Create a Birthday Magazine and hold on to the beautiful moments

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Create your own magazine with the Mag Glance creator – it´s easy. You already have a PDF format - just upload it with our PDF-IMPORTER. Showcase the birthday magazine online or as a classical print magazine – perhaps as a story book after the event. You can also distribute it as an online magazine by means of Mag Glance – even confidentially to your close friends circles such as the guests. The online version may also contain videos - besides text and images.

Read or present the birthday magazine – even on mobile devices

Distribute the online birthday magazine via a Mag Glance provided link: either as a draft to the contributors and proofreaders, or to the guests and to those who could not attend the party. If you want to exclude unauthorized readers more efficiently, you can apply a magazine specific password protection – and distribute the password separately. Through this way the link can be distributed securely even via unsecure email or social networks. maybe you´d like to present it on your tablet or with your smartphone on the party.

Print birthday magazine – even a single copy or more!

Print your birthday magazine in premium quality at a fantasdtic price. In case you are in a hurry take one of our express delivery options. Our automatic image quality checker will support you to achieve a perfect print edition. Take a look at our price calculator. We are available for your questions and suggestions:...

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