Design an individual Wedding Magazine with amazing templates

Create an own wedding magazine online – do it together with friends and provide the newlyweds and their guests with a surprise. Why not include funny anecdotes out of the bride’s and the groom’s life. Text, images and even videos can be included – give your imagination free rein. If you want, everybody will have memories to take home - in classical style – as a printed magazine - or send them after the festivity. And f you want to include a video, you have to distribute the online version to the selected circles. In case the created content is very confidential, Mag Glance will help with a password protection even via insecure email – e.g. if a video is included from the bachelor or from the bachelorette party;-)

Hochzeitszeitung Vorlage I

Hochzeitszeitung Vorlage II

Hochzeitszeitung Vorlage III

Our feature rich Mag Glance creator offers all options. Simply use the special wedding templates flexibly changeable according to your wishes and needs. You will see that you can design the wedding magazine in casual mastery. Upload your photographs, drag and drop them to your magazine or to the moveable frames suggested by the template. Write your stories and anecdotes directly into the changeable columns or copy and paste it from your notes or from any other document. You´ll always be able to move and change text boxes or pictures at a later stage. If you want, compose it like a famous celebrity magazine – the templates will help you with a choice of styles. You do not have to install any software, just work in your browser. If you have already a PDF version of your magazine you can import this to Mag Glance and get it transformed into the Mag Glance flip-through format – simultaneously usable for a high quality print edition.

Read the wedding magazine even on mobile devices

Distribute the online wedding magazine via a Mag Glance provided link: either as a draft to the contributors and proofreaders, or to the guests and to those who could not attend the wedding. If you want to exclude unauthorized readers more efficiently, you can apply a magazine specific password protection – and distribute the password separately.

Print wedding magazine – even a single copy or more

Print your wedding magazine in premium quality at a fantastic price. In case you are in a hurry take one of our express delivery options. Our automatic image quality checker support you to achieve a perfect print edition. Just have a look at our price calculator. We are available for your questions and suggestions.

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