Create flip-through online sedcard

Create your own individual sedcard or comp card with our free Mag Glance creator - it´s easy. Choose a style and insert your images into the placeholder frame. Present yourself in the very best way and in a variety of outfits on different locations and accentuate your personality. Finally add personal information to your personal flip-through sedcard.

Sedcard Vorlage I

Sedcard Vorlage II

Sedcard Vorlage III

Easily create your sedcard online for free

Simply use our Mag Glance creator to design your comp card online. Select a layout from the provided styles and then arrange your own images, text, or even videos on placeholders. Or, feel free to create your own layout style. Shine in your best light with various outfits on different locations and show off your personality. Complete your sedcard to flip through, showing your professional data. In case you already have a sedcard in PDF format, just use our PDF-Importer to upload it and get the online flip-trough sedcard in a twinkling of an eye.

Become known and make a favorable impression at the agencies

After you have completed your comp card and saved it, you will automatically be provided with a link via which you can distribute your comp card in social networks or send it via email to agencies - a perfect format to attract attention. In this way you do not need to fully publish your sedcard. If you wish you can only distribute to people and groups of your choice - you can even deliver an optional password protection to go with it. In case you have your own webpage you may embed your flip-through comp card on it or on any other webpage. Whatever option you choose you still keep control of the degree of distribution - this even includes the limit to private use only. The pleasant flip-through comp card can also be presented ergonomically on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets . If you would like to feature your sedcard on our main page, we´ll do it. In case you set your comp card to public, it will automatically be made available for all search engines.

print comp card - professionally and promptly

Print your comp card by our professional printers in glossy format and get it delivered home comfortably. If you´re in a hurry, you may opt for one of our express deliveries. We will gladly advise you on our choice of paper grades. We will also be pleased to serve your special needs - do not hesitate to contact us.

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