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Eating the Stars!
We were thrilled to have guest-host Caroline Busher with us again on our tweet-chat, #WritersWise.
Details of Caroline are on our website Her second book 'The Girl Who Ate the Stars' is out now.  Historical fiction was our topic for an hour with Caroline as our expert guest-host.  Gathering on twitter from the hour of 9-10 pm we discuss a topic close to the writer's heart or interest.  Everyone learns and has an excuse to be on social media. We aim to reach as wide an audience as possible. #WritersWise is our hashtag on twitter where you can find us.  We thank her sincerely for her time and expertise and wish her well with her gorgeous new children's book.  Check out our transcipt of the chat on Writerswise website and link in with us for our chats on twitter.  #WritersWise.

1. What genre do you indulge in as a publisher? As a reader? Bloodhound Books, the publishing company I set up with my husband in 2014 focuses on crime and thriller novels. These are the books I love to read and have always read. Despite the fact my job is now books I still read this genre all the time for pleasure. I do also really enjoy reading horror. I’ve read most of Stephen Kings novels and loved the books by James Herbert. As a writer myself, I tend not to read when I am trying to write. 2. What writers/books would you recommend people indulge in from your line-up now? We have lots of exciting new titles coming up. The Abandoned by Sharon Thompson is an excellent crime thriller from a debut novelist. Little Bird is a great book we published last year by Sharon Dempsey and is the start of a brand new police series. Another exciting title we have is Midday by David Lyons, who is also a debut novelist. His book is a character driven thriller that I’m sure will do really well and is full of twists and turns.  One of the best things about publishing crime fiction is that it is such a broad umbrella. Our titles cover everything from police procedurals, action thrillers, psychological thrillers, historical crime fiction, to suspense and dystopian. So there is something that will appeal to everyone. 
Betsy Reavley
It is with great pleasure I can introduce you to Betsy, my wonderful publisher. 

My debut novel The Abandoned and below Betsy Reavley. Founder & Director of Bloodhound Books UK and Bombshell Books.
3. What might you be looking to publish in the future? We now work with over 70 authors and our publication schedule is completely booked up to the end of June, but Keep eyes open for when we accpet submissions without agents. I love psychological thrillers with a dark edge and always get excited when one lands on my desk. 4. Why should readers indulge in your books? Where can do so?  Our focus in on our ebook sales but we do produce paperbacks for every title we publish. All our books are available on Amazon and can be ordered through most good book shops. We’ve been very fortunate to hear from readers who are kind enough to tells us how much then enjoy the books we publish. Crime fiction remains the most popular genre today for a good reason.

Bernadette Maycock
Successful blogger, book reviewer and self-published author. 
What do book bloggers/reviewers do? Personally I think book bloggers/reviewers are there to tell readers whether they want to read a book or not. From the right review people can tell if they’ll adore a book or if it doesn’t fit the description of being the type of book they’d normally be interested in. The right reviewer can even send you to a book they themselves didn’t connect with, because they’ve told you they don’t like something that you know YOU do!Why do you love books so much? I love how any time of the day you can pick up a book  and be totally sucked in, in particular with books that have you picturing what happens so intensely you’re right there, navigating your way through that particular day of a character’s life.

Check out her book on Amazon. Available now. 
Where can readers find your reviews? They can find me on BRMaycock’s book blog or on Twitter, where I can get lost for hours!What books do you most like to indulge in yourself? I jump between romantic comedies/chick lit and thrillers (light ones though, nothing too gory!) according to what I’m in the mood for.
About Bernadette.When Bernadette Maycock (BRMaycock) isn’t ingesting books for her blog, in particular chick lit (her first love!), romantic comedies and thrillers, she’s dreaming up vibrant leads for romantic comedies.  Follow her

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I've been honoured to be asked to join a local writing group.  Visited a book club and had great fun talking to readers.  I cannot thank my readers and fellow writers enough for their support and feedback.  It makes it all worthwhile. 

A fun read by Jane Wenham-Jones. Laura Meredith never imagined herself appearing on TV she s too old, too flabby, too downright hormonal, and much too busy holding things together for her son, Stanley, after her husband left her for a younger, thinner replacement. But best friend Charlotte is a determined woman and when Laura is persuaded on to a daytime show to talk about her PMT, everything changes. 
'A great chuckle so far' is my review.
The deliciously sinister new novel from the No 1 bestselling author of Richard and Judy Book Club pick, Lying in Wait 'I could probably have been an actress. It is not difficult to pretend to be somebody else. Isn't that what I've been doing for most of my life?' Cordelia Russell has been living on the French Riviera for twenty-five years, passing herself off as an English socialite. But her luck, and the kindness of strangers, have run out. The arrival of a visitor from her distant past shocks Cordelia. She reacts violently to the intrusion and flees her flat to spend a drunken night at a glittering party. As dawn breaks she stumbles home through the back streets. Even before she opens her door she can hear the flies buzzing. She did not expect the corpse inside to start decomposing quite so quickly. I love Liz's books and am reading this now. WOW.
Prime Time. 
By Jane Wenham-Jones. . 
Skin Deep.
Liz Nugent. 
Current Reads.

Meeet Sheila Forsey and Mending Lace.
Sheila Forsey is an Irish Times Best Selling Author. Her debut novel Mending Lace was listed as No 4 in the Irish Times Best Sellers list for mass paperback fiction in October 2017. It was published by Endeavour Press, London, on eBook and paperback for Amazon. It has received five-star reviews to date on Amazon. Sunday Times Bestselling author Carmel Harrington gave a cover quote for Mending Lace, saying; ‘Beautifully descriptive and emotive.’ Sheila is Public Relations Officer for Wexford Literary Festival. She received an Honours Certificate for Creative writing for Publication through Maynooth University. She is the recipient of an All-Ireland Best Actress. During her earlier working life, she received an award from Kilkenny County Council for Best New Entrepreneur. She is represented by the Trace Literary Agency and is now a full-time writer.

Woman's Words is my column on This is where I share my quirky writings on all things woman, local and fun. I also showcase some of my historical, crime fiction writing on there. Link in with me there on Sundays. 
Literary magazines. Short stories of mine can be found on many literary magazines. Check out my website for links to some of them. asked me to write an article for them. I wrote about 'How long does it take to write a book?' This writing website is a wonderful free resource. It has all things related to the writing world. Tips of how to write and submit for publication., links to services and other authors. Check it out. or google Writing in Ireland. It comes up in top searches!
#Indulgeinbooks also feature a monthly slot from me. I founded the section on Presently, we feature all the hot new releases in many genres each month. I aim to feature Irish books where possible.  Irish publishers now on board! Watch this space online.  If your book or favourite author has a book launching this year, let me know and we will try to include it in the column. Space is limited and I pick the ones included.  @Sharontwriter follow me and let me know. 
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