100 %  onlineOn the one hand, you have a great job you do not want to give up and/ or you have children you want to spend time with? But on the oth-er hand, you want to improve your career by completing a Master’s program?Don`t make compromises! The high amount of flexibility enable perfect combine our Online-Master with your job and/or your family life!The 24-month study program consists of 17 cours-es, which last about four to six weeks.: ƒ10 courses in general management, ƒ4 courses regarding the study project ƒ3 competency courses.At the start of each course all relevant informa-tion, literature, assignments and grading crite-ria will be given to achieve the course objective successfully.A typical week consists of an input phase, which includes webinars, podcasts and literature based on the topic of the week. This helps to work on the given assignments and to participate in the weekly discussion with the other students and lecturers.There are no exams. Examinations include project study papers, transfer papers, documentation re-ports, the participation in the online forum and the Master’s thesis.A typical virtual week could look like this:MONTUEWEDTHUFRISATSUNOnline Forum Open 24/7INPUT PHASE ƒDigital media ƒWeekly feedback ƒWebinarsDISCUSSION IN ONLINE FORUM ƒ Critical discussions ƒ Share your analysis and individual experiences ƒ Apply the knowledge directly to your project Contributions will count as class participation

Develop your career and your competenciesBasics 1 – EconomicsBasics 2 – Project management  and entrepreneurshipMethods of empirical social research ƒMicroeconomics  ƒMacroeconomics ƒManagerial economics ƒMethods of project planning and management ƒPrinciples of practical corporate management ƒPractical corporate management ƒInnovation management ƒEntrepreneurship ƒInterdisciplinary scientific work ƒMethods of empirical social research 1 ƒMethods of empirical social research 2 ƒPSP: Plan of project genesisMarket analysisObjectives and strategyFunctional area of management 1:  communication, marketing  and sales ƒMarket Research ƒCompetition Analysis ƒManagement Research ƒPSP: Market Analysis and Evalution Plan ƒCorporate Strategy ƒBusiness Strategy ƒManagement of Strategies ƒPrinciples of marketing ƒMarketing and sales  management ƒCommunication management ƒE-MarketingFunctional area of management 2: management accounts and  corporate financeFunctional area of management 3: influencing factorsLaw ƒPrinciples of accounting ƒFinancial analysis ƒFinancial reporting  and corporate planning ƒPrinciples of corporate finance ƒModels and systems ƒForesight management ƒPSP: influencing factors ƒPrinciples of law ƒLegal framework and fields of activity for executives ƒMergers and acquisitionsInternational business developmentLeadership and competencies 1Leadership and competencies 2 ƒIntercultural management ƒGrowth and globalization ƒPSP: plan of international business development ƒPersonality ƒDevelopment of competencies 1 ƒPublic speaking and presentation skills ƒDevelopment of  competencies 2 ƒLeadership ƒOrganizational management ƒOrganizational behavior ƒHuman resource management ƒCompetency development 3 ƒPSP: competency development plan»By working directly on a company project, students sometimes reach their own limits – but it is precisely these moments of ‚emotional uncertainty‘ that serve to develop their competencies the most. Once overcome, the students emerge much stronger – which can be seen in the graduates!«Prof. Dr. John Erpenbeck, professor for competency management at SIBE

Project examplesStudy projectPersonalityUnderstanding and exploring competency development, and changes needed, for highly dynamic organizations in the automative industryEntrepreneurshipStarting an event-cateringLeaderhipSuccess factors for distance Leadership in project managementInnovationThe success factors for software outsourcing measurable by balanced scorecard for german and indian marketDuring the Online-Master study program, you focus on the realization of an application-based study project. Under the guidance of professors and in interactive dialogue with your fellow stu-dents, you will realize the project independently.Using various research methods, you will analyze and plan different aspects of the issue you are in-vestigating. You can conduct interviews (with ex-perts), you propose hypotheses and principles and you’re going to develop project strategies. You will document the results of this work in project papers, which are the base of your Master‘s thesis.Take the opportunity to test the SIBE Online Management Master for one week and free of charge!  

Your benefits studying online@SIBEIndividual study project with personal & efficient supervision by high qualified professorsInternational networking with interesting peers from all over the world, enriched by a  valuable comparative view on management topics and current questionsSignificant improvement of the English languageCareer development due to an international qualification and the beneficial project successHigh amount of flexibility and therefore feasibility „on the job“, due to the online  & the asynchronous character of the program, as well as the great support from SIBE»Small classes give me the possibility to get speedy feedback from my instruc-tors and fellow students. This 2-way learning experience does not only cover my professional development but adds a systematic improvement of my personal competencies. At the same time, the program is efficiently managed with an excellent organization and structure. The online interface promotes openness in discussion and enables all participants to give and take from everyone’s experience and allows seeing progress in a better way than conventional learning.« José Antonio Romero Morales»In reality, the classmates are not very ‘virtual’. We live in the time when social communities and mes-sengers are THE means of commu-nication. The international fellow students make studying exciting and diverse. Other countries, other customs. This is a great way to broaden your horizons.« Magdalena Nykowska-Woznickawith target value of 5 posts 12 -15 h workload  per week96 % would  recommend the Online Programs to colleaguesYour benefits

Hard facts Admission Requirements ƒCompletion of a first university degree  ƒVery good command of English  ƒInitial (international) practical experience is desirable  ƒSuccessfully completed the SIBE selection processFormat100 %  OnlineDuration24 monthsLanguage100 %  EnglishCredit Points120 Credit Points (ECTS)Entry Opportunities3 times per yearExamination ƒ5 Project Study Paper (PSP)  ƒ4 Transfer Paper (TP)  ƒ9 Transfer Documentation Reports (TDR)  ƒStudent engagement in online forums  ƒMaster’s thesis & final examAccreditationPremium-accredited by FIBAA DegreeMaster of Arts in General Management (M.A.)LegitimationEntitlement to proceed with a doctorate *Study Fees**Euro 13.512,- payable in 24 monthly installments, Euro 563,- each  or 30 monthly installments of Euro 450,40*  In accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements of the relevant promotion regulation.**  Prices for 2018. Current prices for 2019 can be found on the SIBE website: www.steinbeis-sibe.de.Franziska SauerConsultant Talentmanagement – Online ProgramsProject Manager M.A. OnlinePhone: +49 (0) 1761945 8014E-Mail: ma-online@steinbeis-sibe.dewww.steinbeis-sibe.deEARLY BIRD OFFER