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Mag Glance is the new way to impress your friends and the broad public with your pictures and text stories in an awesome magazine format. Unfold your creativity and preserve your most beautiful moments, memories and experiences in a Mag Glance magazine. Share them with your readers – in the format of a browsable e-magazine or as a professional high quality printout – your readers will be mesmerized.

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Make your own e-magazine – free of charge

Mag Glance’s easy to handle magazine software supports your ideas theme-related. Drag your objects such as images and videos onto your magazine and make your own layout. Alternatively you can choose one of our templates representing various magazine styles to establish appealing magazines rapidly and easily. Those who prefer their own layout tools can use them to create their magazines and import their work as a PDF onto the Mag Glance platform for presentation and distribution.

Publish your online e-magazine or keep it private

To publish or not to publish, that’s your very own question! You, the author decides whether your work shall be published or whether you want to keep it private. You may even protect your private work by encryption with an additional password. We take great measures to protect your (data) privacy – independent on whether you are an author or a visitor. You can distribute your online magazine via a link or you may embed it on your Internet page – you decide on how you want to address your readers.

Get a professional print edition of your digital magazine –
value for money

It is easy to page through your own online magazine on your tablet, laptop or smartphone. However it´s surely an upgrade to hold a classical print version in your own hands. Get your magazine sent home comfortably. We offer large editions and also editions as little as 1 (one) copy. Get a discount for orders of 5 copies or more. Use our price calculator to get a precise and transparent price.

Tell us your story. Let us know what you´ve been looking for all the while. Let us know about the adventures you had on your last travel, how you restored a noble old-timer, captured the most beautiful moments of your wedding in pictures and writing, or present your band. With Mag Glance your stories, reports and articles become reality and they cover all aspects of life: sports & hobby, music & entertainment, fashion & trends, travel & experiences, school & business, for young and young-at-heart.

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