarWerbung']='Advertising'; GUI['tbarHintergrund']='Background'; GUI['tbarFarbe']='Background color'; GUI['tbarSeiteLoeschen']='Delete Page'; GUI['tbar8Seiten']='8 pages'; GUI['tbar12Seiten']='12 pages'; GUI['tbar16Seiten']='16 pages'; GUI['tbar20Seiten']='20 pages'; GUI['tbarFormen']='Cliparts'; GUI['tbarMeineFotos']='My images (default)'; GUI['tbarFotoCut']='Choose your image area.'; GUI['tbarAddFoto']='Add image'; GUI['tbarVorderRueckseite']='front-/back side'; GUI['tbarInnenseiten']='insides'; GUI['tbarSeiten']='Pages'; GUI['tbarExitbtn']='Exit editing'; GUI['DefPage1']='Beautiful moments preserved - with Mag Glance'; GUI['DefPage2']='free, time-saving and professional'; GUI['DefPage3']='Create Magazine'; GUI['DefPage4']='Make content more flexible'; GUI['DefPage5']='Be creative and present your content according to your wishes and combine your magazine with backgrounds and graphics of Mag Glance.'; GUI['DefPage6']='Impressive Templates'; GUI['DefPage7']='By simply replacing content you can very quickly create sophisticated magazines on various topics.'; GUI['DefPage8']='Share Magazine'; GUI['DefPage9']='You can at any time specify, with whom you want to share your magazines. Optionally you may protect your magazine with a specific password.'; GUI['DefPage10']='Print Magazine'; GUI['DefPage11']='Get your magazines sent to your home as professional print-outs for a beneficial price.'; GUI['kfkontaktformular']='Contact form'; GUI['kfgrund']='Reason for Contact:'; GUI['kfallgemeineFrage']='General question'; GUI['kftechnischesProblem']='Technical Problem'; GUI['kfBestellung']='Order'; GUI['kfNachricht']='Message:'; GUI['tooltipKontaktMessage']='Please enter some text (maximum 1000 characters).'; GUI['Imp']='Imprint'; GUI['ImpUnternehmen']='Company'; GUI['ImpMG']='Mag Glance GmbH'; GUI['ImpStrasseHausnr']='Friesenweg 6'; GUI['ImpPLZOrt']='33129 Delbrueck'; GUI['ImpLand']='Germany'; GUI['ImpVertetGF']='Managing Director'; GUI['ImpAK']='Alexander Keil (founder)'; GUI['ImpBA']='Bjoern Arndt'; GUI['ImpRegGericht']='Register court:'; GUI['ImpRegGerichtCont']='Amtsgericht Paderborn'; GUI['ImpRegNr']='Registration number:'; GUI['ImpRegNrCont']='HRB 11248'; GUI['ImpUSt']='VAT Reg. gem. § 27a UstG:'; GUI['ImpUStCont']='DE292801565'; GUI['ImpSteuerNR']='Tax number:'; GUI['ImpStCont']='339/5832/2183'; GUI['ImpHinweis']='Notification'; GUI['ImpHinweisCont']='For external links Mag Glance assumes no liability Despite careful examination. The operators are exclusively responsible for the content of linked pages.'; GUI['ImpHinweisEuKommission']='The EU-commission has designated an internet platform for an online dispute resolution. This platform is the contact point for an alternative dispute resolution concerning contract liabilities resulting from online sales contracts. This platform is available under the following link:'; GUI['ImpKontakt']='Contact'; GUI['ImpTelefon']=''; GUI['ImpTelefonCont']=''; GUI['ImpEmail']='E-mail:'; GUI['ImpEmailCont']=''; GUI['ImpWebsite']='Website:'; GUI['ImpWebsiteCont']=''; GUI['copyright']='Copyright'; GUI['sourcesPhotos']='Sources photos:'; GUI['sourcesFonts']='Sources fonts:'; GUI['sourcesClipart']='Sources Cliparts:'; GUI['CompanyName']='Mag Glance GmbH'; GUI['CompanyUSID']='Tax ID'; GUI['CompanyStreet']='Friesenweg 6'; GUI['CompanyCity']='Delbrück'; GUI['CompanyCountry']='Germany'; GUI['CompanyPhone']='+49 52 50 99 84 18'; GUI['BankDetails']='Bank'; GUI['BankName']='Commerzbank'; GUI['BankCode']='Bank code: 480 400 35'; GUI['BankIBAN']='DE23 4804 0035 0778 9225 00'; GUI['BankBIC']='COBADEFFXXX'; GUI['BankAccount']='IBAN: DE23 4804 0035 0778 9225 00'; GUI['BankAccountInt']='BIC: COBADEFFXXX'; GUI['BillTo']='Invoicing address:'; GUI['GutschriftTo']='Credit recipients:'; GUI['BillNetto']='Total net'; GUI['BillBruttoPrint']='Total price (including tax and shipping):'; GUI['BillBruttoAbo']='Total Price (incl. VAT):'; GUI['BillMWS']='VAT'; GUI['BillSHIPPING']='+ Shipping costs'; GUI['BillTotal']='Total amount'; GUI['TaxNumber']='Tax number: 339/5832/2183'; GUI['UStNumber']='VAT-Id: DE292801565'; GUI['BillThanks']='Thank you for purchasing with Mag Glance. Your order contains the items listed above:'; GUI['BillPayPalText']='Payment is made through PayPal.'; GUI['BillVorkasseText']='Please transfer the above-mentioned total amount within 14 days to the above account. After receiving the amount, we will send your order. Please use the invoice number as subject, otherwise we cannot assign the payment correctly. Should the amount not arrive on our account within the mentioned period, overdue fines may be levied.'; GUI['BillRechnungText']='Please transfer the above-mentioned total amount within 14 days to the above account. Please use the invoice number as subject, otherwise we cannot assign the payment to your order. Should the amount not arrive on our account within the mentioned period, overdue fines may be levied.'; GUI['BillUeberweisungText']='This amount will be transferred shortly to your specified account.'; GUI['".$companyName."Team']='Your Mag Glance team'; GUI['ContinueBill']='The statement is continued on the next page ...'; GUI['BillPage']='Page'; GUI['BillPaytype1']='Pay with PayPal'; GUI['BillPaytype2']='Payment with Payment'; GUI['BillPaytype3']='Payment by invoice'; GUI['BillPaytype4']='Transfer'; GUI['BillProduct']='Product'; GUI['BillGrammatur']='Product Details'; GUI['BillBezeichnung']='Designation'; GUI['BillMenge']='Number'; GUI['BillVersand']='Shipping'; GUI['BillNettopreis']='Net price'; GUI['BillFrom']='Bill from '; GUI['GutschriftFrom']='Credit from'; GUI['BillNr']='Invoice Number: '; GUI['GutschriftNr']='Credit note number:'; GUI['BillZahlungsart']='Method of Payment: '; GUI['BillVerkauefe']='Number of sales'; GUI['BillProzent']='Percent'; GUI['BillUmsatz']='Turnover'; GUI['BillEinnahmen']='Revenue'; GUI['BillEinnahmenSumme']='Total Revenue'; GUI['Privatperson']='Note: credit recipient is a private person, so the VAT will not be shown'; GUI['PrivatpersonHinweis']='Please note that you may be obliged to inform your tax office.'; GUI['Kleinunternehmer']='Note: service is small business, so there is no designation of VAT'; GUI['Unternehmer']='Note: reduced tax rate according to § 12 paragraph 2 no. 7c UStG.'; GUI['BillMonat']='Months'; GUI['BillMB']='MB'; GUI['BillGesamtpreisNetto']='Total Net:'; GUI['BillGesamtpreisTax']='Total VAT:'; GUI['BillGesamtpreisBrutto']='Total price (including tax and shipping):'; GUI['BillGesamtpreisBruttoMwst']='Total Price (incl. VAT):'; GUI['BillGesamtpreisBruttoEinnahmenMwst']='Total revenue (including VAT):'; GUI['BillGesamtpreisNettoTotal']='Total net revenue:'; GUI['advertPremium']='Advertising or Premium User?'; GUI['advertPremiumHint1']='To continue to offer free online magazines and favorable printing magazines, placeholders for banners must be inserted in magazines with 8 or more pages. Alternatively, a premium account has to be acquired by purchase.'; GUI['advertPremiumHint2']='If you do not want to host advertising in your magazine or if you want to gain from additional beneficial services, we offer a premium account.'; GUI['advertDecision1']='You can position the banners by yourself or get them positioned automatically. The advertising placeholders will be replaced automatically after storage.'; GUI['advertDecision2']='You can always remove the advertisement at a later date at an additional cost. However, a premium account is recommended.'; GUI['adverDecisionTitle']='Place advertising'; GUI['adverManuellHint']='Please click on the button Add Advertising of the screen Add Object, and add an advertising banner of your choice on to your magazine, and finally store your magazine.'; GUI['kalkPapierformat']='Paper size'; GUI['kalkDIN']='DIN'; GUI['kalkAuflage']='Number'; GUI['kalkSeitenanzahl']='Number of pages'; GUI['kalkPapiersorte']='Paper'; GUI['kalkMatt']='mat'; GUI['kalkGlanz']='glossy'; GUI['kalkUVLack']='UV varnish'; GUI['kalkMattPDF']='mat'; GUI['kalkGlanzPDF']='glossy'; GUI['kalkUVLackPDF']='UV varnish'; GUI['kalkInnenteil']='g inner part'; GUI['kalkUmschlag']='g envelope'; GUI['kalkHeftung']='Stitch'; GUI['kalkRueckendraht']='Saddle'; GUI['kalkKlebebindung']='Adhesive binding'; GUI['kalkRingoese']='Eyelet'; GUI['kalkSpiralbindung']='Spiral binding'; GUI['kalkRueckendrahtPDF']='Saddle'; GUI['kalkKlebebindungPDF']='Adhesive binding'; GUI['kalkRingoesePDF']='Eyelet'; GUI['kalkSpiralbindungPDF']='Spiral binding'; GUI['kalkVersand']='Shipping country'; GUI['kalkDE']='Germany'; GUI['kalkVersandart']='Shipping'; GUI['kalkWerktage']='Number of working days'; GUI['kalkQualiKontrolle']='Quality control'; GUI['kalkEurozeichen']='€'; GUI['kalkGesamtpreis']='Total Price'; GUI['kalkPreis']='Price'; GUI['kalkPreisMonat']='per month'; GUI['kalkPreisAbo']='One-off price'; GUI['kalkinklusive']='including VAT, packing and shipping'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwSt']='included VAT'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwSt19Prozent']='Prices include 19% VAT'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwSt7Prozent']='Prices include 7% VAT'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwStAbo']='incl. 19% VAT'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwStVersand']='include VAT and shipping'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwStVersand19Prozent']='19% VAT and shipping'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwStVersand7Prozent']='7% VAT and shipping'; GUI['kalkKeinAbo']='no automatic extension of the contract'; GUI['kalkSpeicherkapa']='Storage capacity'; GUI['kalkStandardversand']='normal (?)'; GUI['kalkStandardversandDef']='about 5-10'; GUI['kalk48h']='quickly (?)'; GUI['kalk48hDef']='2-4'; GUI['kalk24h']='lightning (?)'; GUI['kalk24hDef']='1-3'; GUI['VersandartText1']='The delivery time depends on the order volume and the order situation. In general, the below mentioned delivery times are adhered to, but please do understand that there may be discrepancies in rare cases. We recommend to consider sufficient extra time.'; GUI['printTitel2']='Affordable printing'; GUI['printTitel2Text']='Our processes are largely automated. This not only saves time but also leads to low fault tolerance and low prices.'; GUI['printTitel3']='Free Shipping'; GUI['printTitel3Text']='With the exception of our fast express deliveries the dispatch within Germany is free.'; GUI['printTitel4']='Convenient Payment'; GUI['printTitel4Text']=' Billing occurs in a fast, easy and secure manner with Payment in advance, by invoice or PayPal.'; GUI['mainRegRequest']='Click here to create your own online magazine - for free'; GUI['sellTitel']='Sell settings'; GUI['sellTitel1']='Earn Easy Money'; GUI['sellTitel1Text']='Take advantage of our service and sell your own magazines – make money with your magazines.'; GUI['sellTitel2']='Complete service'; GUI['sellTitel2Text']='Sit back and let us take over the complete service for you - from order receipt to delivery.'; GUI['sellTitel3']='Overview'; GUI['sellTitel3Text']='You decide how much profit you want to achieve for your magazine. Just monitor your sales statistics.'; GUI['sellTitel4']='Simple payment'; GUI['sellTitel4Text']='You can transfer your accumulated balance of 10 Euro or more to your bank account.'; GUI['keinArtikel']='Currently, no item is in your cart.'; GUI['keinVerkaeufe']='You have not yet sold any magazine.'; GUI['SellOptionTXT2']='General Options'; GUI['SellOptionTXT7']='Would you like to sell your magazine as a printed edition?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT8']='Does the content of your magazine mostly consist of advertising?'; GUI['SellOptionYes']='Yes'; GUI['SellOptionNo']='No'; GUI['startBeitragGeteilt']='Shared with:'; GUI['startAlleSichtbar']='Visible to all (public)'; GUI['startGeteiltMitEingeschraenkt']='Shared with limitation'; GUI['startWarenkorb']='Shopping Cart'; GUI['startHeftung']='Stitching'; GUI['startRueckendraht']='Saddle stitching'; GUI['startAdressdatenEingeben']='Delivery address'; GUI['startZahlartAuswaehlen']='Select a payment method'; GUI['startZahlart']='Payment method'; GUI['startBestellungErfolgreichTitel']='Order successful'; GUI['startBestellungAbschliessen']='Finish order transaction'; GUI['startBestellungAbschliessenFrage']='Are you sure, you want to order the items in your shopping cart with the commitment to buy?'; GUI['startBestellungErfolgreich']='Your order was successful. Please check your e-mail inbox.'; GUI['startWarenkorbWerbetext']='Get your print Mags in high quality and let them be delivered to your home by post.'; GUI['startVorname']='First name:'; GUI['startNachname']='Surname:'; GUI['startFirma']='Company (optional):'; GUI['startStrasse']='Street:'; GUI['startHausnummer']='House number:'; GUI['startPLZ']='ZIP code:'; GUI['startOrt']='City:'; GUI['startUmsatzsteuerId']='VAT Registration Number: '; GUI['startLand']='Country:'; GUI['startTelefon']='Phone:'; GUI['startEmail']='E-mail'; GUI['startAccountname']='Email or username:'; GUI['startLieferadresse']='Delivery Address:'; GUI['startLieferRechnungsadresse']='Shipping and Billing Address:'; GUI['startRechnungsadresse']='Billing address:'; GUI['startKontaktdaten']='Contact:'; GUI['startZahlungsart']='Method of Payment:'; GUI['startKurzinfo']='Quick Reference:'; GUI['startZahlungVorkasse']='Payment in advance'; GUI['startZahlungVorkasseTextPrint']='The bill is to be paid in advance. After receipt of the invoice amount on
our bank account, we will forward the order to the printers and ship the item.'; GUI['startZahlungVorkasseTextAbo']='The invoice is to be paid in advance. After receipt of payment
we will activate the premium account.'; GUI['startZahlungPaypal']=' Payment via Paypal'; GUI['startZahlungPaypalTextPrint']='You can pay quick, easy and safe with PayPal. After receipt of payment the magazine(s) will go to press immediately.'; GUI['startZahlungPaypalTextAbo']='You can pay quick, easy and safe with PayPal. Your premium account will be activated immediately after receipt of payment.'; GUI['startZahlungRechnung']='Payment via invoice'; GUI['startZahlungRechnungTextPrint']='We will first deliver your order, the invoice amount then needs to be transferred to our bank account within
14 days.'; GUI['startZahlungRechnungTextAbo']='We immediately activate your premium account, The transfer of the invoice amount to our bank account has to be within
14 days.'; GUI['startBestellungHinweis']='By clicking the button Order you place a binding order for the goods contained in the shopping cart.

The confirmation of order follows immediately after your sending the order.

Please note, that there is no right of revocation.

'; GUI['startBestellen']='Order with the obligation to pay'; GUI['startBenutzerFolgen']='In which list you want to add the user?'; GUI['startRahmenfarbe']='Frame color:'; GUI['startRahmenbreite']='Frame width:'; GUI['startRoundedCorners']='Frame radius:'; GUI['startAussenabstand']='Outside spacing:'; GUI['startTransparenz']='Transparency:'; GUI['startHintergrundfarbeEdit']='Background color:'; GUI['startObjektfarbeEdit']='Objekt color:'; GUI['startFotoanteil']='Percentage of images:'; GUI['startTextanteil']='Percentage of text:'; GUI['startVideoanteil']='Percentage of video:'; GUI['startBenutzerHinzufuegen']='Add User'; GUI['benutzerHinzufuegenInfoOk']='The user was added successfully.'; GUI['benutzerHinzufuegenInfoNotOk']='The user could not be added. Please contact the Support.'; GUI['startBenutzerBearbeiten']='Move user'; GUI['benutzerBearbeitenInfoOk']='The user was successfully moved.'; GUI['benutzerBearbeitenInfoNotOk']='The user could not be moved. Please contact the Support.'; GUI['startBenutzerVerschieben']='Do you want to move the user on to a different list?'; GUI['startSnapHinzufuegen']='startSnapadd'; GUI['startNeueNachricht']='New message'; GUI['startSenden']='Send'; GUI['startEinlaDungSenden']='Send invitation'; GUI['startMitteilungHinzufuegen']='Add Message'; GUI['startVersenden']='Send'; GUI['startListenInfotext']='You can create a maximum of 10 lists.'; GUI['startListenInfotext1']='The list can be deleted only if no user is assigned to this list anymore.'; GUI['startProfilFotoHinzufuegen']='Add profile image'; GUI['startFotoHinzufuegen']='Add a image'; GUI['startPdfUpload']='Upload PDF'; GUI['startChoosePage']='Select a page'; GUI['startChoosePageDesc']='Please select the page on which you want to add an object.'; GUI['startSecQuestTempsTitel']='Insert a page template'; GUI['startSecQuestTemps1']='Are you sure you want to delete the content of the selected page and you want to replace it with the page template?'; GUI['startSecQuestTemps2']='Do not show this message for this session again.'; GUI['startMagazinMelden']='Report Magazine'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt1']='General Information'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt3']='Updated:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt4']='Author'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt5']='Shared with:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt6']='Password protection:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt7']='Location:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt8']='Description:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt9']='Tags:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt10']='Magazine Link:'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt11']='Embedding Code:'; GUI['startVorlageWaehlen']='Choose page template'; GUI['startMovePageTitel']='Move page'; GUI['startMovePageDesc']='The page is moved. This may possibly take several seconds.'; GUI['startFotoAusschneiden']='Cut out image area'; GUI['startCutIndividuell']='Individually'; GUI['startCutHalbeSeite']='half page'; GUI['startCutQuadrat']='Square'; GUI['startCutWKratzer']='Skyscraper'; GUI['startCutFullPage']='full page'; GUI['startCutDoppelPage']='Double Page'; GUI['startFotoSnapHinzufuegen']='Add image or Snap'; GUI['startFotoHochladen']='Upload a image'; GUI['startSnapInMag']='image from existing Snaps'; GUI['startShowMagObject']='Mag object'; GUI['startSnapEditieren']='Edit snap'; GUI['startSnap']='Snap'; GUI['startObjektHinzufuegen']='Add object'; GUI['startSeiteHinzufuegen']='Add page'; GUI['startCopyObject']='Copy object'; GUI['startCopyObjectTitel']='On which side do you want to copy the object
?'; GUI['startCopy']='Copy'; GUI['startBildquali']='Image quality'; GUI['startSeiteHinzufuegenText']='Please enter the number of double pages that you want to add:'; GUI['startHintergrundfarbe']='Change background color'; GUI['startTemplates']='Page Templates'; GUI['startBackgroundTemplates']='Add background templates'; GUI['startTemplatesSelectBox']='Templates'; GUI['startTitelblatt']='Title page:'; GUI['startLinkeSeite']='Left side:'; GUI['startRechteSeite']='Right side:'; GUI['startVon']='of'; GUI['startSeiteLoeschen']='Delete page'; GUI['startSeiteLoeschenText1']='You can deleted double pages only. Do you want the pages'; GUI['startSeiteLoeschenText2']=' and'; GUI['startSeiteLoeschenText3']='really want to delete?'; GUI['startTextHinzufuegen']='Add text'; GUI['startVideoHinzufuegen']='Add Video'; GUI['startTextBearbeitung']='Save text change'; GUI['startBreite']='Width in pixel:'; GUI['startHoehe']='Height in Pixel:'; GUI['startMusikHinzufuegen']='Add Music'; GUI['startSoundcloudLink']='SoundCloud embed code:'; GUI['startMagLoeschen']='Delete Mag'; GUI['startMagLoeschenText']=' Are you sure you want to delete the magazine?'; GUI['startTeilen']='Share'; GUI['startEmailVon']='From:'; GUI['startVorNachname']='Name and Surname'; GUI['startNach']='To:'; GUI['startEmpfaenger']='Recipient'; GUI['startNachricht']='Message:'; GUI['startNachrichtDef']='First and last name has sent you a Mag. You can view it with the following link. ...'; GUI['startUrlLink']='URL Link'; GUI['startUrlText']='The URL to your Mag'; GUI['startWebsite']='Website'; GUI['startWebsiteText']='Embed your Mag on to your website with the following code:'; GUI['startMagSpeichernText']='Do you really want to save the Magazin?'; GUI['startMagSpeichernText1']='The magazine is going to be created'; GUI['startMagSpeichernText2']='The magazine is created'; GUI['startMagAktualisieren']='Mag update'; GUI['startMagAktualisierenText1']='Do you really want to save the magazine?'; GUI['startAdvertHinzufuegen']='Add banner ads'; GUI['startMaxDoppelseiten']='(Max. 40 double pages)'; GUI['startSpeichern']='save'; GUI['mainLink_News']='News'; GUI['subLink_Oeffentlich']='Public'; GUI['subLink_AlleNeuigkeiten']='All news'; GUI['subLink_Benachrichtigungen']='Notification'; GUI['subLink_Inbox']='Inbox'; GUI['mainLink_Profil']='Profile'; GUI['subLink_ListenBearbeiten']='Edit lists'; GUI['subLink_ProfilseiteBearbeiten']='Edit profile page'; GUI['subLink_Einstellungen']='Settings'; GUI['subLink_Privatssphaere']='Privacy'; GUI['mainLink_Snaps']='Snaps'; GUI['subLink_SnapsAusListen']='Snapshots from lists'; GUI['subLink_Snapcreate']='Create a Snap'; GUI['mainLink_Mags']='MAGs'; GUI['subLink_CreateBug']='create a bug'; GUI['subLink_MagsAendern']='Change MAG'; GUI['subLink_Vorschlaege']='Suggestions'; GUI['subLink_MagsAusListen']='Mags from lists'; GUI['subLink_Bestelluebersicht']='Order Summary'; GUI['magBrowsermpfehlung']='

For lettering quality reasons we strongly recommend to use Firefox or Internet Explorer for creating magazines.

'; GUI['magOldBrowser']='Sorry, but your browser is too old. Please download the latest version. We recommend the latest version of Firefox.'; GUI['magUnknownBrowser']='Sorry, but your browser is not supported. We recommend to use the latest version of Firefox.'; GUI['ORDEREINKAEUFE']='Shopping'; GUI['ORDERVERKAEUFE']='Sales'; GUI['ORDERKONTO']='Account'; GUI['chatBenutzerOnline']='Users Online'; GUI['chatOnline']='Online'; GUI['chatOffline']='Offline'; GUI['chatOptionen']='Chat Options'; GUI['chatStatus']='I am ...'; GUI['chatErreichbar']='Online'; GUI['chatUnsichtbar']='Invisible'; GUI['chatBeschaeftigt']='Busy'; GUI['chatSoundOff']='Disable sound'; GUI['chatSoundOn']='Enable sound'; GUI['newsPrivat']='Private'; GUI['newsStandardlisten']='Standard lists'; GUI['newsMeineListen']='My Lists'; GUI['newsInputInfo']='Write a comment ...'; GUI['newsGeteiltMit']='Shared with'; GUI['newsEingeschraenkt']='Restricted'; GUI['newsLikeButton']='I like it'; GUI['newsInDerNaehe']='Close to'; GUI['newsAlleKommentareAnzeigen']='List all comments'; GUI['inboxAlle']='All'; GUI['inboxUngelesen']='Mark as unread'; GUI['inboxSpam']='Mark as spam'; GUI['inboxSenden']='Send'; GUI['profilSharedPool']='Shared Pool'; GUI['profilListenMich']='People have put me on a list'; GUI['profilMeineListe']='People in my lists'; GUI['profilAlias']='alias'; GUI['profilIst']='Is:'; GUI['profilWohntIn']='Lives in:'; GUI['profilGeborenAm']='Born on:'; GUI['profilAllgemein']='General'; GUI['profil']='Change profile information'; GUI['profilProfilbild']='Avatar'; GUI['profilBearbeiten']='Edit profile page'; GUI['profilMeineMags']='My Magazine'; GUI['profilMagcreate']='Create Magazine'; GUI['profilGeburtstage']='Birthdays'; GUI['profilEinlaDungen']='Send invitations'; GUI['profilLeuteEinladen']='Invite people'; GUI['profilAenderungenSpeichern']='Save'; GUI['profilNeuesBild']='Upload a new image'; GUI['profilBeitraege']='Posts'; GUI['profilUeberMich']='About me'; GUI['profilSnaps']='Snaps'; GUI['profilMags']='Mags'; GUI['profilKeineGebs']='No birthdays'; GUI['profilGebHeute']='Today'; GUI['profilGebTag']='Day'; GUI['profilGebTagen']='Days'; GUI['profilKeinerInListe']=' You\'ve not yet added anyone to this list'; GUI['profilSecurityCond']='For Security reasons, to change your account settings
you have to insert your current password.'; GUI['username']='Username:'; GUI['password']='Password:'; GUI['passwordEingeben']='Enter password'; GUI['repassword']='Repeat password:'; GUI['firstName']='First name:'; GUI['lastName']='Surname:'; GUI['email']='Email:'; GUI['emailEingeben']='Enter email or username'; GUI['land']='Country:'; GUI['city']='Location:'; GUI['birthday']='Date of Birth:'; GUI['gender']='Gender:'; GUI['termsAndConditions']='Terms and Conditions:'; GUI['printableVersion']='Printable version'; GUI['registrieren']='Register'; GUI['Registrierung']='Registration'; GUI['KostenlosRegistrieren']='Register for free'; GUI['schliessen']='Close'; GUI['maennlich']='male'; GUI['weiblich']='female'; GUI['search']='Search'; GUI['valFirstName']='Please enter your first name.'; GUI['valLastName']='Please enter your last name.'; GUI['valCompany']='Please enter your company name (optional).'; GUI['valStreet']='Please enter your street.'; GUI['valHousenr']='Please enter a house number.'; GUI['valPLZ']='Please enter your postcode.'; GUI['valOrt']='Please enter your place.'; GUI['valTelefon']='Please enter your telephone number.'; GUI['valUstid']='Please enter the relevant VAT-ID.'; GUI['valFirstNameOk']=' The first name is OK.'; GUI['valLastNameOk']=' The last name is OK.'; GUI['valUsernameNot']=' 2 to 35 alphanumeric characters. Common special characters permitted. No spaces.'; GUI['valUsernameOk']=' The user name is OK'; GUI['valUsernameNotFree']=' The user name is unfortunately already taken.'; GUI['valUsernameDBError']=' The database is currently unavailable. Please contact the support.'; GUI['valEmailOk']=' The email is OK.'; GUI['valEmailNot']=' Please enter the e-mail in the following syntax: xx@xx.xx'; GUI['valEmailNotFree']=' The email is unfortunately already taken.'; GUI['valBirthdayNot']=' Please enter a correct date (DD.MM.YYYY)'; GUI['valPasswordNot']=' Please enter at least 6 characters.'; GUI['valPasswordOk']=' The password is OK.'; GUI['valPasswordDif']=' The passwords do not match.'; GUI['valCheckEntriesNot']=' Please check your entries.'; GUI['valCheckEntriesNotAllFields']=' Not all input fields are filled.'; GUI['valAgb']=' Do you accept the Terms and Conditions (AGB).'; GUI['valPflichtfeld']='Please fill this field.'; GUI['valCheckLength70Req']=' Please fill in the field (2-70 characters)'; GUI['valCheckLength22Req']=' Please fill in the field (2-22 characters)'; GUI['valCheckLength50Req']=' Please fill in the field (2-50 characters)'; GUI['valCheckLength100Req']=' Please fill in the field (2-100 characters)'; GUI['valCheckLength9Req']=' Please fill in the field (1-9 characters)'; GUI['valCheckLength5Req']=' Please enter a valid postal code (5 characters)'; GUI['valCheckLength70NotReq']=' Input must not be greater than 70 characters.'; GUI['valCheckLength250NotReq']=' Input must not be greater than 250 characters.'; GUI['valCheckEingaben']=' Please check your input'; GUI['TextbilderTitel']='Text Images'; GUI['TextbilderCont']='This option should only be enabled if your texts are not being displayed.

If you disable text images, you can not print your magazine and a correct representation with different browsers may no longer be possible.

Are you sure that you want to disable text images?'; GUI['SeitenvorschauTitel']='Enable page Thumbnails'; GUI['SeitenvorschauTitelText']='The page thumbnails affects the speed of processing and should be activated only on high performance equipment. Are you sure you want to activate the preview page? You can also disable the page preview any time.'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT1']='To print the magazine you must be logged in.
If you are not a member yet, you can register for free.'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT2']='Preserve beautiful moments and stories - with Mag Glance'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT3']='free, time-saving and professional'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT4']='Create and distribute magazines'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT5']='Create your own online magazine. You can specify, with whom you want to share your magazines at any time.'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT6']='Print and sell magazines'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT7']='Get a low-cost print out of your magazines and earn money by selling magazines.'; GUI['MAGBOOKLOGINTXT8']='Further information at'; GUI['addToCart']='Add to shopping cart.'; GUI['einstellungenEinstellungen']='Settings'; GUI['einstellungenAeltereNachrichten']='Older News'; GUI['einstellungenBenachrichtigungen']='Notifications'; GUI['einstellungenAccount']='Account'; GUI['einstellungenAeltereNachrichtenLoeschen']='Delete older News'; GUI['einstellungenText1']='Have older messages deleted which you have posted in the News Stream.
In doing so, your Mags or your Snaps will not be deleted! Typically, the messages get deleted after 24 hours.

'; GUI['einstellungenText2']='I want to delete all messages in the News Stream older than:

'; GUI['einstellungenText3']='I would like to be informed at the following actions '; GUI['einstellungenInfo1']='If I have received a new private message.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo2']='If a user has added me.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo3']='If an entry of mine has been commented.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo4']='If a snapshot of mine has been commented.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo5']='If a Mag of mine has been commented.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo6']='If a user has written a comment on an entry of someone else
which I have commented on.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo7']='If a user has written a comment on a Snapshot of someone else
which I have commented on.'; GUI['einstellungenInfo8']='If a user has written a comment on a Mag of someone else
which I have commented on.'; GUI['einstellungenEmail']='E-mail'; GUI['einstellungen1Jahr']='1 years'; GUI['einstellungen2Jahre']='2 years'; GUI['einstellungen5Jahre']='5 years'; GUI['einstellungen10Jahre']='10 years'; GUI['einstellungenLoeschen']='Delete'; GUI['einstellungenSpeichern']='Save'; GUI['einstellungenPwdAendern']='Change account settings'; GUI['einstellungenAltesPwd']='Current Password:'; GUI['einstellungenNeuesPwd']='New password:'; GUI['einstellungenNeuesPwdWdh']='New password
repeat:'; GUI['einstellungenAccLoeschen']='Delete Account'; GUI['einstellungenAccText1']='Here you can terminate your membership
and delete your account.'; GUI['priv']='Privacy'; GUI['privNachrichtenSenden']='Send messages'; GUI['privSuche']='Search'; GUI['privSpeichern']='Save'; GUI['privDefault']='Default settings'; GUI['privVorschau']='Preview'; GUI['listenListen']='Lists'; GUI['listenKonfig']='Configuration'; GUI['listenUserverwaltung']='User Management'; GUI['listenWeitereVerbinDungen']='More connections'; GUI['listenListenName']='List name'; GUI['listenPrio']='Priority'; GUI['listenEntfernen']='Remove'; GUI['listenAenderungenSpeichern']='Save changes'; GUI['listenHinzufuegen']='Add List'; GUI['listenHinzufuegenInfoOk']='The list has been added.'; GUI['listenHinzufuegenInfoNotOk']='The list is not added.'; GUI['listenLoeschen']='Delete list'; GUI['listenLoeschenInfoOk']='The list has been deleted.'; GUI['listenLoeschenInfoNotOk']='The list was not deleted.'; GUI['aenderungenGespeichert']='Save changes'; GUI['aenderungenGespeichertInfoOk']='The changes have been saved.'; GUI['aenderungenGespeichertInfoNotOk']='The changes were not saved.'; GUI['feedbackGespeichert']='Feedback'; GUI['feedbackInfoOk']='Thank you for your feedback.'; GUI['feedbackInfoNotOk']='Please fill in all fields marked in red.'; GUI['feedbackVoted']='You have already submitted a feedback. Please try again in a few weeks.'; GUI['benutzerGeloescht']='Delete Account'; GUI['benutzerLoeschen']='Are you sure you want to delete your account?'; GUI['benutzerGeloeschtInfoOk']='User has been deleted.'; GUI['benutzerGeloeschtInfoNotOk']='The user could not be deleted because orders are still open or the last order is not yet 3 weeks old or older. If this error persists, please contact support.'; GUI['magGeloescht']='Delete Magazine'; GUI['magGeloeschtInfoOk']='The magazine has been deleted.'; GUI['magGeloeschtInfoNotOk']='The magazine could not be deleted. Please contact the support.'; GUI['advDeleteTitel']='Remove banners'; GUI['advDeleteDesc']='As a premium user, you have the option to remove the advertising banners from your magazine. Are you sure you want to remove all the banners from your magazine?'; GUI['advDeleteSucc']='The banner was successfully removed from your magazine. Please save your magazine to make the changes effective.'; GUI['advDeleteErr1']='There is no banner ad in your magazine.'; GUI['advDeleteErr2']='We are sorry, but to remove ad banners you will have to have a Premium Account. Click on the button on the right#n \'Premium-User\' and profit from ad free magazines and more.'; GUI['magUpdate']='Update magazine'; GUI['magUpdateInfoOk']='The magazine has been updated.'; GUI['magUpdateInfoNotOk']='The magazine could not be updated. Please contact the support.'; GUI['registrierungErfolgreich']='Registration successful'; GUI['registrierungErfolgreichInfoOk']='Your registration was successful. Please check your inbox and confirm the registration link that will be sent shortly. Please check your spam folder if no email is in your inbox.'; GUI['magChromeTextalert']='Unfortunately we had to deactivate this function in your Google Chrome browser because of the poor lettering quality.
You can create and use the magazine, but for printing you should open the magazine with Firefox or Internet Explorer (11) in the \” Edit mode\”, and resave it. This way we will get the texts as images ready for printing.'; GUI['magChromeTextalertOpening1']='In Google Chrome, the character spacing with our mechanism is not displayed correctly . For this reason, you´ll not be able to receive a printed version if you have created your magazine with Google Chrome browser. In this case it may also happen that your magazine is displayed differently if you open it with different browsers. We hope that Google Chrome fixes this bug. Until then, we recommend using a different browser, such as Firefox.'; GUI['BrowserTextError']='Chrome text error'; GUI['magCreate']='Create Magazine'; GUI['magCreateInfoOk']='The magazine was created.'; GUI['magCreateInfoNotOk']='The magazine could not be created. Please check your input.'; GUI['magLoadingUpdate']='Update magazine'; GUI['magLoadingUpdateInfo']='The magazine is updated.'; GUI['magLoadingCreate']='Create Magazine'; GUI['magLoadingCreateInfo']='The magazine is created.'; GUI['magMeldungInfo']='Thank you. We will immediately check the magazine for violations.'; GUI['magBereitsGemeldetInfo']='The magazine has already been reported. We are going to examine it.'; GUI['nichtAngemeldet']='Please log in.'; GUI['gesendetOk']='Your email has been sent. We will contact you shortly.'; GUI['gesendetNotOk']='The email could not be sent. Please contact the support.'; GUI['allgemeinerFehler']='General error'; GUI['allgemeinerFehlerNotOk']='There has been an error, please contact support.'; GUI['eingabeFehler']='Error in the input'; GUI['eingabeFehlerNotOk']='Please check your input.'; GUI['listenLeuteDieMichListen']='People who put me on a list'; GUI['listenLeuteIn']='People in'; GUI['listenKennstDuSchon']='Do you already know?'; GUI['listenKeineListen']='You have not created any list.'; GUI['bestellungErfolgreich']='Order successfully'; GUI['bestellungErfolgreichOk']='The order was successful. We will send your magazine to the specified delivery address within 3-5 days .'; GUI['bestellungFehler']='Error when ordering'; GUI['bestellungFehlerOk']='An error has occurred. Please contact the support.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerSeitenanzahl']='Can not be added'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerSeitenanzahl80Seiten']='Currently, only magazines with a maximum number of 80 pages can be printed. In the near future it will be possible to print larger magazines.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerSeitenanzahl8Seiten']='The magazine must have at least 8 pages in order to receive a print version.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerVideoOk']='The magazine contains at least one video. Please remove the video.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerBildquali']='The magazine contains images with a poor or medium image quality.
Are you sure you want to continue?'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerPrintAccess']='We\'re sorry, but the magazine is not released for printing.'; GUI['addWarenkorbPDFErrorTitle']='Warning'; GUI['addWarenkorbPDFErrorText']='The PDF document you imported did not have the optimum format. To ensure optimal printing results, the PDF needs to be created in a format of 21.6 cm x 30.3 cm to avoid (small) white unprinted edges.

Do you want to print the magazine anyway?'; GUI['addWarenkorbTextbildError']='We apologize, but unfortunately the magazine was not created with text images and therefore cannot be printed.

Update the magazine and activate the text-image function and try again.'; GUI['blockedMagReason1']='The magazine is currently being reviewed and prepared for printing. Editing is currently not possible, please try again later or contact our support.'; GUI['blockedMagReason2']='The magazine has been reported due to violations and is currently being examined by us. Editing is currently not possible, please try again later or contact our support.'; GUI['blockedMagReason3']='The magazine has been locked. Editing is currently not possible, please try again later or contact our support.'; GUI['WBBereinigt']='Your magazine was still in your shopping cart and was removed from the cart. Please add it again.'; GUI['emptyWarenkorbFehler']='Error'; GUI['emptyWarenkorbFehlerOk']='Your cart is empty, please add at least one magazine to your shopping cart.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerPremiumVorhanden']='There is already an article for a premium user in your shopping cart.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerPrintMagVorhanden']='Unfortunately a bulk order is not yet possible due to technical and logistical reasons. Currently, we have to ask you for a single order for each product and each order to be paid individually. The dispatch within Germany is free, there are no additional costs for you.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerPrice']='There has been an error, please contact our support.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerDeliverCountry']='merely one destination country of delivery can be used per order.'; GUI['snapMeine']='My Snaps'; GUI['snapAusListen']='Snaps from lists'; GUI['snapecreate']='Create a Snap'; GUI['snapWusstestDuSchon']='Did you know?'; GUI['snapWusstestDuSchonT1']='Mags ... that can also be shared on Facebook?'; GUI['snapWeitere']='More Snaps'; GUI['snapInfosBearbeiten']='Edit Snapinformationen'; GUI['snapLoeschen']='Delete'; GUI['snapDatum']='Date:'; GUI['snapBesucher']='Visitors:'; GUI['snapOrt']='Location:'; GUI['snapKommentar']='Comment:'; GUI['snapTags']='Tags that describe your MAG:'; GUI['snapNaechstes']='Next'; GUI['snapZurueck']='back'; GUI['snapSpeichern']='save'; GUI['snapGeteiltMit']='Shared with:'; GUI['snapGPS']='GPS'; GUI['snapUploadOther']='Upload another image'; GUI['ADUrl']='Web address:'; GUI['ADName']='Campaign name:'; GUI['ADAge']='Age:'; GUI['ADAgefrom']='by:'; GUI['ADAgeto']='to:'; GUI['ADPlace']='Location:'; GUI['ADCountry']='Country:'; GUI['ADAllCountry']='All countries'; GUI['ADBudget']='Budget of the campaign:'; GUI['ADTime']='Time schedule of the campaign:'; GUI['ADTimeNow']='Start to display my campaign from this day forward'; GUI['ADTimeBetween']='Show only in one period'; GUI['magTitel']='Mag'; GUI['magDiaStart']='Start Slideshow'; GUI['magDiaStop']='Stop Slideshow'; GUI['magGeteiltMit']='Shared with:'; GUI['magCategory']='Categorie:'; GUI['magZusatzInfoAN']='View additional information'; GUI['magZusatzInfoAUS']='Hide Additional Information'; GUI['magPassword']='Password (recommended):'; GUI['magOrt']='Location:'; GUI['magTags']='Tags:'; GUI['magLink']='Link to share:'; GUI['magDatum']='Date:'; GUI['magBeschreibung']='Description:'; GUI['magDrucken']='Print:'; GUI['magDruckenText']='Allow readers with whom you will share the Mag to print your Mag?'; GUI['magVerbesserungen']='Improvements:'; GUI['magVerbesserungenText']='Allow readers with whom you will share the mag to send improvements?
'; GUI['magcreate']='Create Magazine'; GUI['magDefText1']='Create your own Mags with your images, videos and texts and share them.'; GUI['magSnaphinzufuegen']='Add Snap'; GUI['magMeine']='My Magazine'; GUI['magGekaufteMagazine']='Buyed magazine'; GUI['magKreativ']='Be creative!'; GUI['magKreativText']=' Create your own Mags with your images, videos and texts and share them.'; GUI['objekteHinzufuegen']='Click here to add objects.'; GUI['magVorschlagSchicken']='Send proposal'; GUI['magAusListen']='Mags from lists'; GUI['magsWeitere']='More Mags'; GUI['magsVorschlangen']='suggest'; GUI['magVorschlagAenderungstext']='Please briefly describe the changes you have made:'; GUI['magKlickenZumSchliessen']='Click here to close'; GUI['magVorschlagAnnehmen']='Accept Proposal'; GUI['magVorschlagAblehnen']='Reject proposal'; GUI['magVorschlaege']='Mag suggestions'; GUI['magAenderungen']='Changes'; GUI['magVorschlagVon']='Proposal by:'; GUI['magFotoLoeschenHinweis']='You cannot delete the image until you have deleted it from the following magazines:'; GUI['magFotoLoeschenHinweis2']='The image is still in your current magazine. The image can only be deleted after it has been removed from all the magazines.'; GUI['magFotoLoeschen']='Delete image'; GUI['magSeiteLoeschen']='Delete page'; GUI['magErsteSeiteLoeschen']='The first page cannot be deleted.'; GUI['magLetzteSeiteLoeschen']='The last page cannot be deleted.'; GUI['magSeitehinzufuegen']='Add page'; GUI['magSeiteLetzteSeiteHinzufuegen']='You cannot add a new page on the last page . Please go back one page and try it there.'; GUI['magausallerWelt']='Public magazines from around the world'; GUI['magGesichert']='The magazine was not backed up. Do you really want to cancel the magazine creation?'; GUI['magEntwurf']='The last magazine was not backed up, do you want to restore the magazine?'; GUI['Beschnittrand']='Trim'; GUI['BeschnittrandTitel']='Trimming edge'; GUI['Hilfslinie']='Content'; GUI['HHilfslinie']='recommended position for objects which do not cover the full page.'; GUI['Gitternetzlinie']='Grid'; GUI['Textverhalten']='Text image'; GUI['VollbildAktiv']='Switch to full screen'; GUI['VollbildInaktiv']='Leave full screen'; GUI['links']='Left:'; GUI['oben']='Top:'; GUI['breite']='Width:'; GUI['hoehe']='Height:'; GUI['beschnittFrage']='Has the PDF been provided with 3 mm trimming edges around each page?'; GUI['mitbeschnitt']='PDF with trimming edge'; GUI['ohnebeschnitt']='PDF without trimming edge'; GUI['embedCode']='Embedding code'; GUI['embedCodeView1']='Embed your created magazines on your website. Copy the script below and paste it on to your HTML code:'; GUI['magEmbedDescription']='Embedding Code:'; GUI['korbPremiumBenutzer']='Premium accounts'; GUI['korbAnzahl']='Quantity:'; GUI['korbMonate']='Months'; GUI['korbMitgliedschaft']='Membership'; GUI['korbAnzahlOhne']='Quantity'; GUI['korbAnzahlDauer']='Duration'; GUI['korbSeitenAnzahl']='Pages:'; GUI['korbSeitenpreis']='Page Price:'; GUI['korbStueckpreis']='Unit price:'; GUI['korbAbopreis']='Subscription price:'; GUI['korbAboGueltigBis']='Valid until'; GUI['korbAboGueltigBisBill']='Valid until'; GUI['korbPapierAussen']='Paper (outside):'; GUI['korbPapierInnen']='Paper (inside):'; GUI['korbPapierAussenDetail']='170g / m²'; GUI['korbPapierInnenDetail']='135g / m²'; GUI['korbPrintKeineArtikel']='Get you your magazines printed cost-efficiently and let itbe sent to your home.

Billing comes in a fast, easy and secure manner with credit card, authorized automatic withdrawal (debit), Giropay (probably only in Germany), or advance payment via PayPal. A PayPal account is not imperative.

After the payment is done, your Magazine will go to press.

Currently, There are no items in your shopping cart.'; GUI['korbPremiumKeineArtikel']='Currently there is no order in your shopping cart.

Purchases a premium user account to enable ad-free magazines. In addition your storage capacity is upgraded to 2000 MB!'; GUI['korbKeineArtikelAbo']='Create your magazines without advertising. On the left you can set how long you want to create Magazines without advertising.

Billing occurs in a fast, easy and secure manner with credit card, authorized automatic withdrawal (debit), Giropay (probably only in Germany), or advance payment via PayPal. A PayPal account is not imperative.

After the payment is done, we will send your magazine within 3-5 days to the specified delivery address.

Currently, There are no items in your shopping cart.'; GUI['korbBestellungHinzufuegen']='Order a print copy'; GUI['korbBestellungDruckvorschau']='Print Preview'; GUI['korbAboHinzufuegen']='Become a premium member'; GUI['korbInWarenkorb']='Add to Cart'; GUI['korbKeineOffenenBestellungen']='Currently there are no open purchase orders.'; GUI['korbDruckauftrag']='Print job'; GUI['korbPremiumauftrag']='Premium user'; GUI['korbAufgegebenAm']='Date of order:'; GUI['korbDetails']='View Details'; GUI['korbBestellnummer']='Invoice Number:'; GUI['korbTitelblatt']='Title page'; GUI['korbName']='Product Info'; GUI['korbAbotyp']='Product'; GUI['korbEuro']=' €'; GUI['korbEuroInWords']='Euro'; GUI['korbGesamtpreis']='Net Price'; GUI['korbGesamtsumme']='Total Price:'; GUI['korbGesamt']='Net price:'; GUI['korbMwSt']='VAT:'; GUI['korbVersandkosten']='Shipping Charges:'; GUI['korbFormat']='Format'; GUI['korbPapier']='Paper Type'; GUI['korbgproQM']='g'; GUI['korbOptionen']='Options'; GUI['korbDeleteItem']='Remove'; GUI['korbInclusive']='Euro incl VAT and shipping charges'; GUI['korbLieferadresse']='Delivery Address:'; GUI['korbZahlStatus']='Payment status:'; GUI['korbLieferStatus']='Delivery status:'; GUI['korbLeistungen']='Products/ services:'; GUI['korbPapierType1']='170 g /m² (glossy)'; GUI['korbPapierType2']='250 g /m² (glossy)'; GUI['korbPapierType3']='135 g /m² (glossy)'; GUI['korbPapierType4']='170 g /m² (glossy)'; GUI['korbAGBPremium']='I have read the Terms and conditions, the data policy and the cancellation policy and I agree to them.'; GUI['korbAGBDruck']='I have read the Terms and conditions, the data policy and the cancellation policy and I agree to them.'; GUI['korbAGBDefault']='I have read the Terms and conditions, the data policy and the cancellation policy and I agree to them.'; GUI['paymentstatus1']='waiting for payment'; GUI['paymentstatus2']='paid'; GUI['paymentstatus3']='done'; GUI['paymentstatus4']='canceled'; GUI['deliverstatus1']='open'; GUI['deliverstatus2']='Sent'; GUI['deliverstatus3']='done'; GUI['deliverstatus4']='canceled'; GUI['deliverstatus5']='work in progress'; GUI['deliverstatus6']='activated'; GUI['korbDwnBill']='Open invoice'; GUI['korbPremiumText1']='Create ad-free magazines and
get double the storage capacity.'; GUI['korbPremiumText2']='- No automatic extension of the contract -'; GUI['korbPremiumText3']='Your current memory usage is:
'; GUI['korbPremiumText4']=' of'; GUI['korbPremiumText5']=' MB'; GUI['korbPremiumText6']='Upgrade'; GUI['korbPremiumText9']='

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Mag Glance-Team.'; GUI['korbPremiumText10Short']='Current memory usage:'; GUI['korbPremiumSpalte1']='Month(s)'; GUI['korbPremiumSpalte2']='One-off price'; GUI['korbPremiumSpalte3']='Advertising'; GUI['korbPremiumSpalte4']='Capacity'; GUI['korbPremiumSpalte4PDF']='Capacity'; GUI['korbPremiumSpeicher']='2000MB'; GUI['korbRechnung']='Invoice and order status'; GUI['korbRechnungText']='In the order summary you will find the invoice, status and information of your order. The invoice will be sent to you via email in addition.'; GUI['korbSumme']='Total'; GUI['korbDruck']='Print'; GUI['korbPreis']='Price'; GUI['korbVersand']='Shipping'; GUI['korbKontostand']='Your current account balance:'; GUI['korbAuszahlung']='Payment is made to:'; GUI['korbPrivatperson']='Private person'; GUI['korbKleinunternehmen']='Small Enterprise'; GUI['korbUnternehmen']='Enterprise'; GUI['korbbtnAuszahlen']='Pay off amount'; GUI['cutErrorMsg']='The template cannot be used for this image. The dimensions do not fit.'; GUI['ActionBezahltText']='Has the order been paid completely?'; GUI['ActionBezahlt']='paid'; GUI['ActionStorniertText']='Should the order be canceled completely?'; GUI['ActionStorniert']='canceled'; GUI['ActionVersendetText']='Has the order been checked and has it been shipped?'; GUI['ActionVersendet']='Sent'; GUI['ActionReklamiertText']='Is there a legitimate complaint?'; GUI['ActionReklamiert']='complained'; GUI['ActionZahlungsunfaehigText']='Is the customer unable to pay?'; GUI['ActionZahlungsunfaehig']='unable to pay'; GUI['ActionMahnung1Text']='Should the customer receive the 1st reminder?'; GUI['ActionMahnung1']='Reminder 1'; GUI['ActionMahnung2Text']='Should the customer be sent the 2nd reminder?'; GUI['ActionMahnung2']='Reminder 2'; GUI['ActionAnwaltText']='Should a lawyer be assigned to the customer?'; GUI['ActionAnwalt']='Lawyer'; GUI['DefaultTextFuerTexte1']='Pull me onto the magazine.'; GUI['DefaultTextFuerTexte2']='Double-click to edit the text. To exit the edit mode, click outside of the magazine.'; GUI['DefaultTextFuerBilder']='To replace the object, pull image from the gallery on to the box, or double-click.'; GUI['passwortresetbtn']='Recover password'; GUI['passwortresettxt1']='E-mail'; GUI['Hinweis']='Note'; GUI['Fehler']='Error'; GUI['passwortresettxtOk']='A link has been sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by you.

Please confirm this link as in the email and
then assign a new password on our page.'; GUI['askemptymagpassword']='To make the magazine available to the public, you must first remove the password'; GUI['readytologon']='Now you can login via the Login button.'; GUI['DefaultTextFuerTexteSpecial']='[enter text] x'; GUI['magtooltipvordergrund']='To the foreground'; GUI['magtooltipobjectdelete']='Deleting an Object'; GUI['magtooltipobjectsize']='Enlarge the object'; GUI['magtooltipobjectadd']='Add more objects'; GUI['magtooltipobjectrotate']='Rotate object'; GUI['magtooltipobjectchange']='Change the object'; GUI['tooltipemail']='Please enter your e-mail address'; GUI['tooltipemailorusername']='Please enter your e-mail address
or your user name'; GUI['tooltipbirthday']='Select the day'; GUI['tooltipbirthyear']='Select the year of birth'; GUI['tooltipgeschlecht']='Select your gender'; GUI['tooltipbirthdayall']='Choose a valid date of birth'; GUI['tooltipbirthdaynotvalid']='Choose a valid date of birth'; GUI['tooltipusername']='Choose a user name of your choice'; GUI['tooltippassword']='Simply enter the password with a length of
at least 6 characters'; GUI['tooltiprepassword']='Enter your password again'; GUI['tooltipoldpassword']='Enter your old password here'; GUI['ERRPASSWORTRESET']='Please request for a new password reset link under Login -> Forgot your Password?'; GUI['tooltipactuelpassword']='Enter your current password here'; GUI['tooltipagb']='Please agree on the terms and conditions (AGB), sorry it is actually in German only'; GUI['tooltipland']='Where do you live?'; GUI['tooltipmagvisiblefor']='Who can see my magazine?'; GUI['tooltipmagname']='Assign a name/title for the magazine'; GUI['tooltipmagpassword']='Your friends need to know this password
be able to access the magazine'; GUI['tooltipmagplace']='Which place have the images been taken'; GUI['tooltipmagtags']='Enter some keywords to find the magazine with search engines.'; GUI['tooltipmagdesc']='Describe your magazine for the first search engine result'; GUI['tooltipmaglink']='The link to be posted to your friends'; GUI['tooltipembedCodelink']='Code to embed the magazine in your website'; GUI['tooltipmagprint']='Should anyone be permitted to purchase the magazine from you'; GUI['tooltipmagnewpage']='Please enter the number of double pages.'; GUI['tooltipmagnewpageerr1']='Please enter whole numbers only.'; GUI['tooltipmagnewpageerr2']='A magazine can include max 40 double pages (= 80 pages) in total.'; GUI['tooltipmagkontaktname']='Please enter your full name or username.'; GUI['tooltipmagkontaktemail']='Please enter your email address so we can contact you.'; GUI['tooltipmagkontaktgrund']='Please select the reason why you want to contact us.'; GUI['tooltipmagkontaktnachricht']='Please enter your question.'; GUI['tooltipmagaddvideo']='Please enter a valid YouTube link.'; GUI['tooltipmagaddvideosize']='Please enter the size of the video.'; GUI['tooltipmagaddmusiksize']='Please enter the size of the music window.'; GUI['tooltipmagaddmusik']='Please enter the embedding code of SoundCloud.'; GUI['tooltipmagemptyfieldeerr']='Please fill in this field.'; GUI['tooltipmaglongfieldeerr']='Your input is too long.'; GUI['tooltipmagshortfieldeerr']='Your input is too short.'; GUI['tooltipmagemailerr']='Your e-mail address is not valid.'; GUI['iam']='I am ...'; GUI['monat']='Month'; GUI['tag']='Day'; GUI['jahr']='Year'; GUI['jan']='January'; GUI['feb']='February'; GUI['mar']='March'; GUI['apr']='April'; GUI['mai']='May'; GUI['jun']='June'; GUI['jul']='July'; GUI['aug']='August'; GUI['sep']='September'; GUI['okt']='October'; GUI['nov']='November'; GUI['dez']='December'; GUI['acceptTermsAndConditions']='I have read the Terms and conditions and the data policy and I agree to them.'; GUI['RegFree']='Registration is free'; GUI['nutzungsbedingungen']='Terms and Conditions'; GUI['InitWizardPDFImportInfosTitel']='Import PDF file'; GUI['InitWizardPDFImportInfos']='You may want to convert PDF files to a flip-through online magazine.
If you do not want that, you can skip this step.'; GUI['InitWizardFormatTitel']='Choose format'; GUI['InitWizardFormatText']='You can choose amongst different formats.
click on the format to select'; GUI['InitWizardFormatA4H']='A4 portrait'; GUI['InitWizardFormatA4HSize']='210 x 297 mm'; GUI['InitWizardFormatA5H']='A5 portrait'; GUI['InitWizardFormatA5HSize']='148 x 210 mm'; GUI['InitWizardMagInfos']='Please provide a description of your magazine and specify
whether you want to use it privately only, or whether you want to make it publically available.'; GUI['InitWizardVorlageneigenschaftTitel']='Define page templates'; GUI['InitWizardVorlageneigenschaft']='If you want Mr. Mag to automatically create a customized set of page templates for your magazine, please estimate the ratio between the areas for text and for images.'; GUI['InitWizardNoVorlagen']='Activate the checkbox if you do not want to use any of the templates.'; GUI['InitWizardMagErstelltTitel']='Magazine created '; GUI['InitWizardMagErstellt']='Your magazine has been created.'; GUI['InitWizardMagInProgressTitel']='Magazine is going to be generated ...'; GUI['InitWizardMagInProgress']='Mr. Mag is going to generate your magazine.
For lager magazines this may take a few minutes.'; GUI['InitWizardAnzahlSeiten']='Number of Pages:'; GUI['InitWizardRestartTitel']='Wizard'; GUI['InitWizardRestart']='Are you sure you want to delete your current magazine and you want to create a new magazine with the help of Mr. Mag?'; GUI['InitWizardMagCreatedTitel']='Magazine created'; GUI['InitWizardMagCreated']='Your magazine has been saved successfully.'; GUI['startSeiteHinzufuegenTextAuto']='Please tell Mr. Mag, how many pages
your magazine should consist of.'; GUI['startPDFImportQuest']='Mr. Mag offers the option to import a PDF file and convert it to an online magazine you can flip through through.'; GUI['startPDFImportQuestTitel']='PDF import'; GUI['openPdfMag']='This magazine was imported as a PDF. That´s why most of the functions are not available for this magazine.

If you are a Premium user, and if you subsequently want to remove ads from your magazine, please use the button in the toolbar.'; GUI['MainNextMags']='more magazines'; GUI['MagSlider1']='Tell us your story. Write on topics which always had a grip on you.'; GUI['MagSliderAlt1']='design online free of charge : magazines, eBooks, journals, exposés'; GUI['MagSliderAlt2']='make use of impressive templates or design some by yourself, magazine cover'; GUI['MagSliderAlt3']='publish magazines, exposés, ebooks, journals'; GUI['MagSliderAlt4']='print magazine, journal, exposé, eBook'; GUI['MagSliderAlt5']='iPad magazine, iPad exposé, iPad journal, iPad eBook, mobile, tablet, smartphone'; GUI['MagSliderAlt6']='travel magazine, school newspaper, fashion magazine, club journal, wedding magazine'; GUI['HintergrundHelpText']='select a color and click on the background image you want to add.'; GUI['HintergrundErr']=' Transparency cannot be applied on magazine pages.
Please selct a color.'; GUI['FotoHelpText']='Upload your images and click on the one you want to add.'; GUI['FotoHelpTextTab']='Upload your images and drag your objects in your magazine while you hold down your left mouse button.'; GUI['SeitenvorlagenHelpText']='Select a color and click on the page template you want to add.'; GUI['ZuschneidenHelpText']='Select an area you want to cut.'; GUI['InitTinyHelpText']='Enter your text and format it as you wish.'; GUI['InitAdvertHelpText']='Select at least one dummy banner and place it somewhere inside your magazine.'; GUI['InitSeitenvorlageHelpText']='To add a page template, just choose one and click on it.'; GUI['InitSeitenvorlageHelpTextTab']='Drag the page template on to your magazine while you hold down the left mouse button.'; GUI['InitVideoHelpText']='Please type in the relevant YouTube link.'; GUI['InitTextBearbeitungHelpText']='Would you like to save your text changes?'; GUI['InitFarbpaletteHelpText']='Please select a color and click on the OK button on the right.'; GUI['InitObjektStyleHelpText']='Please select a color and define the object\'s properties.'; GUI['InitPdfUploadHelpText']='Please choose a PDF in A4 format which has an even number of pages.'; GUI['InitMagazinMeldenText']='Please provide a reason and a description why you would like to give notice of this magazine.'; GUI['tooltipMeldeMagMessage']='Please provide text (max 1000 characters).'; GUI['InitMagazinMeldenPruefung']='Are you sure that you want to execute this action?'; GUI['InitCreateTemplateMag']='Select a magazine template'; GUI['InitMagazinPwdSchutz']='This magazine is password protected. Please enter the password.'; GUI['Fehler_getPwd_1']='The password you entered is not correct.'; GUI['BITTEWARTEN']='Please wait...the text will be processed.'; GUI['PAYPALCHECK']='Please wait...

transaction is checked...'; GUI['QualiGruen']='high print quality'; GUI['QualiGelb']='medium print quality'; GUI['QualiRot']='low print quality'; GUI['VollbildError']='We\'re sorry, but the full screen mode is currently not supported by your browser. We recommend to use the latest version of Firefox as a browser.'; GUI['PAYPALSUCCESS']='Payment has been successfully completed.'; GUI['PAYPALCANCELEDREVERSAL']='A reversal has been canceled. For example, you won a dispute with the customer, and the funds for the transaction that was reversed have been returned to you.'; GUI['PAYPALCREATED']='A German ELV payment is made using Express Checkout.'; GUI['PAYPALDENIED']='You denied the payment. This happens only if the payment was previously pending because of possible reasons described for the pending_reason variable or the Fraud_Management_Filters_x variable.'; GUI['PAYPALEXPIED']='This authorization has expired and cannot be captured.'; GUI['PAYPALFAILED']='The payment has failed. This happens only if the payment was made from your customer’s bank account.'; GUI['PAYPALPENDING']='The payment is pending.'; GUI['PAYPALREASON']='Reason:'; GUI['PAYPALREFUNDED']='You refunded the payment.'; GUI['PAYPALREVERSED']='A payment was reversed due to a chargeback or other type of reversal. The funds have been removed from your account balance and returned to the buyer. The reason for the reversal is specified in the ReasonCode element.'; GUI['PAYPALPROCESSED']='A payment has been accepted.'; GUI['PAYPALVOIDED']='This authorization has been voided.'; GUI['PAYPALUNDEFINED']='Status cannot be evaluated.'; GUI['MELDEMAGGRUND']='Reason:'; GUI['MELDEMAGGRUNDWAHL']='Select a Reason'; GUI['MELDEMAGBESCHREIBUNG']='Description:'; GUI['MELDEMAGTXT1']='Insulting Content'; GUI['MELDEMAGTXT2']='Copyright infringement'; GUI['MELDEMAGTXT3']='Pornographic Content'; GUI['MELDEMAGTXT4']='Racial Hate Content'; GUI['MELDEMAGTXT5']='Other violation'; GUI['Classic']='Classic'; GUI['Summery']='Summery'; GUI['Halcyon']='Halcyon'; GUI['Dulcet']='Dulcet'; GUI['Comely']='Comely'; GUI['Felicity']='Felicity'; GUI['Ausrichten']='Align'; GUI['removeAllTemps']='remove all templates'; GUI['addAllTemps']='add all template'; GUI['tempRubrik1a']='Title page'; GUI['tempRubrik1b']='Back cover'; GUI['tempRubrik2']='Internal page'; GUI['tempRubrik3']='Back cover'; GUI['tempDefText']='Select a template and click on a page template to add it.'; GUI['tempChoosen']='Selected page templates:'; GUI['temp']='Template:'; GUI['advBanner']='
Include at least one
banner ad in your magazine.'; GUI['advPrem']='
Create ad free magazines
and benefit from further services.'; GUI['advman']='Manually'; GUI['advPremiumAcc']='premium account'; GUI['advertPremiumHint3']='Your magazine has not been saved as yet. Please include either a banner ad or obtain a premium account and then save your magazine again.'; GUI['SellOptionTXT10']='Seller\'s options printed magazine'; GUI['SellOptionTXT12']='Would you like to sell your magazine as an eMagazine?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT13']='Seller\'s options eMagazine'; GUI['SellOptionTXT14']='What is the price for your eMagazine?'; GUI['SellOptionSaved']='Your changes have been saved successfully.'; GUI['SellOptionTXT0']='Which background color should be applied for this view?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT01']='color'; GUI['SellOptionTXT1']='Should the view display a share button?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT15']='Should the view contain a user counter? '; GUI['SellOptionTXTPre']='Settings of Publisher-Pro:'; GUI['globalBuyEmag']='eMagazin'; GUI['chooseProduct']='Select product type'; GUI['globalDruckMag']='printed magazine'; GUI['eMagWbTitel']='Buy magazine'; GUI['eMagWbName']='Name'; GUI['eMagWbBeschreibung']='Description'; GUI['eMagWbAnzahlSeiten']='Pages'; GUI['eMagWbFormat']='Format'; GUI['eMagWbAnzahl']='Quantity'; GUI['eMagWbFormatText']='eMag'; GUI['warebkorbWerbung']='Ad free magazine'; GUI['warebkorbWerbungReader']='Ad free reader'; GUI['warebkorbPrintDiscount']='discount for print'; GUI['warebkorbSalesDiscount']='Royalty'; GUI['warebkorbPDFExport']='PDF export'; GUI['warebkorbCustomizing']='adaptation of the reader'; GUI['warebkorbMagVerkauf']='Magazine sales'; GUI['warebkorbMagVerkaufstat']='Sales statistics'; GUI['warebkorbPremiumtyp']='Premium type'; GUI['korbPremiumText8a']='the option of ad free magazines and '; GUI['errDecimal1']='The retail price must be at least 0.99 Euro.'; GUI['errDecimal2']='The retail price must not exceed 100 Euro.'; GUI['errDecimal3']='Please provide a figure with max 2 fractional digits (e.g. 3.99). The value will be reset to 1.99 '; GUI['globalMagKopieren']='Copy'; GUI['magSuccCopied']='Your magazine has been copied successfully.'; GUI['magErrKapa']='You are short of storage. Buy a premium account or delete some older images or Magazines.'; GUI['globalMyBuyedMag']='purchased magazines'; GUI['SellOptionTXT3']='Should the magazine be published on the welcome page?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT4']='Should the magazine be easy to find by search engines?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT5']='Should the embedding code be visible for other people?'; GUI['SellOptionTXT6']='Should the magazine link be visible for other people?'; GUI['startMagKopieren']='copy magazine'; GUI['startMagKopierenText']='Are you sure you want to copy the magazine?'; GUI['globalEmagagazin']='eMagazine'; GUI['globalDruckmagazin']='printed magazine'; GUI['SellOptionPausieren']='pause'; GUI['SellOptionTXT9']='How much should your surcharge be for the print copy?'; GUI['SellOptionSavedErr']='The magazine cannot be sold as a print copy, as the number of paged is not dividable by 4 or a video is included or the magazine is password protected or the magazine has less than 8 pages or more than 80 pages.'; GUI['startBestellungErfolgreichEmag']='Your order was successful. The invoice has been sent to you by email. You can also view your invoice in your order listing.

Your eMagazine is now also visible in your internal profile in the magazine overview.'; GUI['altMagEinstellungen']='change magazine settings'; GUI['altMagKopieren']='copy magazine'; GUI['loginTxt']='Please enter your account data.'; GUI['statProdType']='Product'; GUI['sellEmagTitel1']='Anywhere and anytime'; GUI['sellEmag1Text']='You can access your eMagazines at anytime. Read your eMagazines all over the world.'; GUI['sellEmagTitel2']='mobile enabled'; GUI['sellEmag2Text']='Simply view your eMagazine on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.'; GUI['sellEmagTitel3']='Your kiosk or newsstandpocket in your pocket'; GUI['sellEmag3Text']='It does not matter whether 1,10 or 100 eMagazines – they fit in any pocket.'; GUI['sellEmagTitel4']='Easy payment'; GUI['sellEmagTitel4Text']='The accounting is done quickly, easily and securely per invoice or via PayPal.'; GUI['aboTitel1']='Publisher'; GUI['aboTitel1Text']='Ideal for new users who prefer ad-free magazines and require more storage capacity. The royalty share is 67%.

additional infos

'; GUI['aboTitel2']='PublisherPro'; GUI['aboTitel2Text']='If the MagGlance-READER should also be ad-free and if be individualized then this type of account is the right choice. In addition there is an discount of 2 % on print prices. The royalty share goes up to 73%.

additional infos

'; GUI['aboTitel3']='Seller'; GUI['aboTitel3Text']='Your storage is full? Extend your storage capacity to enable to upload more images'; GUI['aboTitel4']='SellerPro'; GUI['aboTitel4Text']='The membership will not be extended automatically. You will not have to bother with writing notices.'; GUI['aboTitel2a']='Easy payment'; GUI['aboTitel2aText']=' The accounting is done quickly, easily and securely by advance payment per invoice or via PayPal..'; GUI['magDefTextBuyedMags']='You have not bought any eMagazines, as yet.'; GUI['defTextPremiumAufforderung']='As you do not have a Premium account a dummy banner-ad has been placed on the last page of your magazine automatically. You may place the banner ad by yourself.

If you want to create ad-free magazines and if you want to benefit additionally, you may buy a Premium account.'; GUI['defTextPremiumAufforderung1']='To activate the sales options you have to buy Premium-Plus account.'; GUI['setSellPrintMagErrPwd']='Magazines protected by a password cannot be offered for sale. Please remove the password protection to enable sales.'; GUI['setSellPrintMagErrPwd1']='The magazine contains at least one video. Please remove the video to enable the magazine to be sold as a print edition.'; GUI['setSellPrintMagErrPwd2']='The magazine cannot be sold as an eMagazine, because it is password protected. Please remove the password protection to enable the magazine to be sold.'; GUI['setSellPrintMagErr3']='To be able to sell magazines the sales profile data have to be entered under settings. The changes have not been saved.'; GUI['defTextVerkaushinweis']='After you have set your magazine for sale, you cannot change it anymore. If you want to use it for further versions you should generate a copy.'; GUI['VerkaueferInfo']='Information on the seller and on pay-offs'; GUI['UStID']='VAT-ID'; GUI['firma']='Company:'; GUI['valUstidErr']='The VAT-ID is not valid.'; GUI['valSellerType']='Please select the respective legal form.'; GUI['valIBANErr']='The IBAN is not valid.'; GUI['valIBAN']='Please enter the valid IBAN.'; GUI['valBICErr']='The BIC is not valid.'; GUI['valBIC']='Please enter the valid BIC.'; GUI['valSellerTypeErr']='Wrong value of the seller type.'; GUI['valFirmaSType']='Please enter your company name.'; GUI['valUstidSType']='Please enter the valid VAT-ID.'; GUI['auszahlungAn']='Payment-out to'; GUI['kalkEmagMwst']='incl. VAT in case the seller has an VAT-certificate'; GUI['BillGebuehren']='expenses'; GUI['sellerUstidBefreit']='Seller is exempted from VAT in Germany'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwStPreis']='Price incl. 19% VAT'; GUI['kalkinklusiveMwStVersandPreis']='incl. 19% VAT and shipping'; GUI['sellerUstidBefreitDruck']='incl. shipping - seller is exempted from VAT.'; GUI['hinweisLivelinkAenderung']='Please note that the magazine link and the embedded code will change when altering the status from public to private.'; GUI['agbCheck']='Please confirm the Terms and Conditions.'; GUI['defTextTransactions']='No transactions have been ordered.'; GUI['transactionsTitel']='Detailed view of last transactions'; GUI['statTransactionNr']='Tranaction number'; GUI['statTransactionHist']='Transaction history'; GUI['statGutschrift']='Credits'; GUI['statGutschriftOeffnen']='Open credits'; GUI['Seller']='Verkäufer'; GUI['billSellerUstidBefreit1']='(VAT tax exempted)*'; GUI['billSellerUstidBefreit2']='(VAT tax exempted)**'; GUI['billVerkauferHinweis']='Mag Glance will only invoice in the name of the seller. The seller has the sole responsibility for the content.'; GUI['PrivatpersonMwStHinweis']='Seller is aprivate person: and exempted from VAT.'; GUI['KleinunternehmerMwStHinweis']='Seller is a small business: and is exempted from VAT.'; GUI['PrivatpersonMwStHinweisBill']='Seller is a private person: and exempted from VAT.'; GUI['KleinunternehmerMwStHinweisBill']='Seller is a small business: and is exempted from VAT.'; GUI['UnternehmenMwStHinweis']='Seller is abusiness: 19% VAT is applied.'; GUI['GewinnKalkulatorDruck']='Profit calculator for printed magazines'; GUI['GewinnKalkulatorEmag']='Profit calculator for eMagazines'; GUI['GewinnKalkEinkaufspreis']='Printing costs: '; GUI['GewinnKalkVerkaufspreis']='Sales price'; GUI['GewinnKalkGewinn']='Your profit: '; GUI['GewinnKalkZuschlag']='Fee*:'; GUI['GewinnKalkZuschlagEmag']='Fee:'; GUI['GewinnKalkBearbeitungskosten']='Handling charges:'; GUI['GewinnKalkulator']='Profit calculator'; GUI['GewinnKalkAnzahlVerkauefeEmag']='Number of sellers: '; GUI['GewinnKalkInfoText']='Check here to see how much profit can be made when someone sells your printed edition.'; GUI['GewinnKalkInfoTextEmag']='Check here to see how much profit can be made when someone buys your eMagazin'; GUI['GewinnKalkHinweis']='*Your additional charge does not concern the shipping costs.'; GUI['globalInklusive']='incl. '; GUI['globalMwStProzent']=' % VAT.'; GUI['globalUndVersand']=' and shipping'; GUI['globalCheckSellerData']='Check seller information'; GUI['HBildQualiFormat']='Notice settings for images and quality for print.'; GUI['BildQualiFormat']='Image quality'; GUI['globalSpeicherverbrauch']='storage usage: '; GUI['globalVon']='of'; GUI['globalMB']='MB'; GUI['globalEnable']='unlock'; GUI['globalEnablePackage']='unlock package'; GUI['korbPremiumText7a']='Thank you for choosing '; GUI['korbPremiumText7b']=' .

You still have till '; GUI['korbPremiumText8b']=' profit from MB storage capacity.

Your storage capacity is:
'; GUI['korbPremiumText8c']=' profit from MB storage capacity.

Furthermore you have the option sell your magazine.

Your storage usage is:
'; GUI['startMagDeleteDraft']='Are you sure you want to leave the editing mode? All changes will be lost.'; GUI['startMagDeleteDraftTitle']='Exit editing'; GUI['toolbarPreText']='Undo last action. This is not valid for adding pages or . Max 10 steps backwards.'; GUI['toolbarPre']='back'; GUI['toolbarNext']='forward'; GUI['toolbarLink']='Link'; GUI['toolbarNextText']='redo action. This is not valid for adding pages. Max 10 steps forward.'; GUI['ausschnittMuster']='Extract of example:'; GUI['shipForeignCountry']='Shipping to other countries'; GUI['shipForeignCountryText']='We do ship to other countries. We have not decided on pricing yet. Please contact us under for an individual offer.'; GUI['SHOWQRCODE']='QR-Code'; GUI['HSHOWQRCODE']='Show-/Hide the QR-Codes in the magazine'; GUI['TITLEINITCREATEPACKAGE']='Magazine Package'; GUI['checkSellerProfileChange']='You´re order is not yet complete or your credit has not yet been paid. You can only change your selling settings afeter all transactions have been completed and you have been paid your credits. '; GUI['kfemail']='Email adress:'; GUI['tooltipKontaktMessageNoMail']='Please insert your email adress'; GUI['addObjectToPackage']='Add object'; GUI['publicPackage']='release package'; GUI['addMoreObjects']='add more objects'; GUI['createPackageInfo']='Objects can only be saved in packages. Please first create a package and let us know who can see your package.'; GUI['addObjToPackageInfo']='Describe your object and add it to a package'; GUI['packageSettings']='>Package settings'; GUI['packageOverview']='Package overvieew'; GUI['createPackage']='Package information'; GUI['addObjToPackage']='Add object to package'; GUI['createPackageErr1']='Youb have not created a package. Please create a package and save it.'; GUI['createPackageErr2']='You have not added an object to your package. Please assign a page template to your package.'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEPAGETITLE']='Page limitation'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEPAGEHLP']='This function dissallow other users from changing your saved templates.
No objects can be added or deleted. Ad banners are possible though.'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEPAGEHLP1']='Lock page'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEOBJTITLE']='Object restriction'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEOBJHLP']='This function dissallow other users from changing or moving your saved templates'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEOBJHLP1']='Lock object changes'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATEOBJHLP2']='Lock object position'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATETXT1']='Page is locked'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATETXT1INFO']='This page has been locked by its creator. You´re not allowed to change this page.

Woul you like to delete this page template??'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATETXT1INFOOWNER']='This page has been locked by you.

Would you like to raise this restriction?'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATETXT2']='Changes locked'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATETXT3']='Position locked'; GUI['LOCKTEMPLATETXT4']='Text lockedt'; GUI['TEXTTYPETXT1']='Standard'; GUI['TEXTTYPETXT2']='Header/Footer'; GUI['TEXTTYPETXTWARN']='The Header or Footer can not be added withthissetting
"Exception title or back page.'; GUI['FOOTERTXT']='Außer Titel-/Rückseite'; GUI['errMsgFooter']='If you want to save a page template, no Footers or Header texts are allowed in this template. Please delete these objects and save this template again.'; GUI['errMsgTextbilder']='Before you can save a page template you need to save the text as an image. Save your magazine to genrate the text images and try again.'; GUI['errMsgPackageNameEmpty']='Please define a package name.'; GUI['errMsgPackageNameTooLong']='Tha package name can be up to 20 characters long.'; GUI['confirmRule1']='My page template does not contain any images of identifiable persons without any kind of clearance.'; GUI['confirmRule2']='I am the author of this template and own all rights of the included images or have aquired the rights of all displayed images and objects to be used for this matter.'; GUI['confirmRule3']='My page template does not contain logo´s or elements which are under copyright by others.'; GUI['confirmRule4']='The contents of my page template comply to the terms and conditions ofMag Glance.'; GUI['confirmRules']='You must accept all terms and conditions before you save your page template.'; GUI['packageEmpty']='You must create a package before you save your page template.'; GUI['requestOfferSend']='Thank you for your request. We will check your request and inform you as soon as possible about an offer. Please also check your email spam directory within the next days .'; GUI['profilLogo']='Your profile image'; GUI['profilLogoTXT1']='This image will be shown in read-mode of your magazines.'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTITLE']='Request offer'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT1']='We haven\'t calculated prices for this format yet. With pleasure we will generate an offer for you. Just complete the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible.'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT2']='Livelink:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT3']='Email:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT4']='Quantity:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT5']='Page quantity:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT6']='Data format:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT7']='Trimmed size:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT8']='Paper type:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT9']='Staple:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT10']='Shipping country:'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT11']='Shipping type'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT12']='Text area'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT13']='Request offer'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT14']='normal'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT15']='quickly'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT16']='lightning'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT17']='Standard shipping'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT18']='Inner part (glossy)'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT19']='Inner part (matt)'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT20']='cover (glossy)'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT21']='cover (matt)'; GUI['REQUESTOFFERTXT22']='Saddle stich'; GUI['SAVEUPLOADFILETXT1']='Your storage capacity of'; GUI['SAVEUPLOADFILETXT2']='MB is exceeded about'; GUI['SAVEUPLOADFILETXT3']='MB. Please delete some images or purchase a premium-account and benefit of more advantages.'; GUI['PCKSETTINGS']='Package settings'; GUI['PCKSETTINGSSELLER']='Seller settings'; GUI['PCKCONT']='Package content'; GUI['PCKADDTEMP']='Add page template'; GUI['PCKCHANGETEMP']='Change page template'; GUI['CHOOSEPCK']='Choose package'; GUI['NEWPCK']='create new package'; GUI['PCKNAME']='Package name'; GUI['PCKSHARED']='Shared with'; GUI['PCKOWNER']='Owner'; GUI['PCKCODE']='Package code'; GUI['PCKDESC']='Description'; GUI['PCKTAGS']='Tags'; GUI['SELLPCK']='Sell package?'; GUI['PCKLICENCE']='License'; GUI['PCKSTANDARD']='Standard'; GUI['PCKEXKLUSIVE']='Exklusive'; GUI['PCKSELLPRICE']='Selling price'; GUI['GLOBAL_CALCULATOR']='Benefit calculator'; GUI['GLOBAL_CATEGORY']='Category'; GUI['NEWPCK1']='Create package'; GUI['LASTCHANGE']='last change'; GUI['PCKNOTICE1']='You haven\'t created a package yet. Click here to create anew package.'; GUI['PCKNOTICE2']='Please choose a package or create a new package'; GUI['PCKNOTICE3']='Positioning
to the beginning:'; GUI['PCKNOTICE4']='You haven\'t add any page template to this package.'; GUI['PCKNOTICE5']='Click on a page template to edit.'; GUI['PCKOBJNAME']='Object name'; GUI['PCKPAGEFORMAT']='Page format'; GUI['PCKPAGETYPE']='Page typ'; GUI['PCKINNENSEITE']='Internal page'; GUI['PCKTITELSEITE']='Cover page'; GUI['PCKRUECKSEITE']='Back cover'; GUI['ENABLENEWPCK']='enable new package'; GUI['PCKINFO']='Package info'; GUI['DELPCK']='Delete package'; GUI['DISCOUNTText']='You save'; GUI['NOPCKCREATED']='No packages were created.'; GUI['kalkVersandArtErr']='Please choose another shipping type.'; GUI['tooltipmagcategory']='Please choose a category.'; GUI['tbarHyperlink']='Hyperlink'; GUI['InitHyperlinkHelpText']='Please enter a valid hyperlink.'; GUI['startHyperlinkHinzufuegen']='Add hyperlink to object'; GUI['startHyperlinkHinzufuegenERR']='The hyperlink must start with http:// or https://'; GUI['startHyperlinkHinzufuegenDEL']='The hyperlink was removed.'; GUI['ALBUMNEWFOLDER']='New album'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERTXT1']='Please enter a name for the image album:'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERERR1']='It is not possible to change the name of the image album, because it is a system album.'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERERR2']='It is not possible to delete this image album, because it is a system album.'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERERR3']='It was not possible to save this image album.'; GUI['ALBUMRENAMEFOLDER']='Edit album'; GUI['ALBUMDELETEFOLDER']='Delete album'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERDELTXT1']='Do you want to delete the selected images?'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERDELTXT2']='?

Your images will be move to the main folder "My images".'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERMOVETXT1']='Do you want to move the selected images on to the folder'; GUI['ALBUMFOLDERMOVETXT2']='?'; GUI['tbarAuswahl']='Draw'; GUI['tbarObjAuswahl']='Draw'; GUI['HSelectObj']='Draw an area within the magazine to add objects.'; GUI['tbarSelectOjectsAll']='Select all objects'; GUI['tbarSelectAction']='Choose action'; GUI['tbarSelectDelete']='delete'; GUI['tbarSelectMove']='move'; GUI['SearchTextERR1']='Please enter minimum 3 characters.'; GUI['SearchTextHLP1']='Search (minimum 3 characters)'; GUI['FOLLOWEXTERNLINK']='Are you sure to open this page?'; GUI['FOLLOWEXTERNLINKHLP1']='(Please click on the link)'; GUI['startMagazinInfoShareTXT1']='Share the magazine on Facebook'; GUI['startMagazinInfoShareTXT2']='Share the magazine on Twitter'; GUI['startMagazinInfoShareTXT3']='Share the magazine on Google Plus'; GUI['UNKNOWNERR1']='An error occurred. Please contact the support.'; GUI['copyBillAdress']='Transfer billing address'; GUI['newsletter']='Subscribe newsletter'; GUI['newsletter1']='Newsletter'; GUI['blockSellMsg']='The purchase of magazines is actually activated for persons from Germany only.'; GUI['Schriftart']='Font'; GUI['schriftGroesse']='Font size'; GUI['textart']='Font type: '; GUI['textvorlage']='Text template: '; GUI['fontLoader']='Font Loader'; GUI['addDeleteFont']='Add/ remove font'; GUI['fontLoaderPrevText']='This is the default text. You can change it.'; GUI['fontLoaderAllFonts']='All fonts'; GUI['fontLoaderMyFonts']='My fonts'; GUI['fontLoaderSearch']='Search: '; GUI['fontLoaderText']='Text: '; GUI['fontLoaderTextSize']='Font size: '; GUI['fontLoaderSort']='Sorting: '; GUI['fontLoaderPopular']='Popularity'; GUI['fontLoaderAlpha']='Alphabetical'; GUI['fontLoaderAddFont']='Add'; GUI['fontLoaderDelFont']='Remove'; GUI['fontLoaderDefTextAllFont']='The search was not successful. No fonts founded.'; GUI['fontLoaderDefTextMyFont']='You haven\'t added any fonts to your list.'; GUI['valEmailNotFoundProvider']='The email is not available.
Please check your input.'; GUI['globalTags']='Tags'; GUI['globalFullScreen']='Full screen'; GUI['globalFarbe']='Color'; GUI['globalChooseColor']='Choose color'; GUI['globalFett']='Bold'; GUI['globalNoMagsCreated']='No documents created until now.'; GUI['globalYoutubeLink']='Youtube-Link'; GUI['enterPackageCode']='Please enter your package code'; GUI['magazinePage']='Magazine page'; GUI['linkExample']='Example:'; GUI['globalHyperlink']='Hyperlink'; GUI['slider1Title']='Create fast and easily
online-Magazine.'; GUI['slider1BulletPoint1']='- free of charge'; GUI['slider1BulletPoint2']='- Online-Design-Software'; GUI['slider1BulletPoint3']='- PDF-Importer'; GUI['slider2Title']='Publish your document on
all standard equipments.'; GUI['slider2BulletPoint1']='- privat/public sharing '; GUI['slider2BulletPoint2']='- Password protection'; GUI['slider2BulletPoint3']='- Search engine friendly'; GUI['slider3Title']='Print your magazines
online in a professional way.'; GUI['slider3BulletPoint1']='- Print from 1 copy'; GUI['slider3BulletPoint2']='- Express deliveries'; GUI['slider3BulletPoint3']='- Print preview'; GUI['slider4Title']='Earn money by
selling your magazine.'; GUI['slider4BulletPoint1']='- Selling plattform'; GUI['slider4BulletPoint2']='- Define prices by yourself'; GUI['slider4BulletPoint3']='- Sales overview'; GUI['mainErstellen']='Create'; GUI['mainPublizieren']='Publish'; GUI['mainDrucken']='Print'; GUI['mainVerkaufen']='Sell'; GUI['mainSummaryDe']='Mag Glance offers a plattform to create and publish your magazines, exposés and catalogs.
Impress your readers with our new publishing solution
and earn money by selling your magazines.'; GUI['mainSummaryRest']='Mag Glance offers a plattform to create and publish your magazines, exposés and catalogs.
Impress your readers with our new publishing solution
and extend your readership.'; GUI['ALLCATS']='All categories'; GUI['CAT1']='Film and TV'; GUI['CAT2']='Art'; GUI['CAT3']='Fashion'; GUI['CAT4']='Food and drinks'; GUI['CAT5']='Travel'; GUI['CAT6']='Technology'; GUI['CAT7']='Poetry'; GUI['CAT8']='Society and people'; GUI['CAT9']='Living'; GUI['CAT10']='Youth'; GUI['CAT11']='Music'; GUI['CAT12']='Sport'; GUI['CAT13']='Health'; GUI['CAT14']='Other'; GUI['VersandartText2']='Contact us for the expected delivery date. Large offers or shipping in countries outside of Germany can deviate from the upper delivery duration.'; GUI['titleShowStartseite']='Only activated for public magazines.'; GUI['passwortresettxtErr']='The email does not exist in our system
Please check your input or contact the support.'; GUI['globalWarenkorb']='Shopping cart'; GUI['DEF']='Choose your country'; GUI['BE']='Belgium'; GUI['BG']='Bulgaria'; GUI['DK']='Denmark (without faroese island and Greenland)'; GUI['DE']='Germany'; GUI['EE']='Estonia'; GUI['FI']='Finland'; GUI['FR']='France'; GUI['GR']='Greece'; GUI['GB']='Great Britian mainland'; GUI['IE']='Ireland'; GUI['IT']='Italy'; GUI['LV']='Latvia'; GUI['LU']='Luxembourg'; GUI['NL']='Netherland'; GUI['AT']='Austria'; GUI['PL']='Poland'; GUI['PT']='Portugal'; GUI['RO']='Romania'; GUI['SE']='Sweden'; GUI['SI']='Slovenia'; GUI['ES']='Spain'; GUI['CZ']='Czech Republic'; GUI['HU']='Hungary'; GUI['BZA_200']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist gültig.'; GUI['BZA_201']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_202']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie ist nicht in der Unternehmerdatei des betreffenden EU-Mitgliedstaates registriert. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.
Ihr Geschäftspartner kann seine gültige USt-IdNr. bei der für ihn zuständigen Finanzbehörde in Erfahrung bringen. Möglicherweise muss er einen Antrag stellen, damit seine USt-IdNr. in die Datenbank aufgenommen wird.'; GUI['BZA_203']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie ist derzeit noch nicht gültig. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_204']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie ist nicht mehr gültig. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_205']='Ihre Anfrage kann derzeit durch den angefragten EU-Mitgliedstaat oder aus anderen Gründen nicht beantwortet werden. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. Bei wiederholten Problemen wenden Sie sich bitte an das Bundeszentralamt für Steuern - Dienstsitz Saarlouis.'; GUI['BZA_207']='Ihnen wurde die deutsche USt-IdNr. ausschliesslich zu Zwecken der Besteuerung des innergemeinschaftlichen Erwerbs erteilt. Sie sind somit nicht berechtigt, Bestätigungsanfragen zu stellen.'; GUI['BZA_208']='Für die von Ihnen angefragte USt-IdNr. läuft gerade eine Anfrage von einem anderen Nutzer. Eine Bearbeitung ist daher nicht möglich. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.'; GUI['BZA_209']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie entspricht nicht dem Aufbau der für diesen EU-Mitgliedstaat gilt. ( Aufbau der USt-IdNr. aller EU-Länder)'; GUI['BZA_210']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie entspricht nicht den Prüfziffernregeln die für diesen EU-Mitgliedstaat gelten. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_211']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie enthält unzulässige Zeichen (wie z.B. Leerzeichen oder Punkt oder Bindestrich usw.). Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_212']='Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Sie enthält ein unzulässiges Länderkennzeichen. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_213']='Die Abfrage einer deutschen USt-IdNr. ist nicht möglich. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_216']='Ihre Anfrage enthält nicht alle notwendigen Angaben für eine qualifizierte Bestätigungsanfrage (die ausl. USt-IdNr., Firmenname einschl. Rechtsform und Ort).
Es wurde eine einfache Bestätigungsanfrage durchgeführt mit folgenden Ergebnis:
Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist gültig.'; GUI['BZA_217']='Bei der Verarbeitung der Daten aus dem angefragten EU-Mitgliedstaat ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Ihre Anfrage kann deshalb nicht bearbeitet werden. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_218']='Eine qualifizierte Bestätigung ist zur Zeit nicht möglich. Es wurde eine einfache Bestätigungsanfrage mit folgendem Ergebnis durchgeführt:
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Die angefragte USt-IdNr. ist gültig. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_221']='Die Anfragedaten enthalten nicht alle notwendigen Parameter oder einen ungültigen Datentyp. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie bei den Hinweisen zum Schnittstelle - Aufruf.'; GUI['BZA_999']='Eine Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfrage ist zurzeit nicht möglich. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.'; GUI['BZA_xxx']='Eine unerwartete Fehlermeldung ist aufgetreten, bitte wenden Sie sich an den Support'; GUI['BZA_300']='Der Firmennamen stimmt nicht mit den hinterlegten Daten überein. Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Angaben. Falls Sie sich nicht sicher sind, haben Sie die Möglichkeit die Daten bei Ihrer zuständigen Behörde zu erfragen. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_301']='Die Stadt stimmt nicht mit den hinterlegten Daten überein. Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Angaben. Falls Sie sich nicht sicher sind, haben Sie die Möglichkeit die Daten bei Ihrer zuständigen Behörde zu erfragen. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_302']='Die Postleitzahl stimmt nicht mit den hinterlegten Daten überein. Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Angaben. Falls Sie sich nicht sicher sind, haben Sie die Möglichkeit die Daten bei Ihrer zuständigen Behörde zu erfragen. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_303']='Die Strasse bzw. Hausnummer stimmt nicht mit den hinterlegten Daten überein. Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Angaben. Falls Sie sich nicht sicher sind, haben Sie die Möglichkeit die Daten bei Ihrer zuständigen Behörde zu erfragen. Bitte korrigieren Sie die Eingabe oder lassen Sie das für die Umsatzsteuer Feld leer - die Abrechnung erfolgt dann inklusive Umsatzsteuer.'; GUI['BZA_206']='Ihre deutsche USt-IdNr. ist ungültig. Eine Bestätigungsanfrage ist daher nicht möglich. Den Grund hierfür können Sie beim Bundeszentralamt für Steuern - Dienstsitz Saarlouis - erfragen.'; GUI['BZA_214']='Ihre deutsche USt-IdNr. ist fehlerhaft. Sie beginnt mit \'DE\' gefolgt von 9 Ziffern.'; GUI['BZA_215']='Ihre Anfrage enthält nicht alle notwendigen Angaben für eine einfache Bestätigungsanfrage (Ihre deutsche USt-IdNr. und die ausl. USt-IdNr.). Ihre Anfrage kann deshalb nicht bearbeitet werden.'; GUI['BZA_220']='Bei der Anforderung der amtlichen Bestätigungsmitteilung ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Sie werden kein Schreiben erhalten.'; GUI['screen']='Screen'; GUI['object']='Object'; GUI['FolderCreated']='The image album was successfully created.'; GUI['FolderChanged']='The image album was successfully renamed.'; GUI['FolderDeleted']='The image album was successfully deleted.'; GUI['emptyimagesDefText']='You haven\'t uploaded any images until now.'; GUI['packageNotExist']='The entered package code does not exist.'; GUI['packageDeleted']='The package was successfully deleted.'; GUI['packageNotDeleted']='It was not possible to delete the package - please contact the support.'; GUI['packageCreatedSucc']='The package was successfully created. The package code is: '; GUI['packageCreatedFailed']='It was not possible to create the package - please contact the support.'; GUI['copyWholePage']='copy whole page:'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT1']='The PDF document must have the following characteristics:'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT2']='DIN A4 format'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT3']='Sequential pages; no double pages'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT4']='Fonts must be included'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT5']='even page numbers, minimum 2 pages'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT7']='Online-Version: 3 mm trimming edge to every corner'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT8']='Print-Version: 3 mm trimming edge to every corner'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT9']='30,3 cm for online- and print version (recommended)'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT10']='Minimum with for every page:'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT11']='21 cm only online version'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT12']='21,6 cm for online- and print version (recommended)'; GUI['GUIPDFIMPORT13']='Click on the button to import a PDF document.:'; GUI['tbarSavePage']='Save page template'; GUI['tbarAdd']='Add'; GUI['tbarPageRestriction']='Restrict page access'; GUI['tbarObjectRestriction']='Restrict object access'; GUI['BillGlobalNetto']='Net'; GUI['BillGlobalBrutto']='Price incl. tax'; GUI['startHyperlinkHinzufuegenDELBOX']='Remove hyperlink'; GUI['ImportPDFERR1']='It was not possible to import the PDF document. The PDF must have more than one page'; GUI['tbarOption']='Option'; GUI['CATBUSINESS']='Business'; GUI['CATFASHION']='Fashion'; GUI['CATGESUNDHEIT']='Health'; GUI['CATLIFESTYLE']='Lifestyle'; GUI['CATMUSIK']='Music'; GUI['CATNEWS']='News'; GUI['CATPEOPLE']='People'; GUI['CATREISEN']='Travelling'; GUI['CATSPORT']='Sport'; GUI['CATTRENDS']='Products'; GUI['CATVERANSTALTUNGEN']='Events'; GUI['CATSONSTIGES"']='other'; GUI['PUBLICPAGETEMPS']='Public page templates'; GUI['PRIVATEPAGETEMPS']='My page templates'; GUI['wizzardErrorPages']='The quantity of the templates must be divisible by 2 and the total number of templates must be greater then 2.'; GUI['addWarenkorbFehlerSeitenanzahlOk']='It is not possible to print the magazine, because the total number of page is not divisible by 4.

Please add or remove a double page.'; GUI['globalVorschau']='Preview'; GUI['emailTextBill']=',

Thank you for your order. You will find the order and invoice information enclosed.

With Best Regards,
Your Mag Glance Team

'; GUI['WIZZARDPDFIMPORTINFO']='Your PDF was successfully uploaded. The document will generate now. This process can take some minutes.
'; GUI['QualityPrint']='g printed on both sides'; GUI['subLink_MagsErstellen']='Create document'; GUI['startInitMag']='The document is being initialized. Please wait.'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart']='How would you like to create your document?'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart1']='Create your document by your-self'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart2']='Create your own document with our easy to use layout tool. Upload your own images and lay down your text. A choice of typical magazine templates will support you.'; GUI['InitWizardErstellungsart5']='In case you already have a PDF version with an even number of pages, you can easily transform it on to a flip-through online magazine by Mag Glance, in a minute.'; GUI['startMagazinInfoTxt2']='Document name:'; GUI['startMagazinInfo']='Document information'; GUI['startMagazinInfoSave']='Your document has been saved successfully.'; GUI['magName']='Document name:'; GUI['InitWizardMagInfosTitel']='Document information'; GUI['printTitel1']='High-quality print'; GUI['printTitel1Text']='You get the highest standard of print culture with one goal - to produce high-quality print products.'; GUI['printMainTitel1']='Professionally print products for a budget price!'; GUI['genrateText1']='

Yet to be created text: '; GUI['DocType']='Document type: '; GUI['InitWizardMagInfosTitelTemp']='Document templates'; GUI['createDocumentWithTemp']='Create document with template'; GUI['createDocumentWithoutTemp']='Empty document'; GUI['Product']='Product'; GUI['ProductMagazin']='Magazine'; GUI['ProductFlyer']='Flyer'; GUI['didYouKnow_1']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_2']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_3']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_4']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_5']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_6']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_7']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_8']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_9']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_10']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_11']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_12']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_13']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_14']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_15']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_16']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_17']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_18']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_19']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_20']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_21']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_22']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_23']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_24']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_25']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_26']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_27']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_28']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_29']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_30']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_31']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_32']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_33']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_34']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_35']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_36']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_37']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_38']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_39']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_40']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_41']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_42']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_43']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_44']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_45']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_46']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_47']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_48']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_49']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_50']=' '; GUI['didYouKnow_51']=' '; GUI['ERRSESSIONCOOKIE']='Your browser does not support cookies or your cookies are deactivated. Please activate them to continue.'; GUI['tbarZeichnen']='Draw'; GUI['tbarObjZeichnen']='Draw forms'; GUI['HZeichnenObj']='Zeichnen Sie Linen, Kreise oder Rechtecke.'; GUI['tbarLine']='Linie'; GUI['tbarObjLine']='Linie hinzufügen'; GUI['HLineObj']='Zeichnen Sie eine Line.'; GUI['tbarKreis']='Kreis'; GUI['tbarObjKreis']='Kreis hinzufügen'; GUI['HKreisObj']='Zeichnen Sie einen Kreis.'; GUI['drawHelpText']='Choose an object and draw an area
by pressing the left mouse button.'; GUI['LOGOFFTITLE']='Logout'; GUI['LOGOFFMSG']='Do you really want to sign out?'; GUI['SOCIALMSG1']='Help us to make Mag Glance famous and follow us on social networks'; GUI['SOCIALMSG2']='We inform you about new templates, tips and tricks, learn videos and special offers.'; GUI['SOCIALMSG3']='Thank you for your support!'; GUI['EMAILSOCIALMSG']='Help us to make Mag Glance famous and follow us on social networks
We inform you about new templates, tips and tricks, learn videos and special offers.

Thank you for your support!'; GUI['Rastergroesse']='Grid'; GUI['info']='Info'; GUI['myDocuments']='My documents'; GUI['myTemplates']='My templates'; GUI['Templates']='Templates'; GUI['ServiceHelp']='Service'; GUI['freeTemps']='Free templates'; GUI['LIEFERDATUM']='Expected delivery date: '; GUIERR['ERROR']='Error'; GUIERR['NOTIFY']='Note'; GUIERR['SORRY']='Please excuse...'; GUIERR['ERR1']='Your Log-In data might not be correct or you have not yet confirmed the regiter confirmation link.'; GUIERR['ERR2']='You are not logged in. Please log-in again.'; GUIERR['ERR3']='Before loggin in for the first time please confirm the registration link in the email.'; GUIERR['ERR4']='Images have not been transferred correct'; GUIERR['ERR5']='Magazine can not be saved'; GUIERR['ERR6']='The magazine can not be printed with inserted videos.
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'; GUIERR['PDFERR1']='One or more page dimensions are smaller than 840pts'; GUIERR['PDFERR2']='One ore more page widths are smaller than 595pts'; GUIERR['PDFERR3']='One or more page formats are not in the A4 Format'; GUIERR['PDFERR4']='EOne or more pages are rotated'; GUIERR['PDFERR5']='The PDF version is lower than V1.3'; GUIERR['PDFERR6']='Das PDF encrypted and can not be printed'; GUIERR['PDFERR7']='The page number is not even'; GUIERR['PDFERR8']='The number of pages must be higher or equal to 4'; GUIERR['ERRUNKNOWN']='Unknown error.
If this occurs again. please contact our support.'; GUIERR['PDFERR9']='The page width and height has to be identical for all pages.'; GUI['CUSTOMIZING_JS']='0';