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www.aerosoft.com•  Intuitive user interface and control setup    with many hardware presets•  Rendering engine with enhanced lighting    and water effects•  Many city sceneries specific to Europe    and North AmericaFLIGHT SIMULATOR XPLANE 11  VERSION 11.3•  Wingflex effects based on actual    wing load•  immersive lighting effects•  Sounds from Turbine Sound StudiosXPLANE 11 ADD-ON CRJ-200 BOX DOWNLOAD 44,99 €  44,95 €•  Makes full use of the new ground ser-   vice vehicles introduced in XPlane 11•  Thousands of hand-placed objects   such as parked cars and streetlightsXPLANE 11 ADD-ON FRANKFURT BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €•  Animated vehicle traffic at and      around the airport•  VFR Helper•  Animated De-icing Trucks east of    Terminal EXPLANE 11 ADD-ON ZÜRICH V2.0 BOX DOWNLOAD 25,99 €  25,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 69,99 €  69,95 €NEW4

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  0.40m/pixel aerial imagery for the    airport and immediate surroundings•  High detailed custom ground  polygonsXPLANE 11 ADD-ON BALIDOWNLOAD 24,95 €XPLANE 11XPLANE 11 ADD-ON AIRPORT ROM•  Fully detailed replica of Rome      Fiumicino Airport (LIRF)•  High resolution ground textures     (2048x2048 pixels)•  Animated passenger   boarding bridgesXPLANE 11 ADD-ON ROMDOWNLOAD 25,95 €•  High-resolution ground image for the    airport boundary•  Highly detailed terminal interior•  World Traffic 3 compatible (custom    files included)XPLANE 11 ADD-ON TROMSØ XPDOWNLOAD 17,95 €•  Automatic low visibility lighting•  Accurate renders of the harbour and    many objects along the approach•  Massively optimised for good  performanceXPLANE 11 ADD-ON GENOADOWNLOAD 24,95 €•  True-to-original navigation aids•  Numerous scenery effects, e.g.   animated tanker•  3D models of aircraft models and   zeppelinXPLANE 11 ADD-ON FRIEDRICHSHAFENDOWNLOAD 17,95 €•  Joystick replica of the U.S. Air Force   A-10C attack aircraft flight stick•  Consisting of joystick and thrust leverTHRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG 449,99 €SUITABLEHARDWARE5

www.aerosoft.com•  Custom Aspen-style autogenous     houses and mansions•  Custom static aircrafts and 3D people•  Autogate plug-in animations     included•  High-resolution textures based on    photos taken at the site•  Detailed, accurate ground layout•  High-resolution ground   textures with PBR effects•  Complete taxiway network for use by    ATC and AI aircraft•  Fully compatible with the X-Life     plugin by JARDesignXPLANE 11 ADD-ON ASPEN XP XPLANE 11 ADD-ON DAYTONA BEACH INTERNATIONAL XPXPLANE 11 ADD-ON STUTTGART DOWNLOAD 24,95 €DOWNLOAD 24,95 €•  Summer and winter textures•  All airport buildings recreated in a    detailed and photorealistic fashion•  Highly detailed airports recreated    from onsite photography•  All islands populated with custom    objects, handplaced   according to ortho-  photo•  Custom jetways (AutoGate Ready)•  Animated objects, vehicles, people    and aircrafts•  Animated ground traffic and aircraft   trafficXPLANE 11 ADD-ON RIO DE JANEIRO V2.0XPLANE 11 ADD-ON BERLIN-TEGEL XPLANE 11 ADD-ON NORDSEEINSELN 1:„OSTFRIESLAND“DOWNLOAD 29,69 €DOWNLOAD 29,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  24,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 21,99 €  21,95 €RELEASE20196

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  High-resolution terrain mesh with    various texture sets for a seasonal   representation•  Detailed rendition of the Vágar   Airport and the eight   helipads spread over   the archipelagoXPLANE 11 ADD-ON FAROE ISLANDS XP DOWNLOAD 44,60 €•  Precise modeling based on original    references, photos and other  researches•  Customized runways, lines and      taxiways, with ambient  occlusion •  Current airport buildings with   restaurant terrace and transparent    tower windows•  Very good performance•  Animated ship and   ferry trafficXPLANE 11 ADD-ON MONTREAL INTERNATIONALXPLANE 11 ADD-ON HELGOLAND XPDOWNLOAD 26,00 €DOWNLOAD 21,95 €•  Highly detailed rendition of Berlin    Brandenburg International Airport    „Willy Brandt“ (BER)•  High resolution day   and night textures•  All airport buildings including   surrounding buildings•  High-quality ground and   building textures•  Dynamic lightingXPLANE 11 ADD-ON BERLIN-BRANDENBURGXPLANE 11 ADD-ON BERGAMODOWNLOAD 29,95 €DOWNLOAD 23,95 €XPLANE 11XPLANE 11 ADD-ON AIRPORT STUTTGART•  Compatible with PC via USB in      Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista (32-bit    and 64-bit)•  Offers you a precision level greater    than current systemsTHRUSTMASTERT.16000M FCS FLIGHT PACK SUITABLEHARDWARE 219,99 €NEWNEW7

www.aerosoft.com•  Animated bar on the entry of the    parking lot•  Numerous details•  Changing static  airplanes including    wreckage to the south  west•  Accurately placed runways•  Day and night textures•  Many animated objects •  Original NAV aids (ILS,VOR/   DME,NDB,ATIS)•  Complete taxi- and runway signs•  Realistic night effects•  Photorealistic textures on buildings,    vehicles, etc.•  Seasonal ground textures   (0.5m per pixel)•  Apron with realistically   rendered texturesXPLANE 11 ADD-ON CALVIXPLANE 11 ADD-ON JOHN F. KENNEDY INTERNATIONALXPLANE 11 ADD-ON KEFLAVIKXPLANE 11 ADD-ON FRANKFURT-HAHNDOWNLOAD 17,95 €DOWNLOAD 17,95 €DOWNLOAD 17,95 €DOWNLOAD 15,95 €XPLANE 11 ADD-ON AIRPORT MANCHESTER•  PBR-effects•  full SAM-Plugin-Support•  Detailed recreation of GenfXPLANE 11 ADD-ON GENEVADOWNLOAD 27,95 €•  HD ground textures including PBR•  Custom HDR night lighting•  Custom static aircraftsXPLANE 11 ADD-ON MANCHESTERDOWNLOAD22,95 €NEWRELEASE20198

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comXPLANE 11•  Photorealistic textures of buildings    and vehicles•  Ground textures (0.5m/pixel)•  High-resolution day- and night     textures•  Includes all airport buildings   highly detailed•  Highly realistic night time effects•  Terminal interior included•  Taxiways and apron with realistic    rendered textures•  Taxiway- and runway signs according    to original plans•  Manual and Charts   (German, English)•  Realistic night time effects•  Terminal interior models for both the    airport and heliport included•  Seasonal variations included   (requires seasonal  plugin)XPLANE 11 ADD-ON FRANKFURT-EGELSBACHXPLANE 11 ADD-ON SVOLVÆRXPLANE 11 ADD-ON WEEZEXPLANE 11 ADD-ON VÆRØYDOWNLOAD 15,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,95 €DOWNLOAD 15,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,95 €XPLANE 11 ADD-ON AIRPORT SVOLVÆR•  Ship traffic at the Dortmund-Ems   Canal when using the Seatraffic   plug-in by Marginal/Jonathan Harris•  Volumetric grass, toggleable•  PBR-based reflecting   water surfacesXPLANE 11 ADD-ON DORTMUND XPDOWNLOAD 19,95 € 199,99 €SUITABLEHARDWAREHONEYCOMB BRAVO THROTTLE QUADRANT WITH AUTOPILOT & ANNUNCIATOR PANEL•  Throttle quadrant for  GA planes and   airliners•  Configuration options for single and    multiple engines9

www.aerosoft.com•  Interior models included for Terminal   buildings•  Supports X-Planes „runways follow    terrain“ features•  Custom static aircrafts•  Includes highly detailed terminal   Interior•  Winter season included•  Animated radar facility•  Numerous details•  Animated road traffic•  High resolution textures based on   thousands of images taken at the   airport•  High resolution runway and taxiway   textures•  Customized lightning•  Customized static aircraft library    places realistic aircraft on the parking   positions XPLANE 11 ADD-ON OSLOXPLANE 11 ADD-ON BERGENXPLANE 11 ADD-ON MAASTRICHT-AACHENXPLANE 11 ADD-ON BONAIRE FLAMINGOXPLANE 11 ADD-ON ANTALYADOWNLOAD 24,95 €DOWNLOAD 17,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,95 €DOWNLOAD 17,95 €DOWNLOAD 17,95 €•  Uses advanced X-Plane features such    as 3D spill lights and glass reflections•  Complete taxiway network for use by    ATC and AI aircraft•  Animated service  vehiclesXPLANE 11 ADD-ON DUBLINDOWNLOAD 24,95 €10

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comXPLANE 11XPLANE 11 ADD-ON AIRPORT DUBLIN•  XPlane 11 Add-on Köln-Bonn•  XPlane 11 Add-on Pisa•  XPlane 11 Add-on Rio de Janeiro   –Santos Dumont•  XPlane 11 Add-on Salvador•  XPlane 11 Add-on Dallas•  XPlane 11 Add-on Southwest Florida  international•  XPlane 11 Add-on B777 Worldliner•  XPlane 11 Add-on Dash•  XPlane 11 Add-on London Heathrow•  XPlane 11 Add-on Svalbard•  XPlane 11 Add-on Toronto•  XPlane 11 Add-on Scel Santiago int.MORE PRODUCTSFOR DOWNLOAD27,95  €17,95 € 22,90 €21,17 €23,95 € 23,95 €49,95 €29,95 €29,95 €44,95 €29,99 €19,99 €•  XPlane 11 ground vehicles with     appropriate lanes added•  X-Life compatibility•  Revised taxi routes for better compa-   tibility with X-Live and   XPlane‘s own AI traffic•  Designed from the ground up for    XPlane 11•  15cm per pixel resolution imagery    on all tarmacs, taxiways and runways    (high-resolution version)•  Superb HDR lighting•  Complete reconstruction of airport’s    lighting equipment•  Animated car traffic•  Numerous custom made static   objects and aircrafts   around the airportXPLANE 11 ADD-ON LUGANOXPLANE 11 ADD-ON WILMINGTONXPLANE 11 ADD-ON TWENTYNINE PALMSDOWNLOAD 19,95 €DOWNLOAD 19,95 €DOWNLOAD 15,95 €•  Extremely precise joystick with      adjustable resistance control•  Ergonomic throttle lever•  Wide hand rest for perfect comfortTHRUSTMASTERT.FLIGHT STICK X  39,99 €SUITABLEHARDWARE11

www.aerosoft.com•  Fully functionable weather radar•  Advanced brakes with realistic brake  temperatures•  Sublime modelling•  Own fly-by-wire-system•  Numerous animations, rain effects•  Engine models fully updatedPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON AEROSOFT A320/321PROFESSIONALPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON AEROSOFT A318/319PROFESSIONALAdd-on for Lockheed MartinPrepar3DV4DOWNLOAD 14,99 €ALSO AVAILABLE AS FAMILY-BUNDLEBOX DOWNLOAD 79,99 €  79,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 59,99 €  59,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 59,99 €  59,95 €12

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  More than 10 aircraft systems•  Virtual cockpit model •  Cold and dark statePREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON DOUGLAS DC-8 DOWNLOAD 39,95 €AEROSOFT A318/319 PROFESSIONAL•  Animated ambient service   vehicle traffic•  Animated ambient passengers inside    the TerminalPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON KÖLN/BONN PROFESSIONALBOX DOWNLOAD 27,99 €  27,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,99 €PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON AEROSOFT A330PROFESSIONALBOX DOWNLOAD 59,99 €  59,95 €AIRPORTS / PLANES•  VAS and FPS friendly•  Fully functional RAAS provided   by FS2Crew•  Head-Up Guidance systemPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON CRJ 700/900 X DOWNLOAD 14,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 49,99 €  49,95€BOX DOWNLOAD 34,99 €  34,95€•  New Lufthansa Terminal A-Plus•  New Terminal B with all SatellitesPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON | MEGA AIRPORT FRANKFURT 2.0 PROFESSIONAL•  Extensive immersion modul•  Newly developed Connected-Flight-  Deck-Technology•  Exclusive precision: H.E.A.R.T      HallEffect AccuRate Technology•  3D magnetic sensors located on     the stick•  Tailored for left-handed and     right-handed useTHRUSTMASTER T.16000M FCS STICK 59,99 €RELEASE2019SUITABLEHARDWARE13

www.aerosoft.comNEW•  All variants of the 747-8 with accurately     modelled performance•  Electric checklist•  Fully physic based wing flex model•  A whole fleet of PMDG service vehicles•  Very soft autopilot Flight Director System•  3D outdoor lightingPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON PMDG 747-8 EXPANSION PACKPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON PMDG 747-400 V3„QUEEN OF THE SKIES II“DOWNLOAD 14,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 139,99 €   139,95 €DOWNLOAD 69,95 €NEWAdd-on for Lockheed MartinPrepar3DV414

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comPMDG 737 NGX•  3D outdoor lighting•  Free repaint download•  Opertation center to contact when   having questionsPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON PMDG 777-200LR/FDOWNLOAD 14,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 120,99 €  120,95€•  Optically collimated Head-Up   Guidance System•  Full documentation that includes an    introductory manualPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON PMDG 737 NGX BOX DOWNLOAD 80,99 €  80,95€NEW•  Realism-options•  Fully interactive, dynamic virtual cockpitPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON DOUGLAS DC-6 CLOUDMASTERDOWNLOAD 69,95 €•  Components in aviation quality•  Realistic ergonomics•  180° turn radius, self-centring 219,99 €HONEYCOMB ALPHA FLIGHT CONTROLS – YOKE & SWITCH PANELSUITABLEHARDWAREAIRPORTS / PLANES15

www.aerosoft.comCRJ  700 / 900  X•  Complex modelling with many      animations according to up-to-date  standards•  Service window with special tools   to manage ground  operationsPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON ANTONOV AN-2DOWNLOAD 29,95 €•  Dynamic traffic of buses and service    vehicles on the apron•  All buildings/facilities around the    airfield and in bordering districts of   GibraltarPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON GIBRALTAR PROFESSIONAL DOWNLOAD 22,95 €•  Photo realistic ground textures based    on aerial imagery (15cm/pixel)•  Detailed recreation of Lake Hood    (LHD), the world’s busiest seaplane    base, incl. lots of   static aircraftPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON ANCHORAGE PROFESSIONAL DOWNLOAD 29,95 €•  Reworked ground layout•  Buildings and objects optimised for   Prepar3D V4 for increased  performancePREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON BERLIN-TEGEL PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 28,95 €•  Realistic 3D grass and vegetation•  Highly detailed manual including    charts (PDF)•  Compatible with all   known add-onsPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON | MEGA AIRPORT BERLIN-BRANDENBURG PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 29,95 €PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON | MEGA AIRPORT BARCELONA PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 32,95 €•  High-resolution aerial image for the    airport and its surroundings •  Autogenous buildings and vegetation    in all of the aerial image areaAdd-on for Lockheed MartinPrepar3DV416

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  Dynamic Lighting (can be disabled   partially)•  Ground layout including detailed    aerial imagery created   according to P3D V4  SDKPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON MILANO MALPENSA PROFESSIONAL DOWNLOAD 28,95 €GIBRALTAR PROFESSIONAL•  Removal of the railway that has been    closed in real life•  Compatible with ORBX FTX Global    Vector and similar add-onsPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON FAIRBANKS PROFESSIONAL DOWNLOAD 25,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,99 €•  Fully detailed buildings at the airport•  Safegate and other dockings at   all gates•  Includes new T2 and   T2B terminalsPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON | MEGA AIRPORT LONDON HEATHROWPROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 33,95 €•  Detailed AFCAD file with airline    parking codes and approach   procedures (AIRAC 1809)•  Extended configuration toolPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ONBERGAMO PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 23,95 €•  Very precise differential brakes for    perfectly-proportioned braking•  32 industrial plain bearingsTHRUSTMASTER TPR PENDULAR RUDDER 499,99 €AIRPORTS / PLANESSUITABLEHARDWARE17

www.aerosoft.comPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON DÜSSELDORF PROFESSIONALMore information soon under www.aerosoft.comPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON HANNOVER PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 24,95 €More information soon under www.aerosoft.comCRJ  700 / 900•  Reworked ground layout•  The single objects per designer   are composed from placement and    lib as one mesh with (for increased    smoothness while  moving)DOWNLOAD 29,95 €PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON | MEGA AIRPORTZÜRICH 2.0 PROFESSIONAL•  All objects optimised for new shadow   technology•  numerous scenery effects•  seasonal ground layout PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON STUTTGART PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 24,95 €PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON GENEVA PROFESSIONALBOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  27,95 €More information soon under www.aerosoft.comPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON PADERBORN PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 19,95 €More information soon under www.aerosoft.comRELEASE2019Add-on for Lockheed MartinPrepar3DV418

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com 149,99 €STUTTGART PROFESSIONAL•  176 programmable functions with    Control Manager software (included)•  Six physical detens (one per lever)•  12 virtual buttons with use of   Control Manager softwareCH PRODUCTS CH THROTTLE QUADRANT 159,99 € 159,99 €•  The left and right brake can be      moved independently•  Three control axes•  Suitable for plane and vehicle     simulations•  Full control because of a newly      and ergonomically designed yoke    without central position•  Five control axes inclucing   gradient and longitudinal axis,      throttle, prop, and mixture•  20 button funcions with     2-position-switches for the engine,    2-position-switches for the   landing flaps, 8-position-switches   panoramic view, two   2-position-switches tippers, and     four buttons CH PRODUCTS CH PRO PEDALSCH PRODUCTSFLIGHT SIM YOKE USB AIRPORTS / PLANESSUITABLEHARDWARE19

www.aerosoft.com•  Power controls with accelerator area    and reverse area•  Propeller control with RPM variable    pitch area and FEATHER zoneVIRTUAL FLY FLIGHT SIM THROTTLE QUADRANT – TQ6 PLUS  719,95 €•  Designed to simulate the minimum    effort exerted in a real aircraft•  Prepared for piston enginesVIRUTAL FLY TQ3 THROTTLE QUADRANT 519,99 €•  Up to date aerial images of the   whole archipelago with 0.5m/pixel•  Up to date airport facilities (car      parks, etc.)•  Appropriate autogen and city objects•  Photo realistic coverage of the islands    can be turned of optionally•  New highly detailed elevation models    for the islands with a resolution   of 5 m•  Authentic 3D models of all airport    buildings and facilities•  Including all navaids (ILS,VOR/    DME,NDB,ATIS)PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON BALEARIC ISLANDS PROFESSIONALPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON BALEARIC ISLANDS PROFESSIONAL – MALLORCAPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON BALEARIC ISLANDS PROFESSIONAL – IBIZAPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON FRIEDRICHSHAFEN PROFESSIONAL DOWNLOAD 56,60 €DOWNLOAD 28,95 €DOWNLOAD 23,95 €DOWNLOAD 19,95 €BALEARIC ISLANDS PROFESSIONAL – MALLORCAAdd-on for Lockheed MartinPrepar3DV4SUITABLEHARDWARE20

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  Ergonomic design for all flight types    (combat, space, civil flight etc.)•  Adjustable joystick resistance, wide   hand-restLOGITECHX52 PRO FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM THRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT HOTAS 4 199,00 € 79,99 €•  Detailed ground markings•  Scenery and aerial image are      georeferenced to ensure best possib   le compatibility with other add-onsPREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON | MEGA AIRPORT MADRID PROFESSIONALDOWNLOAD 32,95 €•  Balearic Islands professional   – Menorca•  Canary Islands Professional   – El Hierro•  Canary Islands professional   – La Palma•  Welcome to Kolyma   – Magadan-Sokol•  Maastricht-Aachen•  Helgoland professional•  Approaching Dortmund•  Hamburg professional•  Mega Airport Prag professional 23,95 € 19,95 € 23,95 € 17,95 €14,95 €21,95 €19,95 €24,95 €24,95 €    BALEARIC ISLANDS PROFESSIONAL – IBIZA•  Compatible with ORBX FTX Global    Vector and similar add-ons•  Highly detailed recreation of Málaga    -Costa del Sol- airport (AGP/LEMG)PREPAR3D V4 ADD-ON MALAGA PROFESSIONAL DOWNLOAD 27,95 €•  2 dedicated MFD buttons and 2   rotary dials with in-built buttons to    control additional game functionality•  MFD displays data directly from    gameAIRPORTS / SCENERIESMORE PRODUCTSFOR DOWNLOAD21

www.aerosoft.comHELGOLAND FSX V2.0•  Sounds linked to scenery objects    (waves, birds, ships and even the    sounds of the church bells at noon)•  Extensive shipping trafficADD-ON FSX HELGOLAND FSX V2.0DOWNLOAD 17,95 €•  Important VFR reference points in the    whole scenery areaADD-ON FSX AUSTRIA PROFESSIONAL HD WEST & OST•  Extended configuration tool•  Working windsocks based on wind    strength and direction•  Optimised 3D runway lighting•  Static Ground Service•  AES-Lite dynamic traffic•  Custom trees•  SODE 3D dynamic lead-in lighting   (LDIN)•  AI Traffic compatibility•  Enhanced Apron with additional     parking positions•  Jet engine test site with new, large    noise absorption hallADD-ON  FSX / P3D  V3 BERGAMO EXTENDEDADD-ON  FSX / P3D  V3 MANCHESTER XADD-ON  FSX / P3D  V3 MADEIRA X EVOLUTIONADD-ON FSX / P3D V3 | MEGA AIRPORT ZÜRICH V2.0DOWNLOAD 18,95 €DOWNLOAD 19,95 €Add-on for MicrosoftFlight Simulatorand Prepar3D V3Add-on for Lockheed MartinPrepar3DV4BOX DOWNLOAD 54,99 €  52,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 25,99 €  25,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 25,99 €  25,95 €EACH22

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comMADEIRA X EVOLUTION•  Fully ambidextrous joysticks set•  4 independent axis, including    twist rudder •  Multidirectional hat switch (for    panoramic view)THRUSTMASTER T.16000M SPACE SIM DUO 114,99 €•  Detachable handle, crafted entirely    out of metal•  Detachable metal plate for desk- or    cockpit-style useTHRUSTMASTERHOTAS WARTHOG FLIGHT STICK  299,99 €AIRPORTS / PLANES / SCENERIES•  Hamburg Finkenwerder•  Mega Airport Barcelona Evolution•  Newcastle X•  Mega Airport Rom•  English Electric Lightning F6•  Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0•  Napoli X•  Balearen X Evolution•  Bali X•  Menorca X Evolution•  FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation•  Genoa X•  Samos•  Vaeroy X•  Berlin-Tegel X•  SIMstarter NG•  Aspen Extended•  Alta X•  Sacramento•  Approaching Quito•  Valencia X•  Svalbard – Longyear X•  Ibiza X Evolution11,90 €27,95 €19,95 €25,95 €24,95 € 17,95 €24,95 €49,95 €24,95 €19,95 €79,99 €25,56 €23,95 €14,95 €23,95 €14,95 €22,50 € 17,95 €22,95 €22,95 €19,95 €14,95 €21,95 €SUITABLEHARDWAREMORE PRODUCTSFOR DOWNLOAD23

www.aerosoft.com•  Update service for latest navigation dates in the    flight simulator•  Numerous add-ons use it for flight planning and   executionUPDATE-SERVICE NAV DATA PRO CHARTS1 DAY 1 MONTH    1 YEAR 2,99 €  7,99 €    55,99 €24

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comNAV DATA PRO CHARTS25

www.aerosoft.comDOWNLOAD 14,99 €•  New York with lots of 3D  buildings•  Over 10 airports•  VR capable•  All of southern Florida with over   400 miles of shoreline•  9 accurately modeled airports•  2 heliports•  Animated ship traffic•  Thousands of vegetation objects•  1 meter resolution meshAEROFLY FS 2 ADD-ON NORTHEASTERN USAAEROFLY FS 2 ADD-ON SOUTH FLORIDAAEROFLY FS 2 ADD-ON HELGOLANDDOWNLOAD 14,99 €DOWNLOAD 29,99 €DOWNLOAD 17,95 €•  17 aircrafts available•  More than 200 detailed airports in the   western USA•  Very realistic flight physics•  Highly detailed and interactive 3D cockpitsFLUGSIMULATOR AEROFLY FS 2 DOWNLOAD 14,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 59,99 €  59,95 €AEROFLY FS 226

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  Over 30 airports in Switzerland•  Airport Speck-Fehraltorf located   east of Zurich•  High-resolution aerial photographyAEROFLY FS 2 ADD-ON USA COLORADOAEROFLY FS 2 ADD-ON SWITZERLANDDOWNLOAD 19,99 €AEROFLY FS 2•  Free Floating, non-binding shaft•  Fully programmable Fingertip  Paddles•  8-way POV hat and rocker switchCH PRODUCTS ECLIPSE YOKE USB 219,99 € 99,99 €AEROFLY FS 2 ADD-ON SWITZERLAND•  Over 30 airports in the state   of Colorado•  High resolution aerial images   of ColoradoFREEWAREAEROFLY.AEROSOFT.COMDOWNLOAD FROM: THRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT RUDDER PEDALS•  Ergonomic design•  Large differential brake pedals•  Long range of travel on rudder   axis for precise maneuvers•  Detachable, full-size throttle for    easy maneuverability•  Adjustable handle resistance    with wide hand-restTHRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT HOTAS ONE 79,99 €SUITABLEHARDWARE27

www.aerosoft.comNEW•  TS Academy•  Create living worlds with easy-to-use,    comprehensive tools•  New Routes: Frankfurt, Portsmouth,   Salt Lake CityTRAIN SIMULATOR TS 2019 DOWNLOAD 14,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 € 29,99 €ADD-ONBOX DOWNLOAD 34,99 €  34,95 €•  170 km main line, 828 km of total track length•  Superelevation•  True-to-original 3D catenaryTS 2019 ADD-ON MÜNSTER-BREMEN NEW28

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comTRAIN SIMULATORTS 2019 ADD-ON DURCHS MOSELTAL•  Very realistic track layout with   superelevation•  Locomotive class 189, class 111, ICE 1TS 2019 ADD-ON FREIBURG-BASEL BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €•  46 detailed, original stations•  Complex night effects•  9 sceneriesTS 2019 ADD-ON BERLIN-LEIPZIG  BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €29

www.aerosoft.comADD-ON•  Historical atmosphere from different  epochs •  Quick drive compatible•  DB-freight companyTS 2019 ADD-ON SCHWERE FRACHT FÜR SEDDIN DOWNLOAD 19,99 €•  Including all buildings and seights•  Route typical roll material and trainsTS 2019 ADD-ON KÖLN-DÜSSELDORF BOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €•  Beautiful designed vegetation•  8 ambitious tasks with various     railways•  Rank stationTS 2019 ADD-ON IM KÖBLITZER BERGLANDRELOADED DOWNLOAD 24,95 €•  Electric locomotive Series 189•  Diesel railcar Series 628/629•  Double-decker coach for regional   trafficTS 2019 ADD-ON DURCHS MOSELTAL BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €TS 2019 ADD-ON DURCHS MOSELTAL30

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comTRAIN SIMULATORTRAIN SIM WORLD: CSX HEAVY HAULBOX29,95 € 219,99 €•  Direction switch•  Realistic drive and brake lever•  All important cab functions    with 28 aditionally   programmable buttonsP.I. ENGINEERING  RAILDRIVER DESKTOP•  Simulator in first person perspective•  Using information from real trains and their    performances•  Freight distributionTRAIN SIMULATOR TRAIN SIM WORLD: CSX HEAVY HAUL SUITABLEHARDWARE31

www.aerosoft.comDOWNLOAD 12,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,95 €TOURIST BUS SIMULATOR•  Map of Fuerteventura at an extremely    high level of detail•  Large selection of vehicles•  Economy systemSIMULATOR TOURIST BUS BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €TRUCK-SIMULATOR ON THE ROAD –  TRUCK SIMULATORDOWNLOAD 19,99 €EARLYACCESS•  MAN and SCANIA Licence•  450 km motorway and ca. 320 km   country road, to a scale of 1:10•  Including Steam Workshops for     Repaints•  Works with Coach Bus and Tourist    Bus SimulatorTOURIST BUS SIMULATOR ADD-ON COMFORTCLASS HDTOURIST BUS SIMULATOR ADD-ON NEOPLAN SKYLINER•  Original Neoplan Skyliner   double-decker bus with official      FlixBus design•  Works with Coach Bus and Tourist    Bus Simulator32

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comDOWNLOAD 9,95 €BUS / TRUCK ON THE ROAD – TRUCK SIMULATOR•  In cooperation with FlixBus•  2000 km of track •  More than 40 German cities•  Incl. Neoplan Skyliner•  Usedom•  Repaint and Multimedia PackSIMULATOR FERNBUS COACH SIMULATORSIMULATOR FERNBUS SIMULATORPLATINUM EDITIONBOX DOWNLOAD 39,99 €  39,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €•  MAN and SCANIA Licence•  450 km motorway and ca. 320 km   country road, to a scale of 1:1033

www.aerosoft.com•  Choose one of 18 recreated clubs    of their current German football     season 18/19 and drive them to there   gamesFERNBUS COACH SIMULATOR ADD-ON FOOTBALL TEAM BUSBOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €•  4 Repaints including 3 variants•  Repaints are available for all   available coach modelsFERNBUS COACH SIMULATOR ADD-ON ANNIVERSARY REPAINT PACKAGEDOWNLOAD 1,99 €•  Seamless extension of the existing   map•  Stunning landscape of Switzerland    and Austria•  Many true-to-original bus stationsFERNBUS COACH SIMULATOR ADD-ON ÖSTERREICH/SCHWEIZBOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €•  Coachbus Simulator and Add-on Football   Team Bus•  Including all features of both gamesSIMULATOR + ADD-ON FUSSBALL BUNDLEBOX 39,99 €Add-on forFernbusC O A C H   S I M U L AT O R34

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comBUS / TRUCK FERNBUS ADD-ON MANNSCHAFTSBUS•  Original Neoplan Skyliner double-   decker bus with official FlixBus     design•  Includes 7 other FlixBus designsFERNBUS COACH SIMULATOR ADD-ON NEOPLAN SKYLINERBOX DOWNLOAD 14,99 €  14,95 €•  5 variants of the ComfortClass HD in    FlixBus design•  8 gear automatic transmissionFERNBUS COACH SIMULATOR ADD-ON COMFORTCLASS HDDOWNLOAD 12,95 €•  Official embedded firmware allows    automatic recognition of the wheel    by the PS4•  Compatible with PS4/PS3THRUSTMASTERT80 RACING WHEEL  84,99 €WHEEL STAND PROFÜR F458/F430/T80/T100 109,00 €•  No slipping•  Simple attachment of the hardware•  Adjustment to circumstances•  Individual adjustment to playerRegulating hardware not included!•  True 50mm/2“ analytic drivers      provide crystal-clear audio     without any saturation•  Provides audio feedback designed    exactly as game developers intendedTHRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT U.S. AIR FORCE HEADSET  99,99 €SUITABLEHARDWARE35

www.aerosoft.com•  Realistic and intelligent traffic and detailed   landscape•  Realistic and controllable weather and    seasonal effects•  Realistic day and night effectsSIMULATOR OMSI 2 BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,99 €•  Drivable suspension railway of the    latest generation•  Driver information based on real life•  Interesting tracksOMSI 2 ADD-ON WUPPERTAL BOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  24,95 €36

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comBUS / TRUCK OMSI 2THRUSTMASTERT150 FORCE FEED BACK RACING WHEEL  199,99 €•  More than 85 minutes of travel time•  Real based soundsOMSI 2 ADD-ON AACHEN BOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  19,95 €•  Single player with career mode•  Multiplayer with freely accessible    3D depotBOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  24,95 €OMSI 2 ADD-ON BUSBETRIEB-SIMULATOR •  Compatible with the T3PA- and T3PA-   Pro Pedals•  Compatible with Thrustmaster     TH8A-Gearshifter•  More then 800 bus stops•  Track information based on real life•  Inner and outer city tracksOMSI 2 ADD-ON METROPOLE RUHR BOX DOWNLOAD 34,99 €  34,95 €SUITABLEHARDWARE37

www.aerosoft.com•  Two variants of the articulated      pusher bus with different fronts•  Different colour painting and interior    design variants•  Realistic Sounds•  More than 100 individual objects,    buildings and new rails•  Map is based on the cities Essen and   Gelsenkirchen•  Tramlines with 15 stopsOMSI 2 ADD-ON STADTBUS O305G OMSI 2 ADD-ON STRASSENBAHN NF6D ESSEN/GELSENKIRCHEN •  Real world based tracks with POIs•  AI tram type ULF•  Real SoundsOMSI 2 ADD-ON WIEN 1 – LINIE 24A •  Urbino Citybus in 5 different models•  Editor to create custom variationsOMSI 2 ADD-ON URBINO STADTBUSFAMILIE •  Many different models•  AI-Subway Type U•  NG 235 M18  & GU 240 M18 OMSI 2 ADD-ON WIEN 2 – LINIE 23A •  More than 35 different bus lines•  POIs based on real information•  Large scale mapOMSI 2 ADD-ON PROJEKT GLADBECKDOWNLOAD 19,95 €DOWNLOAD 15,95 €DOWNLOAD 9,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,95 €AVAILABLE  AS BUNDLEBOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €NEW38

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.com•  Realistically recreated bus lines 6 and    111 with 18.6 km (11.6 mi) new     route and more than 50 bus stopsOMSI 2 ADD-ON HAFENCITY – HAMBURG MODERN BOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  19,95 €BUS / TRUCK OMSI 2 ADD-ON HAFENCITY – HAMBURG MODERN•  Authentic reproduction of Chicago    bus lines 124 and 130•  Two buses (40-feet and 60-feet   articulated) with Diesel and hybrid   driveOMSI 2 ADD-ON CHICAGO DOWNTOWNBOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  19,95 €•  3 pedals with adjustable spacing    setting (3 positions)•  3 pedals with adjustable angle      setting (2 positions)THRUSTMASTER T3PA PEDALS  109,99 €•  3 articulated buses of Hamburg      (1992, 1999, 2012) in original   configuration and many paint jobs•  Universally usable on all OMSI mapsOMSI 2 ADD-ON DREI GENERATIONEN DOWNLOAD 9,95 €SUITABLEHARDWARE39

www.aerosoft.comOMSI 2 ADD-ON MÜNCHEN•  Recent Hamburg city buses of the    latest 2017 generation•  Large-capacity articulated bus with    21 metre length and 4 axlesOMSI 2 ADD-ON HAMBURGER BUSPAKET DOWNLOAD 9,95 €•  First fully functional bi-articulated    bus in OMSI 2•  True-to-life sounds and functionality    based on real buses from Hamburg•  5 different bus models from 1984    to 1987•  Realistic driver physics •  Real Ticket handleOMSI 2 ADD-ON DOPPELGELENKBUS AGG 300 OMSI 2 ADD-ON CITYBUS I280 SERIES DOWNLOAD 9,95 €DOWNLOAD 14,95 €•  4 different basic variants of MAN   Citybus•  Modular concept with up to 45      various settings (depending on      vehicle type)•  The cities of Palma, Can Pastilla,   El Molinar, S’Arenal, Platja de Palma•  Four of the five cities can be driven in    almost completely•  Numerous popular sights and tourist   attractions•  Chronology feature 2015-2017OMSI 2 ADD-ON MAN STADTBUSFAMILIE OMSI 2 ADD-ON MALLORCA OMSI 2 ADD-ON LONDON DOWNLOAD 17,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  19,95 €BOX29,99 €RELEASE201940

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comBUS / TRUCK OMSI 2 ADD-ON MALLORCA•  Manuel shift gear with 6 different   levels•  22 different models •  Complete series•  45 different bus stops and more than    30KM track•  Including new AI vehicles as well as    the brand new Hess-trailer•  Real based route in central germany•  Many different POIs around the route•  Inner City ColoneOMSI 2 ADD-ON COACHBUS 250 OMSI 2 ADD-ON MÜNCHEN OMSI 2 ADD-ON KÖLN DOWNLOAD 14,95 €•  Three different versions of the citybus•  Fictional citybus network  “Neuendorf”•  15 kilometres through the city and    outskirts (100 minutes of driving time    altogether in the schedule)•  New AI carsOMSI 2 ADD-ON STADTBUS O305 OMSI 2 ADD-ON HAMBURG – TAG & NACHT BOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  24,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 14,99 €  14,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €OMSI 2available!MORE ADD-ONS FORRELEASE2019RELEASE2019NEW41

www.aerosoft.comPOLICE HELICOPTER SIMULATORPLATINUM EDITION NOTRUF 112 – DIE FEUER-WEHR SIMULATION / 2BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 29,99 €  29,95 €•  Highly detailed vehicle, minor   operations vehicle (Kleineinsatz-   fahrzeug, KEF)•  Freely removable tools   and equipment from   the vehicleSIMULATOR | NOTRUF 112 ADD-ON KEF – DAS KLEINEINSATZ-FAHRZEUGDOWNLOAD 12,95 €•  Three emergency departments under    one roof•  Two settings, based on San Francisco    and Berlin, with corresponding EU and    US vehiclesSIMULATOR RESCUE HQ•  Including KEF Addon•  Freely removable tools and equipment    from the vehicleSIMULATOR | PLATINUM EDITION NOTRUF 112 – DIE FEUERWEHR SIMULATIONBOX DOWNLOAD 24,99 €  24,95 €RELEASE2019NEW42

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comPOLICE / FIRE FIGHTINGNOTRUF 112•  Living Police Station: Policemen     follow their own schedules•  Elaborately told story•  Free PlaySIMULATOR AUTOBAHN POLICE 2 BOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €•  Approximately 40 km (25 mi.) of   Autobahn•  Two police vehicles – patrol car and    unmarked carSIMULATOR AUTOBAHN POLICE BEST OF BOX DOWNLOAD 9,99 € 9,95 €•  True-to-original Eurocopter 135 of   the police helicopter squadron•  Large game world with more than 20   POIsSIMULATOR POLICE HELICOPTERBOX DOWNLOAD 19,99 €  19,95 €WHEEL STAND PROFÜR F458/F430/T80/T100 119,99 €•  2 large paddle shifters•  6 action buttons•  3-position rotary switch with    push functionTHRUSTMASTER TM LEATHER 28 GT WHEEL ADD-ON 114,99 €•  No shifting•  Simple attachment of the hardware•  Adjustable to all circumstances•  Individually adjustable for all playersSteering wheel hardware not includedSUITABLEHARDWAREPERMANENTLYREDUCED43

www.aerosoft.com•  Expandable pellet storage•  Fully functional gantry crane•  Fully automatic pelletisation   installation•  Based on Airport Herrenteich•  HD Areal Image•  Real flight physics•  Real drive- and breakphyisics•  True-to-original physics•  Exact, true-to-original track LS17 ADD-ON | AEROSOFT SELECTION STROHBERGUNGFLUGSIMULATOR WORLD OF AIRCRAFT – GLIDER SIMULATORBOX DOWNLOAD 12,99 €  12,99 €BOX DOWNLOAD 25,99 €  25,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 59,99 €  59,95 €•  Start your own logisics company, hire     drivers and buy, logistic and manage vehicles•  Ai traffic based on real life rulesets•  Big scale city with uncountable missionsSIMULATOR FOR NINTENDO SWITCH TRUCK & LOGISTICSTRAIN SIMULATOR ZUSI 3 – AEROSOFT EDITIONBOX DOWNLOAD 39,99 €  39,95 €RELEASE2019RELEASE2019RELEASE2019PERMANENTLYREDUCED44

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comOTHER SIMULATION•  New Aggro – Mode for more fun•  Exciting missions based on stories•  3D-Cockpit with rotatable camera•  Original virtual reproductions of 35    stations on the Circle Line•  Animated display monitors at     stations•  Random animated persons at     stations•  5 new missions•  Missions including more tasks than   driving•  car wash station•  Animated display monitors at     stations•  Realistic shift service to schedule•  High quallity graphics•  Complete underground tracks•  Real based physicsSIMULATOR WORLD OF SUBWAYS VOL. 4  SIMULATOR LONDON UNDERGROUND– HOT PRICESIMULATOR WORLD OF SUBWAYS 1 – HOT PRICESIMULATOR WORLD OF SUBWAYS 1 – VOL 1 – EXPANSION PACKSIMULATOR WORLD OF SUBWAYS 2 – HOT PRICESIMULATOR WORLD OF SUBWAYS – BUNDLE 1 + 2BOX DOWNLOAD 14,99 €  14,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 9,99 € 9,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 9,99 € 9,95 €BOX DOWNLOAD 9,99 € 9,95 €DOWNLOAD 4,95 €BOX14,99 €ADD-ON STROHBERGUNGTRAIN SIMULATOR ZUSI 3 – AEROSOFT EDITIONPERMANENTLYREDUCED45

www.aerosoft.com•  100% metal structure weighs more    than 15.4 lb / 7 kg•  Two very precise differential brakes    for perfectly-proportioned braking•  32 industrial plain bearingsTHRUSTMASTER TPR PENDULAR RUDDER 499,99 €•  5 coil spring system: firm, linear and   fluid tension, with no dead zones•  Super-stable, weighted base (over 3kg)THRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG 449,99 €THE PERFECT HARDWARE FOR AN EVEN MORE REALISTIC SIMULATION EXPERIENCE•  Precision levels 256 times greater   than current systems•  16 action buttons with braille-style    physical button identification•  Ergonomic design for optimum     comfortTHRUSTMASTER T.16000M SPACE SIM DUO 114,99 €•  Exclusive precision: H.E.A.R.T      HallEffect AccuRate Technology•  Precision levels 256 times greater    than current systemsTHRUSTMASTER T.16000M FCS STICK 59,99 €NEWSUITABLEHARDWARE46

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comHARDWARE 99,99 €THRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT RUDDER PEDALS•  Large base and inclined design    combining comfort with stability•  Versatile ergonomic design    suitable for all types of flightTHRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG•  Manual toggle rudder with 15°      angle and re-centering•  Connector for optional external TFRP    rudder (sold separately)•  Ready for cockpit mountingTHRUSTMASTER TWCS THROTTLE 79,99 €•  The first official joystick for    Xbox One and Windows, with    the official buttons for the Xbox    One console•  Ergonomic design perfectly    adapted for all types of flight   simulationTHRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT HOTAS ONE 79,99 €•  High-precision joystick with     adjustable resistance•  Weighted base for greater stabilityTHRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT HOTAS X 59,99 €47

www.aerosoft.com•  Instantly recognized as a Xbox   gamepad in Windows•  12 digital action buttons perfectly    situated + 1 WindowsÆ Live shortcut   button•  Plug & Play: just plug it in, and youíre    ready to go: nothing to install•  Optimized headset for full   compatibility with PlayStation 4,   PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PC,   Xbox 360 and Mac•  TRUE 50 mm drivers providing   crystal-clear audio: hear everything,   react quickly•  Exclusive double electro-acoustic   bass sound amplifier delivering   deep bass  responseTHRUSTMASTER GP XID PROTHRUSTMASTER Y-300CPX USBGAMING HEADSET  29,99 € 49,99 €•  The best of our audio expertise,    taking gaming performance to    the next levelTHRUSTMASTER T.FLIGHT U.S. AIR FORCE HEADSET  99,99 €•  Optimized and comfortable handling,    with easy access to all functions•  Save time, for quicker access and    faster actions•  Just plug and play: nothing to installTHRUSTMASTER DUAL ANALOG 4 14,99 €48

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comHARDWARE•  Rotation angle adjustable from 270°    to 1080°•  PS4/PS3 sliding switch for optimal    compatibility on both systems•  Drive system with adjustable Force    Feedback lets you feel every detail    while you are racingTHRUSTMASTER T150 FORCE FEED BACK RACING WHEEL THRUSTMASTERTM LEATHER 28 GT WHEEL ADD-ONTHRUSTMASTER GP XID PRO 199,99 € 179,99 €•  Realistic gear-shifting feel•  100% metal internal mechanism•  Compatible with real universal knobsTHRUSTMASTER TH8A SHIFTER ADD-ON  179,99 €•  Genuine hand-stitched leather      on the wheelís entire circumference•  Very high-end tact switch (life cycle   of more than 10 million activations)•  Compatible with all Thrustmaster    T-Series racing wheelsMORE HARDWAREAVAILABLE IN OUR SHOP WWW.AEROSOFT.COM49

www.aerosoft.comHONEYCOMB BRAVO THROTTLE QUADRANT MIT AUTOPILOT & ANNUNCIATOR PANEL 199,99 €•  Annunciator panel with 14 lights•  Mounting points and brackets for    other Honeycomb and Saitek  products•  7 programmable keys•  180° turn radius, self-centring•  Numerous switches and buttons•  Designed and developed in   California by pilots and aerospace   engineersHONEYCOMB ALPHA FLIGHT CONTROLS – YOKE & SWITCH PANEL 219,99 €RELEASE201950

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comHARDWAREHONEYCOMB BRAVO THROTTLE QUADRANT MIT AUTOPILOT & ANNUNCIATOR PANEL 199,99 €619,99 €•  This rack can be mounted on the top    of our monitor for overhead access    to controls•  The OHR is constructed from   aluminum, making it strong yet light-  weight•  It stands 7“ high, 16“ wide, and 3“   deep•  With the new GF-TQ6-ADV, you are    one step closer to having a complete    Boeing 737 cockpit•  With A/T Disengage and Auto Take    Off & Go Around buttons these      handles are the    complete dealGOFLIGHT GF-TQ6-ADVGOFLIGHT OHR OVERHEAD RACK (GREY) •  Designed to house up to 14 GF-AC    Cockpit Control System modules•  The console is shipped unassembled,    and includes all required assembly   hardwareGOFLIGHT GF-FDC FLIGHT DECK CONSOLE 349,99 €51

www.aerosoft.com•  Custom fitted mounting holes to fit    your GF-Throttle Quadrant•  Durable powder coated sheet      metal construction•  Simply remove two thrust levers   and you will have a twin-jet  configuration•  Each handle can be „assigned“ to a    specific engineGOFLIGHT GF-THROTTLE CLAMPGOFLIGHT GF-TQ6 THROTTLE QUADRANT 54,99 € 399,99 €•  These reverser throttle handles can   be installed onto your current TQ6    to replace the standard levers with   the reverser levers found on the  GF-TQ6•  Independent Captain and F/O      COURSE knob and display•  Auto throttle on/off toggle with    indicatorGOFLIGHT GF-THR THROTTLE HANDLESGOFLIGHT GF-MCP PRO 289,99 € 499,99 €52

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comHARDWARE•  The new GF-DIO board is plug-n-play    ready with all the default FSX, FS2004   planes•  Two-way switches for custom   programming knobs and switch   for any number of miscellaneous    operations needed in any jet, plane,   or helicopter cockpit•  The GF-RP-48 converts from the     standard multi-program module into    a real computer mouse with the click    of a button•  The GF-T8-2 8 Toggle Switch/Indicator    Module has 8 programmable toggle    switches and LED indicatorsGOFLIGHT GF-DIO DIGITAL INPUT/ OUTPUT BOARDGOFLIGHT RP48 MOUSE PUSH BUTTON ROTARYGOFLIGHT GF-T8-2 TOGGLE SWITCH MODULE 349,99 € 169,99 € 139,99 €•  This must-have communication/   navigation radio panel works with    any plane type, including single      engine planes and multi-engine     commercial jets•  Two 4-position knobs with GRD/OFF/   CONT/FLT labeling for Engines 1   and 2•  One 3-position toggle with IGN L/   BOTH/IGN R labeling   for engine ignitorsGOFLIGHT GF-166 VERSATILE RADIO PANEL MODULGOFLIGHT MESM MULTI-ENGINE START MODULE 179,99 € 229,99 €53

www.aerosoft.com•  Can be programmed for any Flight    Sim key-stroke function.•  Fully customizable annunciator      settings for a cross-section of aircraft•  The GF-46 Multi-Mode Display      Module enables the flight simulator    pilot to control a broad range of   cockpit functions•  The GF-T8 8 Toggle Switch/Indicator    Module has 8 programmable toggle    switches and LED indicators•  Landing Gear Switch with Locking    Feature, Up/Down and Center  positions•  3 dual-color LEDs showing state of    Landing Gear•  Communicating with your fellow sim    pilots and with AI air traffic controllers    has never been more simple•  Selections for VOR,APP, MAP, PLN   modes•  Button for EFISfunctions such as     WPT, POS, WXR, etcGOFLIGHT GF-WP-6 WARNING PANELGOFLIGHT GF-46 MULTI-MODE DISPLAY MODULGOFLIGHT GF-T8 8-TOGGLE SWITCH MODULEGOFLIGHT GF-LGT IIGOFLIGHT GF-ATC HEADSET COMMS PANELGOFLIGHT GF-EFIS ELECTRONIC FLIGHT 179,99 € 139,99 € 139,99 € 199,99 € 169,99 € 249,99 €54

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comHARDWARE•  Program any menu item in our      GoFlight configured software•  Use any keystroke combination for    any function on the aircraft•  Get realistic control of your single    engine aircraft•  The TPM module is perfect for the    general aviation pilot•  Size: 22.75“ length x 2“ high•  Weight: less than 2 pounds•  Engine Start•  Gear Up /Down•  Cowl Close/Open•  The GF-AC full height rack provides a    sturdy and versatile enclosure for all    of your GF-AC cockpit control  modules•  There is 14“ of vertical mounting   space within the module bay areaGOFLIGHT GF-P8 8-PUSHBUTTONGOFLIGHT GF-TPM THROTTLE PITCHGOFLIGHT GF-TWR (TRIPLE WIDE RACK)GOFLIGHT GF-SECMGOFLIGHT GF-AC FULL HIGHT RACK 119,99 € 249,99 € 199,99 € 289,99 € 129,99 €55

www.aerosoft.com•  Fully Programmable Fingertip   Paddles: ideal for flight and racing   sims•  Three color LED selector dial•  Plug and Play driverless USB    installationCH PRODUCTS CH ECLIPSE YOKE 219,99 €•  Total of 16 programmable functions    with Control Manager software    (included)•  Comfortable ambidextrous handle    for both right and left handed useCH PRODUCTS CH FLIGHTSTICK PRO USB 99,99 €•  Three axis and 24 buttons•  Total of 128 programmable functions    with Control Manager software•  Stylized F-16 handle•  X and Y axis on miniature joystick    and Z axis on accurate throttle      sliding motion•  Three color mode indicator LED‘s    on base•  Total of 34 programmable functions    with the new Control Manager   software (included)•  Realistic F-16 handle•  Quality components and  constructionCH PRODUCTS CH FIGHTERSTICK USBCH PRODUCTS CH PRO THROTTLECH PRODUCTS CH COMBATSTICK 568 USB 159,99 € 149,99 € 119,99 €•  Total of 176 programmable functions    with Control Manager software    (included)•  Large, sturdy mounting base with    adjustable clamps for desks 3/4“   to 2 1/4“ thickCH PRODUCTS CH THROTTLE QUADRANT 159,99 €56

www.aerosoft.comHARDWARE•  Realistic heel-toe differential brake   control•  Locking rudder axis for gas/brake    emulation for racing games•  Plug and Play driverless USB    installationCH PRODUCTS CH PRO PEDALS 149,99 €CH PRODUCTS CH COMBATSTICK 568 USB•  Support for over 100 games/sims•  10x TrackIR 4 resolution•  Hyper fast 120 fps sample rateNATURAL POINT TRACK IR + VECTOR EXPANSION SET – TRACK HAT 189,99 €•  Active LEDs for precise tracking•  Ultra light weight•  2 position headset clipNATURAL POINT CLIP PRO49,99 €•  Support for over 100 games/sims•  Hyper fast 120 fps sample rate•  Improved ambient light filteringNATURAL POINT GAMER SET 229,99 €57

www.aerosoft.comBUTTKICKER•  All new ButtKicker Power Amplifier    BKA-130-C, this rock-solid amp      cranks 90Watts of power into your   seat•  Includes all the wires you need to    use it with your PC or game console•  90 Watts rms @ 2 ohms•  Class D switching technology•  Convection cooling (fanless)BUTTKICKER GAMER 2BUTTKICKER SIMULATION KIT189,99 €249,99 €•  The ButtKickerÆ Advance low      frequency audio transducer recreates    amplified audio signals in the feeling   range•  Large integrated 20.1î TFT LCD   displaying PFD, MFD and stand-by    gauge or scenery•  Full metal enclosure plate and stand•  Now you can enjoy powerful bass,    realistic special effects and concert    quality music without disturbing the    neighbors or waking the kids•  Dimensions: 5.375“ H x 5.375“ W•  Weight: 11 lbs / 5 kgs•  About 70% scale of a real forward   overhead•  All switchable 56 annunciator LEDs•  Full functional inputs; 14 toggle   switches, 11 Rotary switchesBUTTKICKER WIRELESS KITVRINSIGHT V1000 PITBUTTKICKER LFE KITVRINSIGHT V320 OVERHEAD459,99 €1399,99 €599,99 €1799,99 €58

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comHARDWARE•  Microsoft Flight Simulator X  compatible•  Large integrated display : 9.1cm (L) x    8.4cm (W) / 4.8 inch•  Full metal case, plate and stand•  2 x 8 User programmable control   buttons•  5 push buttons for Instrument radio    function selectorVRINSIGHT CDU III PANELVRINSIGHT MCP COMBO AIRBUS TYPE689,99 €499,99 €•  Day/Night mode select•  Compatible with Microsoft Windows    XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10•  Portable package with fundamental    functions for flight•  LCD display for 4 different modes•  Full metal cases•  Full functional inputs; 70 toggle     switches, 9 Rotary switches, 2 Rotary   encoders•  All buttons and dual rotary knobs    are close to real overhead•  Realistically shaped and fully   functional buttons, dual knob and LCD •  LCD size: 15cm (L) X 8.8cm (W) /   7 inch •  Metal housingVRINSIGHT MCP COMBO BOEING TYPEVRINSIGHT M PANELVRINSIGHT V737 OVERHEAD PROVRINSIGHT GPS 5489,99 €189,99 €1799,99 €429,99 €59

www.aerosoft.com•  Tilt of the steering wheel column    360° STEPLESS adjustable•  Ready to work out of the box•  Handcrafted full metal construction    for life-time durability and stability•  Tilt of the steering wheel column    360° STEPLESS adjustable•  Ready to work out of the box•  Quick release mechanism for rapid   adjustment•  High quality anti-sliding rubber feet     prevent floor damage•  Precision build for maximum rigidity    and stabilityWHEEL STAND PRO T500RSWHEEL STAND PRO YOKE SYSTEMWHEEL STAND PRO HOTAS WARTHOGWHEEL STAND PRO TX/T300RS119,99 €149,99 €139,99 €129,99 €•  Upgrade RGS-F Modul •  Porsche GT3/CSR/CSP – Deluxe V2•  Logitech Driving Force GT/PRO/EX/FX •  Thrustmaster F458/F430/T80/T100•  MadCatz Pro Racing Force   Feedback Wheel – Deluxe V2•  Wireless Racing Wheel für XBOX 360 55,00 €   125,00 € 119,99 € 119,99 €    135,00  €   109,00 € Regulating hardware not included!Regulating hardware not included!Regulating hardware not included!Regulating hardware not included!SUITABLE HARDWAREFOR WHEEL STAND PRO60

www.aerosoft.comwww.aerosoft.comWHEEL STAND PRO T500RS•  Compatible with most electronic    flight sticks throttle and yoke sets on    the market•  Superior build quality, stability and   comfort•  Dimension of the Seat: 90 x 50 x    112 cm•  Compatible with all steering wheel    and pedal sets on the market•  High quality black leather•  Developed in cooperation with      professional racing driversPLAYSEAT PLAYSEAT AIR FORCEPLAYSEAT REVOLUTION BLACK399,00 €349,00 €HARDWARERegulating hardware not included!MORE HARDWAREAVAILABLE IN OUR SHOP WWW.AEROSOFT.COM61


Aerosoft GmbH was founded in 1991 at the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt and developed additional software for the Microsoft Flight Simulator and for student pilots at first. As of 2002 Add-ons for the Microsoft Train Simulator were also developed.Since 2007 Aerosoft intensively concentrated on the publishing of highly realistic simula-tion games. “World of Subways”, “OMSI”, and “City Bus Simulator” are some examples for these games. The new “Train Simulator” and “XPlane” have been published by Aerosoft as well. With about 30 contract employees and over 40 free developers, Aerosoft GmbH today ranks among the leading software publishers in the area of flight simulators worldwide.SHIPPING REGULATIONSShipping costs in Germany amount to 4,50€ with DHL and 3,95€ with UPS.Starting from an order value of 39,00€, all shipments within Germany are free of shipping costs. Deliveries to Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and Austria are free of shipping costs starting from an order value of 79,00€. Orders are possible via email, letter, fax, or via our online store. Payments can be made via credit card, direct debit (no initial orders), PayPal, advance payment, or invoice (no initial orders). Beforehand, shipping costs amount to 7,95€ with UPS.For Switzerland, shipping costs amount to 21,95€EUR.All other price lists hereby lose their validity.The expected delivery times are dependent upon the product. Depending on the shipping method, a delivery of available products takes place within the usual dispatch time from Germany. All prices including VAT. Errors and alterations excluded. Status: May 2019.Aerosoft GmbH · Lindberghring 12 · D-33142 Bueren Tel.: +49 (0) 29 55 / 76 03 - 10 · Fax.: -33 info@aerosoft.de · www.aerosoft.comMANY MORE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOP AT AEROSOFT.COM

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