LL.M.  International Business Law Danube University Krems. Department for Legal Studies and International Relations. Program Management: Mag. Stefan KnotzerIn cooperation with SIBE of Steinbeis University Dr. Eva Feldbaum, Director Legal Division & Law Studies www.donau-uni.ac.at/ibl Master of Laws (LL.M.) – 2 semesters onlineAcademic Program Co-Directors:  Asst.-Prof. Dr. Gabriel M. Lentner and Univ.-Prof. DDr. Thomas Ratka, LL.M.  100%  online course

Students with professional experience The students of Danube University Krems are students with high  expectations. They are on average 40 years old, have several years  of professional experience and usually have a higher education   degree (university, technical college or academy). At Danube   University Krems, they prepare for the next step in their careers,  bring their knowledge up to date, acquire new competencies and  further develop their personal skills Innovative and market-oriented study programs Danube University Krems is one of the European pioneers in the  field of university continuing education and a specialist in lifelong  learning. In teaching and research, we address the social, organiza- tional and technical challenges of our time and continuously develop  innovative market- and customer-oriented study programs. In doing  so, we focus on new interdisciplinary cross-linkages and promising  areas of specialization: In our degree programs, for example, we  combine medicine with management, music with law, or image  sciences with new media. All degree programs at Danube University  Krems are characterized by the highest standards of quality, a   combination of academic excellence and practical orientation,   and the use of innovative teaching and learning methods. 2 | 3 H Danube University Krems  The University for Continuing Education Danube University Krems specializes in part-time academic continuing education. As a public  university for continuing education, it works with its expertise in teaching and research to over- come societal challenges and tailors its study programs to address them. The master programs  and short programs cover nine fields of study and meet the specific requirements of working  professionals.  With  8,000  students  coming  from  85  countries,  Danube  University  Krems  combines its many years of experience in university-based continuing education with innovation  to provide outstanding quality in research and teaching at an international level.

Application-oriented research Danube University Krems is primarily dedicated to transferable and  application-oriented research in special fields such as Biomedical  Technology, Biopsychosocial Health, Regenerative Medicine or  Building and Environment. Scientific findings form the basis for the  practice-oriented teaching of the University of Continuing Education.  In addition, the research work enables intensive cooperation with  companies and other public institutions. The three faculties of the  university cooperate in research across their disciplinary boundaries. Unique learning environment Danube University Krems is located – 80 km from Vienna – in one of  the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Europe, the Wachau, which  has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The modern  adapted former tobacco factory Stein, a characteristic industrial  building of the beginning of the 20 th  century, and the new premises  on the Campus Krems offer students and teachers an open, innova- tion- and motivation-promoting environment with modern teaching  and research rooms, library, Audimax, program cinema, apartments  and diverse gastronomy.

4 | 5 The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) is the  graduate school of Leadership & Management at Steinbeis University.  It is located in Herrenberg, Germany, and directed by its founder Prof.  Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner G. Faix and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kisgen. The Steinbeis University and the courses offered by the SIBE are state- recognised and accredited by the Foundation for International Business  Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). In addition, SIBE’s entire quality  management system has been awarded system accreditation without  any conditions. SIBE is a member of the Association to Advance   Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and thus underscores the   high quality standards it sets for its own education and research in   an international context. In the 19 th  century, Ferdinand von Steinbeis (1807–1893) was already  pleading for innovation and en hancement in industry. He had his then   revolutionary ideas put into practice and intended to promote com- mercial training and support for young people based on the principle  of “dual education”. Steinbeis was convinced that comprehensive and  sustainable professional training could only take place through the  systematic integration of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. With currently around 600 students in Master programs (as of May  2021), SIBE is part of one of Germany‘s largest private academic  postgraduate business schools. Since 1994, over 5,000 graduates  have successfully completed SIBE‘s Master programs. Since then,  over 350 companies have cooperated with SIBE. The SIBE Experience  Based Curriculum (EBC) focuses on postgraduate courses in leadership,  management and law. Both, open enrollment as well as corporate   programs are offered. SIBE offers these leadership,  management and  law programs in Germany as well as in cooperation with renowned  universities in other countries (Austria, Brazil, China, India, Iran,   Poland, Russia, Switzerland, UK and the USA). Transfer-oriented  teaching and research are the core competencies of SIBE. In addition,  SIBE provides companies with comprehensive consulting and support  in the areas of recruitment, personnel selection as well as employee  retention. Applicants to SIBE‘s programs are intensively and individu- ally counseled and connected with companies and organizations as  part of the dual academic programs. The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship

Students and alumni voices Viviane Clermont, LL.M. Lawyer from Canada “Indeed […], our different backgrounds bring so much to this program! What a unique and special opportunity we have! […] After completing two thirds of the program, I can testify that I have learned a great deal. What you give, you‘ll receive twofold!”   >  80 % of the students and alumni are international ones. The program is directed towards students and practitioners from all around the world, is held online, asynchronous and  flexible, and meets your specific professional interests, due to your individual law project closely related to your tasks and  topics in your daily business. Angela Huttemann Lawyer from Germany/USA “Due to this program, I did not only learn a great deal, but because of the strong practical orientation of the studies I had also the opportunity to transfer my new expertise directly into my daily business.“ Dr. iur. Kathrin Blaich, LL.M. Lawyer from Germany   “This program made it possible for me to get a  new job where I can continue specializing and internationalizing!” Daniel Pita, LL.M. Lawyer from Spain/Germany “I am certain that this module will continue with the great quality, as per the previous modules, and improving our knowledge in new aspects and areas of law.” 

Module “Basics“ Duration 2 months  ECTS-Points 10  Examination 1 paper, 1 written test (online) Content > Business and Legal English> International Contract Law> CISG> EU Law> WTO Objectives > Application of the specific English  terms and phrases of business and law in a correct way > Analysis of problems arising in the   context of international contract law,  esp. CISG > Preparation and elaboration of contracts  with an international perspective > Understanding of the impact of the   European Union Law on national cases and application of the relevant rules of the European Law and WTO law Module “Advanced“ Duration 2 months  ECTS-Points 10  Examination 1 paper, 1 written test (online) Content > Commercial Law> Corporate Law> M&A> Compliance Objectives  > Application of the indications of the   Commercial  register > Handling with the scope and limits of  the representation capacity of the agent acting for the commercial partners > Application of specific civil law   requirements for merchants >  Consultation on important matters of  company law, also with an international scope, shareholders of a company, scope of liability and restrictions, etc. > Handling with different phases of   transnational  transactions > Preparation of NDAs, letters of intent,  and Purchase Agreements 6 | 7 Course modules, content & objectives Module “Specialization“ Duration 2 months  ECTS-Points 10  Examination 1 paper, 1 written test (online) Content > Public Economic Law> Competition Law> IP > Capital Market> Tax Law> Labor Law, etc.  Objectives > Consultation of own and foreign coun- tries’ industries in all important special fields of (international) business law > Understanding, evaluating and drafting  cooperation agreements with the regard to national end EU competition law, comparable with US Antitrust Law and important other systems >  Consultation of companies on the  variety of capital market instruments and the concrete choices of capital procurement > Consultation/Advice in regards to  different company forms under the perspective of taxation > Consultation on relevant competition  law system as well as on the regist-ration of patents and trademarks, in intellectual property controversies etc. > Advice in labor law controversies before  the labor conciliation board and labor/ employment tribunals/courts, etc.

Course modules, content & objectives Module “Practice“ Duration 2 months  ECTS-Points 10  Examination 1 paper, 1 written test (online) Content   > Litigation> Arbitration> Mediation> Competences and Soft Skills Objectives > Specific regulations and procedures of  i nternational  litigation > Advice of (inter)national companies on the  various competences of international courts, learn whether and to which extent a decision of a foreign court is binding internally and whether it constitutes a sufficient title for execution > Consultation whether it is adequate to launch  a mediation in a controversy in order to solve it outside the courts > Handling with mediation procedure and  inform adequately about the selection of arbitrators and the procedures to be followed > Distinction between the different kinds of  competences > Basic ‘mechanism’ for the development of  competences > Implementation of self-assessment and  external assessment > Handling with Legal Project Management  tools Module  “Basics“ 10 ECTS-Points 2 months Module  “Advanced“ 10 ECTS-Points 2 months Module  “Specialization“ 10 ECTS-Points 2 months Module  “Practice“ 10 ECTS-Points 2 months Master-Thesis 20 ECTS-Points 4 months > > > > Module “Master Thesis“ Duration 4 months  ECTS-Points 20  Examination 1 Master Thesis (~60 p.) Content   Individual Law Project with specific relevance for each participant`s practice/daily business Objectives > Handling with and scientific illumination of   a very complex legal matter > Application and conclusion of all acquired  knowledge > Creation of a scientific work that is of   impeccable methodological quality and  contains new academic insights

8 | 9 Learn and train with the best! 100 % online, 100 % efficient The university course „International Business Law, LL.M.“ offers students a well-founded continuing education that goes beyond mere knowledge transfer and is oriented towards the legal needs of today‘s globalized economy. The focus is on substantive and procedural application issues of those subject areas that are of central importance for the practice in international companies, commercial law firms and legal departments.  Lerarning System The core topic „International Buisiness Law“ extends throughout your entire studies. The program is characterized by a strong practical focus and experience-oriented learning methods. The sturucture of our modules/units is designed to meet the needs of working students. The teaching module enables students to exchange experiences with competent and experienced lecturers as well as with other fellow students from all around the globe. The distance learning units are designed in such a way that they promote the immediate transfer of what has been learned into the professional world and ensure that students have the freedom to organize their time individually. Dr. Robin Lumsden MBA/MSx (Stanford/USA) LLM (Berkeley/USA) „U.S. law dominates international contracts and transactions in the Anglo-American  region. For  Europe, the USA is the most important trading part-ner and business relations are therefore very close. However, due to the very broad jurisdiction of US courts, one can also be confronted with US law and US courts relatively quickly and involuntarily.“ Dr. Eva Feldbaum,  Director, Legal Division  & Law Studies SIBE “Today’s lawyers are confronted with transnational dimensions appearing in nearly all legal issues. As a result, businesses ex-pect lawyers to not only have solid knowledge of a domestic legal system but also the skills to understand and efficiently handle the manifold transnational issues connected to it in our globalized economy. This is precisely what the LL.M. program ‘International Business Law’ organized by Danube University Krems, Austria  and the SIBE Law School of Steinbeis University, Germany offers.“

Main pillar 2 Knowledge bases Different teaching & learning materials, e.g.:  > SIBE Handbook>  Videos & Audios> Presentations> Web Based Trainings> Literature Main pillar 3 Forum > Discussion boards with peers &   professors >  Interaction of our internationThese  papers al students > Supervision & support by SIBE &   SIBE´s Professors Main pillar 1 Law project > Individual specialization> Supervision by qualified  teachers > >

10 | 11 International Business Law (LL.M.) Target Group > Law graduates and practitioners interested in international business  law as well as lawyers in training, business lawyers and attorneys, judges, legal counsel and consultants. > The program is directed towards students and practitioners from   all around the world, is held online and fully compatible with your existing job-related commitments, and meets your specific pro-fessional needs.  Admission Requirements > an Austrian or equivalent foreign university degree in law   (at least Bachelor)  > or another successfully completed Austrian or equivalent foreign  university degree (at least Bachelor) with a substantial legal education (e.g. economics with a focus on law) > Proof of appropriate English language skills> Successful admission interview with the program-director Admission procedure (below admission requirements) > Online Pre-Registration at https://online.donau-uni.ac.at/DUKonline/ wbselbstregPerson.register > Digital transmission of the application documents Europass CV, letter  of motivation (LOI), ID card, participation fee attachment, supporting documents if applicable  > Admission interview> Examination of your documents (general assessment procedure)> Admission Language English Learning format Online teaching / Distance learning Master of Laws (LL.M.) Duration: 2 semestersECTS-Points: 60Course fee: EUR 11,900 Contact Danube University Krems (Austria)Department for Legal Studies  and International RelationsKornelia Schockibl@donau-uni.ac.at+43 (0)2732 893-2403 SIBE / Steinbeis University (Germany)Director Legal Division & Law Studies Dr. Eva Feldbaumfeldbaum@steinbeis-sibe.de+49 (0)911 24 27 77 77

International Business Law (LL.M.) Your Program-Take-Aways > Individual Law Project with personal and efficient supervision by highly qualified instructors > International networking with interesting peers from all over the world, enriched by a valuable comparative view on legal  topics and contemporary questions > Significant improvement of English language, esp. Legal and Business English > Career development due to an international qualification  > Receipt of tried and tested management concepts and tools in the areas of strategy, business excellence, change manage- ment and systems thinking > Gain best practice examples and from the exchange of experience with top speakers and fellow students > Complete a practical continuing education program at a higher academic level > Professionalize your experience and qualifications

Danube University Krems specializes in part-time academic continuing education. As a  public university for continuing education, it works with its expertise in teaching and  research to overcome societal challenges and tailors its study programs to address  them. The master programs and short programs cover nine fields of study and meet  the specific requirements of working professionals. With 8,000 students coming from  85  countries,  Danube  University  Krems  combines  its  many  years  of  experience  in  university-based continuing education with innovation to provide outstanding quality  in research and teaching at an international level. The university holds the AQ Austria  quality seal. Situated 60 km from Vienna in the alluring world heritage region Wachau,  Campus Krems is a highly attractive location.   Danube University Krems The University for Continuing Education www.donau-uni.ac.at/ibl Contact Danube University Krems Department for Legal Studies  and International RelationsKornelia Schock +43 (0)2732 893-2403 ibl@donau-uni.ac.at SIBE / Steinbeis University Legal Division & Law Studies Dr. Eva Feldbaum Director  +49 (0)911-24 27 77-77 feldbaum@steinbeis-sibe.de Editor: Danube University Krems Responsible for the content: Department for Legal Studies and International Relations Images: iStock, Walter Skokanitsch, Hertha Hurnaus, Steinbeis University, Clemont/privat, Pita/privat, Huttemann/privat, Balich/privat, Lumsden/privat, Feldbaum/privat Print: 04/2021; AEI News 32/2021; Subject to updates.   Find information on data processing and your rights regarding this at https://www.donau-uni.ac.at/en/university/privacy-policy.html Academic Program Co-Directors Asst.-Prof. Dr. Gabriel M. Lentner Univ.-Prof. DDr. Thomas Ratka, LL.M. Program Management Mag. Stefan Knotzer